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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 12.3" Tablet 7th Gen Core i5 8GB 256GB Win 10 - refurb grade B - £276.25 from IT ZOO delivered using code
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Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
great spec for the price - free delivery Screen - 12.3 Inch 2736x1824 Processor - Intel Core i5 7300u RAM - 8 GB Hard Drive - 256 GB Warranty - 1 year warranty

Got mine yesterday, the unit is in excellent condition and the keyboard looks new. Its been holding the charge perfectly and no dead pixels on the screen at all. So first impressions, very impressed.


Got mine today (using it now) Initial impressions are very good for the price. Screen = No marks / scratches at all, no dead pixels. As new. External = Some marks on the back, as expected if no extra case was used. No scratches / digs or anything obvious though. Keyboard = Keys all working, and functions seem fine. Keyboard lights up as expected. Keyboard outer case = A few marks from when it closed up and used as a cover. Again nothing serious. USB = Working as expected. Added a USB hub for ethernet, memory card reader HDMI etc. Bluetooth = Connected mouse and headphones, all seems fine. Windows updated, all looks good. Battery = No signs of buldging. Just got it to 100% charge, so will see how long it runs on battery for. Runs Netlfix and Youtube 4K without any issues. Fingers crossed the battery gives a decent run time. Should be able to put it through my wife's business, so 20% VAT to come back off the price as well. Thanks again @martinelsen (y)


Cheaped out on the batteries no doubt.




W11 requirements are "soft" - you can (and I have) install it on pretty much anything, you just have to do it from the ISO rather than Win Update. Everything is getting updates as normal. On my MS surface, it actually offered to upgrade through MS Update even despite supposed dealbreaker requirement shortfalls, just with a half hearted warning. Basically: MS has totally backed down on this to the point it exists in all but name. Which makes sense - it's more of a PR headache for MS with exploits against machines on W10 than on W11 with slightly deficient hardware. And don't forget, the only really significant security advance on W11 - enforced hardware TPM - isn't even legal in China, their biggest market. My main warning about W11 is that right now it's underbaked.

Grade: A refurbished Stonebook Pro N250JU Laptop 4GB RAM 120GB SSD Windows 10 - £105 with code @ ITZOO
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Posted 18th Dec 2021Posted 18th Dec 2021
Possible 3.4% topcashback too Grade: A Grade: A refurbished refurbished _____________________________ Intel Core i3 i3-6100U 2.3GHz ( 6th gen ) 120GB SSD Warranty: … Read more

Stonebook Pro N250JU Laptop 4GB RAM 240GB Windows 10. VS Refurbished HP Notebook 250 (G6) 15.6" i3 4GB RAM 128GB Windows 10 Both £ 149 I m confused


stonebook ???:) sounds like proper @@ look better something better.. at least you ca save 105 and dont complain why older lenovo for same price from ebay cannot do the same? but at least you can trust him..


For the money this is excellent value




Stone computers. Well known brand, especially in education.

GRADE B refurbished Stonebook Pro N250JU Laptop 4GB RAM 120GB Windows 10 £97.50 @ ITZoo
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Posted 17th Dec 2021Posted 17th Dec 2021
Stonebook Pro N250JU Laptop 4GB RAM 120GB Windows 10. £97.50 delivered Processor: Intel Core i3 i3-6100U 2.3GHz ( 6th GEN ) 120GB SSD

Yes, I do think it was deliberate actually, to try to get a hot deal. The website listing clearly stated: 'Refurbished Stonebook Pro N250JU Laptop 4GB RAM 120GB Windows 10'. And op listed it as: 'Stonebook Pro N250JU Laptop 4GB RAM 120GB Windows 10', copied and pasted but with the word refurbished omitted. If I'm doing him a disservice then I unreservedly apologise.


'deliberately' ? Why do you think his actions were deliberate, do you think he had something to gain from doing this? Maybe he made a mistake...


Added subsequently, presumably after op read my comment, I am able to read XD


It’s in title…


Refurbished Lenovo SFF PC V520S i5-7400 4GB RAM 128GB SSD Windows 10 £135 with code @ ITZOO
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Posted 17th Dec 2021Posted 17th Dec 2021
With 12 month warranty. Cheap for basic needs.

Must be a really bad PSU in the one you got if it can't even power a 1030, they are 30w and the PCIe slot is designed to provide more than that.


sold out




Don’t buy if you intend to turn into a gaming machine, tried for my son. The board is custom to the case with USB ports front and back without headers on the board. Original psu isn’t enough to power a 1030. Then board takes a custom 10 pin power source. On the bright side , Dad for himself a new computer.


Perfect! A great upgrade for my parents computer for not a lot of money.

Refurbished Apple iMac (Grade A) 21.5" A1418 Core i5-7400 16GB RAM 1TB HDD £349.99 @ Itzoo
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Posted 10th Dec 2021Posted 10th Dec 2021
Not an expert on iMacs. but this has a more than a decent spec for the price. 2017 model. Grade A usually means 'as new'. with Itzoo. Willing to risk cold votes posting this. (y)… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Room is not a problem there is plenty. It is little bit fiddly but can be done if you are careful and I pull the cable tie tight and cut the left over before closing it completely.


(y) That's a good idea, didn't know it has enough room for that


This is what I normally do before glue back together to be safe in case the tape fails.


yes, i am quite skilled in PC repairs but it is not worth the effort, cost a possible accident if he tape fails to hold the screen. I will most likely go by the external route and use the internal 1TB HDD as storage.


Don't want that to happen for sure. I was looking at this ifixit kits here: Tripled the price with shipping charge compares to amazon's, Looks more promising tho. But the External TB3 Port soltuion is better cheaper and safer.

Dell Latitude 5480/5488 Laptop (Grade A) i5 6th Gen 256GB SSD 8GB RAM 14.1" FHD Screen US Keyboard £191.25 (with code) @ Itzoo
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Posted 10th Dec 2021Posted 10th Dec 2021
Itzoo have these available again. May or may not come with backlit keyboard (mine did). 1 year warranty. Itzoo are a superb retailer. Use XMAS-SPECIALS to reduce at checkout. … Read more

Excellent, thank you. I'm not clued up on system requirements. I checked it out on that website but it wouldn't let me put the graphics number thing in


A toaster can run Football Manager (lol) Jokes aside, this is plenty to run it though.


Will it play football manager?


Yes, but US is fairly close other than missing one key and having half-height enter key. You might find it's not worth it. The actual swap is quite simple. US format is one of the only keyboard format I'll tolerate for long-term use - I would never use an EU spec one.


Can the keyboards be easily swapped for UK units?

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Refurb Lenovo Thinkpad P50 Laptop Core i7-6820HQ 8GB 256GB £322.50 with code @ ITZOO
49° Expired
Posted 26th Nov 2021Posted 26th Nov 2021
Seems like good deal for the high spec. and Grade A. There will be end of lease ex-business machines but good for students or school kids doing the Minecraft and Roblox thing :). 7… Read more

Thanks for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread (y)


Certainly yes, as it far exceeds the minimum requirements for them both. That’s part of the reason I have bought them. Bit annoying on the windows 11 thing but I’ll take the trade off using windows 10 since its predominantly going to be used by the kids anyway.


Would you be able to play games on this such as roblox or minecraft?


Quad core


Not win 11 compatible and is quad core. still a good deal though.

Apple iPad 6th Gen (2018) 32GB Wifi. A Grade refurb £153.99 delivered at ITZOO
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Posted 26th Nov 2021Posted 26th Nov 2021
Following my last post for the Grade B model, for £136 which went OOS very quickly, I am now posting the A Grade one which has stock at the moment. £152 with voucher code, include… Read more

Yes, I have received my two. They were B Grade. In very good condition. Both came in original iPad boxes too! (y)


Got mine yesterday. Everything was spot on with it. Like new




Be super careful dealing with ITZOO.CO.UK received my iPad order today and it's locked to apple id! That's right folks they sent out a device without wiping the previous owners data! Appalling


sold out

Stonebook Pro N250JU Laptop Intel Core i3 i3-6100U 2.3GHz 4GB RAM 120GB SSD Windows 10 GRADE B £104 at ITZOO
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Posted 26th Nov 2021Posted 26th Nov 2021
I think for £104 delivered you cant go wrong. 3.4% topcashback Grade: B Brand & Model: STONEBOOK STONEBOOK PRO N250JU Processor: Intel Core i3 i3-6100U 2.3GHz … Read more

mine came today not charging properly but everything else was working unfortunately have to return


Too many inches! 14 would have been nice.


More that they commission custom hardware, similar to consumer hardware, with extra features for schools. They never update the firmware , so they are always left on the initial bios, no updated CPUs or bug fixes. So yeah. Sucks a bit.


Is their hardware / software like Sony Vaio were which basically ruined the product on the very first update ? My friends SONY is stuck on Windows 8 - yes 8 ! as cant be updated due to SONY ruining the software and hardware by mixing their own stuff in with Windows.


Maybe good to learn python on

Dell Latitude 5480/5488 Laptop (Grade A) i5 6th Gen 256GB SSD 8GB RAM 14.1" FHD Screen US Keyboard £191.25 (with code) @ Itzoo
156° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2021Posted 23rd Nov 2021
Use FRIDAY15 to discount. Grade A condition with 1 year warranty. I bought the same laptop recently for £150 in mint condition (£199.99 & auto 25% discount). Still a good pr… Read more

I bought one two weeks ago and its ok but the built in right click dose not work and I am waiting for them to get back to me


Infact great price , screen was 1080 so yeah good deal. Shame sold out


Great price but OOS now


Heat. I bought an E5490 a couple of weeks ago from ITZoo, grade B and it's pretty much mint condition. Heat


These are very good aptops, ideal size and battery is excellent. Very good keyboard and ability to charge via usb C. Only downside is screen Rez . But still a very good laptop .

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