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25% off select lines (apple, lenovo, dell, hp) @ ITZOO
Just got myself a iMac 20" for less than £200 - mental. Looks like its early access according to their email that just went out. Apple, Lenovo, Mac, HP - looks like around 50 prod… Read more

Code link shows 404 Page Not FoundExpired?


I used Itzoo a while back to buy a high end refurb Lenovo and happy. They seem to offer Windows 10 Pro (essential IMO) as a reasonably priced add on.


Ive just got grade A dell E7250 i5 128gb 8gb ram win 10 for £202.50 which i am pleased with. I use similar for work and they are solid machines. It will do my son for homework and browsing you tube etc


Stop throwing away your money on Apple hardware then. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The price of those digital displays is decent, but they would be a ton weight

12% off All Lenovo Laptops - itzoo
Code Lenovo-12 ends Sun 16 August

Got my refund today (y)


I've purchased from IT Zoo. Value was good pre Covid. I advise all potential purchasers to read the IT Zoo product descriptions very carefully. Here is an example, depending on what text you read, you might expect one of three different processors listed in the item description of this Dell desktop.


Had a bit of trouble getting in touch with them recently, the emails were bouncing at one point, some sort of server problem! I did get a reply eventually from the info@ email address. I returned a Grade B P50 (Xeon/M2000M) recently as the screen had a few issues - I sent the DPD Tracker but haven't heard anything since 3rd August. You've reminded me to chase it up! In the past I had no issues getting a refund for a Surface Pro 4 that had microphone problems, didn't realise what was up with it for a while as I don't tend to Skype from laptops. Got a refund near the end of the warranty period, though it was a different staff member who dealt with it. Not going to name names as it looks a bit accusatory at this stage - it may well get resolved soon.


Have to say, I' ve bought 3 laptops from them. All in good condition. One with wrong power supply and they sent out a new replacement v quickly


I bought a Lenovo x260 off them with a faulty battery, and they sent replacement battery within days

12% off Workstations aT Itzoo using the code
12% off only workstations at Itzoo. Many are discounted already but this is an additional discount. Itzoo are a well know supplier of good quality second-hand pcs and laptops. Deli… Read more

Presumably your deal wasn't good?


Are IT Zoo still deleting nagative reviews from their site?


Contact them(best by phone) and ask if you could add a wifi dongle thats what i did and it works fine(i think they were 8 -10quid ish)


awesome ordered one cheers, just need to get something to get wifi reception on it (y)

£40 Off All Thinkpad P50 i7 Workstations This Weekend @ itzoo
I have the automatic pop up notifications on for itzoo and just got this code - for Thinkpad P50 laptops only. £40 off all i7 machines this weekend only. Example from this link :… Read more

Is it worth buying this for £400 when one can get new laptop with amd ryzen 4000 series for not much more.. I guess build quality is better in these P50..


I don't order as much as some do from itzoo :) but I've never seen a Grade A+ P50 - as these are (I assume) all ex-lease machines it'd have to be one that was living in a box pretty much unused. I've been idly watching for a few months what comes in stock - sometimes they update first thing in the morning, sometimes afternoons. Haven't seen site updates on weekends, though I could be wrong. I did try asking in my email (discussing the faulty P50/Xeon/M2000M) if they'd get more of that spec, but they didn't reply.


According to the website, 'From time to time we will have devices is “As New” condition, for all product categories these devices will be listed as GRADE A+ and should not show any signs of previous use' Mind you Grage A+ will probably be like unicorns, you have to be very lucky to see one let alone get one


Not sure they get Grade A+, think it's Grade A- or Grade A. The P50 I'm typing on was Grade A and it was in really fantastic condition. Couldn't fault it, really. The Grade B P50 (the Xeon/M2000M options they had in stock last week) wasn't quite so great, definitely a bit more grimey. And it had a screen fault, so it's going back (not that you should expect that, unless it's mentioned in the description). They reduced the prices the day after I ordered, too, but suppose fate decided that for me anyway. I might still go for a Xeon/M2000M if they turn up again.


Thanks, I couldnt see it either, thought maybe i was missing something. Oh well, will continue looking. hoping a grade A+ will be on soon.

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itzoo discount code
Works for most things except bargains

Heat from me. Code works perfectly and gets me an A Grade 24" Dell IPS monitor for a cool £49.50!! (y)


Heat Added works Great (y)


How can a voucher code if it works get negative votes, beats me (confused)

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25%25% off select lines (apple, lenovo, dell, hp) @ ITZOO27/12/2020
12%12% off All Lenovo Laptops - itzoo13/08/2020
12%12% off Workstations aT Itzoo using the code10/09/2020
£40£40 Off All Thinkpad P50 i7 Workstations This Weekend @ itzoo31/07/2020
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