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Jaguar iPace  - £11870 Deposit, £10 fee + 36 monthly payments of £599 and optional final payment of £41004 - Total £77938 @ Jaguar
-432° Expired
Posted 19th Jun 2019Posted 19th Jun 2019
Jaguar iPace - £11870 Deposit, £10 fee + 36 monthly payments of £599 and optional final payment of £41004 - Total £77938 @ Jaguar£77,938
Combining performance, beauty and innovation, the new all-electric Jaguar I-PACE produces zero emissions and offers up to a 292-mile** range on a single battery charge. With Jagua… Read more

yes Zoe is an amazing for the price. There's a new one coming with 52kWh battery for longer range.


Auto express ha ha , like they know more that some one who has worked on the EDU's


I’ve owned the previous generation Zoe. That’s a brilliant little car. Adding another 10kw to the battery and the other body/interior enhancements make a great car brilliant. For the money it will be the best EV £ for £ out there.


As I said, nope. They are joining up to produce the next generation(s), and it looks like BMW are actually in need of Jag's electric knowhow, rather than the other way around;


yep joint venture until JLR learn to build their own they are using BMW kit

Jaguar approved used £1000-£1500 deposit contribution, 2 years warranty
-141° Expired
Posted 11th Feb 2019Posted 11th Feb 2019
Jaguar approved used £1000-£1500 deposit contribution, 2 years warranty
2016 models onwards only: £1000 - £1500 deposit contribution with 10.9% APR representative finance, includes 2 years warranty and road side assistance(Uk and Europe). 165 multi poi… Read more

Sorry to bump an old thread but have a look at the price for used Renault Zoe's. I had looked at one a few years ago but decided against it and dodged the bullet - it's the most severely depreciating car money can buy in percentage terms. Anything you save in fuel will seem like pocket change compared to the catastrophic resale values.


Couldn't agree more... Well said.


The rest of the world disagrees. Jag's look great from the outside and they are pretty dynamic but inside they are low rent and poorly put together. All of JLR interiors are the same. The interior of the XF is just downright nasty. The new 5 series puts it to shame, as does an A6. Up a class and nothing is a match for an S-Class merc, nothing. Also, they break.....alot.


I have the latest Jaguar xjl.... Mercedes Bmw and Audi no match for the Jaguar the most prestigious head turning motor the most luxurious motor in it's class after owning Mercedes s500L and a Bmw 7 series would never go back to the Germans . And the service charges are a lot cheaper than 15 years ago so checkout a Jag you'll be surprised.



The New Jaguar E Pace, a baby F pace aka The Cub!!! - £28,500 @ Jaguar
-199° Expired
Posted 4th Aug 2017Posted 4th Aug 2017
The New Jaguar E Pace, a baby F pace aka The Cub!!! - £28,500 @ Jaguar£28,500
NOT FAIR, I HAVE EXPIRED IT!!!!! Thenew Jaguar E pace. Basically a baby F pace but you can buy one for £28500 on the road and thats without haggling and shopping around, thats dir… Read more

Nissan Quashquai Built in UK just over 19k - Not a Deal, but there are some to be had that would knock a few quid off.


I added some extras and it comes out at £ 63,169.00 Bargain, I will have 3!


I've just laughed so hard a bit of wee came out!!!!


The only one in his thread making any sense (y) Ironically, people arguing about this being a deal probably vote hot on other "deals" when they are above RRP (NES mini, and Anker speakers are a couple I remember). Having said that, I don't think this is a good price/deal/whatever anyway :p


Why is it expired still available at the full rrp listed (lol)

FREE Jaguar F Pace Driving Experience
197° Expired
Posted 30th Sep 2016Posted 30th Sep 2016
FREE Jaguar F Pace Driving Experience
My first post...! Limited spaces available. I did this at the weekend and it was great. Also able to drive the F Type. EXPERIENCE THE ALL-NEW F-PACE This autumn, The Art of Perfo… Read more

There were people who brought kids on theirs so I'd say you'll be fine!


anybody know if they will let a 6 year old in the passenger seat (if i bring a booster seat)?


Thanks booked


Thanks ...booked :)


Every session booked up near me, great freebie for the lucky ones though, enjoy! ;)

Jaguar XE test drive events - inc. hot lap in an F Type coupe
72° Expired
Posted 24th Jun 2015Posted 24th Jun 2015
Jaguar XE test drive events - inc. hot lap in an F Type coupe
Got an email offering people the chance to give the new Jaguar XE a proper test drive round some decent roads, but also get a hot lap in an F Type round a track. Completely free -… Read more

Thanks OP, went on my drive today, great car. Was well looked after and thoroughly enjoyed it. 2.0 Diesel 0-60 in 7.6 secs. Will give BMW something to think about.


Thanks for posting the original deal! I did mine yesterday near Harrogate and it was a fantastically organised event. You only get to drive the 2.0 Diesel on the road but it was surprisingly good with the auto box (compared to a 2.0 turbo petrol I drive) The nearby circuit was only very small but I still got a good 3 laps as passenger in a F Type R-Coupe - which was great as the test driver was a nutter! Looks like Yeovil and Warwickshire events are still open for registration. I hope they do something similar for the XF launch!


How it reads to me as well. I'll know after the event!


I am under the impression it is driving an XE in the countryside, followed by driving a supercharged V6 XE S on a track with an instructor sat next to you, followed by a passenger ride in an F-Type from the instructor. I could be wrong but that is how it reads to me.

Not sure you are saying you do not drive the XE.. But.." you will take to the wheel of the Jaguar XE exploring the Somerset countryside on a pre-set route. On this 60-minute drive with driver change-over, you’ll not only get a taste of why XE is the most dynamic car in its segment, you’ll also enjoy some delicious delights as part of the experience." With the experience day you get to drive the XE!

Jaguar 24 hour test drive
-10° Expired
Posted 13th Oct 2014Posted 13th Oct 2014
Jaguar 24 hour test drive
Some terms but seems ok to try out a bit of luxury.. Terms and conditions *Available at participating Dealers only on Jaguar XF range. All drivers must have held a valid, current … Read more

[quote=jonnithomas lol, thats why I bought the Audi. The Mercedes dealer wouldn't even let me sit down :) I had a split mouth from playing rugby and they treated me like a thug.[/quote] They probably did you a favour, the Mercedes would have probably spent as much time in the workshop as in your garage for the first six months (_;)


lol, thats why I bought the Audi. The Mercedes dealer wouldn't even let me sit down :) I had a split mouth from playing rugby and they treated me like a thug.


A number of years back, my boss at the time was the MD of a very successful IT service company. He has always been a casual jeans dresser. Didn't matter if it was just for work or a business meeting with our largest clients, jeans and snake skin cowboy style boots. Anyhow, walked into a local Jag dealership because he had always wanted a Jag. Not only would they not let him test drive it, they wouldn't entertain the idea of talking about sales details. He said it was just like that scene in Pretty Woman where the shop assistant wouldn't sell the dress to Julia Roberts. So he went straight down to the BMW dealership on the other side of the city, bought a brand new 5-series estate with all the trimmings. When he went back to the Jag dealership the next week and they saw the car they welcomed him to take a test drive. Afterwards he explained what had happened and says he walked out as the saleman's jaw hit the flaw. That story has stuck with me for the past 14 or so years, never judge your customer by their clothes, accents, or house. (I know of a millionaire who lives homeless because he feels more comfortable like that).


true but how do you prove that ? I pulled up in an Audi a8 and a porche dealer politely declined. licence aok, car unmarked and low mileage, I did have jeans on. so 56k car and I wasnt a potential customer ?


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New Beautiful Jaguar F-TYPE Not for everyone but still what a car.. Order online or visit your local Dealer Starting from £58520.00
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Posted 24th Jun 2013Posted 24th Jun 2013
New Beautiful Jaguar F-TYPE Not for everyone but still what a car.. Order online or visit your local Dealer Starting from £58520.00£58,520
LINK TO INDEPTH REVIEW ON YOUTUBE: I no this is a random deal you dont see much off on hukd but i was lucky enough to of seen one at my… Read more
Avatar deleted473553
Get deal*Get deal*

That was a cracking read!! NOT


That's cold from me, on the basis of simple grammatical mistakes.


Its on the LTI website.[image missing]Oh well. At least we've got ...


Funny thread, voted cold but enjoyed my 2 wasted minutes. Thanks OP


the black cab is now owned by the Chinese, if I'm not mistaken.