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Started as a private business in Norwich, Jarrold is now one of the biggest retail stores in the UK. Established in 1823, this online store has just about everything. From beauty, fashion, to art, books, and toys, customers can get a range of items from numerous big brands like MAC, Ted Baker, Adidas, and Eastpak. Jarrold offers a number of discounts and they are available on the HotUKDeals pages.
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Lego Creator Expert Ford Mustang 10265 £96 at Jarrold
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Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Stealing the code from the one below, this looks a good offer to me.



Where can I find this please? Looks so good!


Oh damn (cheeky) 8)


That looks epic . Never knew you could do that .. would buy one more just to do that.


Doesn't look very big in picture for £100..

Lego Ideas Tree House Set 21318 £159.20 delivered @ Jarrold
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Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Lego Ideas Tree House Set 2131820% off with code SPRING2021 works on majority of items across the site

Also available at your local branch.


Used it on the mustang. Would have used for assembly square if it was still on!


In fairness the same argument could apply the other way, that someone would rather £20 off than £18 off a future spend plus a GWP they may not be interested in


Same price at cool shop (not sure what they are like to buy from though)


It works on the Lego Star Wars sets I tried including the Boba Fett helmet.

Lego Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262 £115 from Jarrold
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Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Lego Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262 £115 from Jarrold£115£129.9912% off Free P&P Free
Not a huge discount but this set is rarely discounted. This Lego James Bond Aston Martin DB5 has all the glamour of the iconic 1964 sports car but with a twist. An abundance of ga… Read more

For those worried about the company, Jarrold have been going from 1770, and been based in Norwich for yonks. I haven't ordered anything from them online, but I can vouch that they're a big deal in Norfolk and wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them. In the 70s I have fond memories of their toy department and I got my first Lego set there!


agreed, personally dont get it!! looks nothing like the DB5!!




That thing is hideous! You'd have to be a real addict to pay money for this. It's a travesty!


Purchased the Mustang online from Jarrolds, they were excellent 👌

Mont Blanc Pens £428 at Jarrold Norfolk
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Posted 29th Dec 2020Posted 29th Dec 2020LocalLocal
Mont Blanc Pens £428 at Jarrold Norfolk£428
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. During this period of… Read more

Not quite the point of my post, but sure if that's how to want to interpret it - go nuts :)


I would have considered to have got a good deal if I had paid these prices for the three I already own. I actually think the same as you about Apple products which is why I have a Cubot x30 rather than an i-phone.


Anyone with an ounce of sense would see that’s not what I mean. It might suggest that to you but it’s not the case, you seem to think that when a manufacturer states an RRP that it must be worth that price. You are therefore gullible and take this reduced price as a bargain, but I’m telling you it’s not but hey why don’t you go and buy a few.......


Nevertheless it is a deal, hence the whole purpose of the site. Your analogy would suggest that everyone on here should be living in a park home, driving a Dacia and shopping at Farm Foods.


This has been down voted just because people on here like a bargain. Put the same pen on here for £3.50 with free 500 pack of jaffa cakes and it'd get as hot as the surface as the sun. Craftsmen ship and finesse has a price. Why you can buy a new car for say £8k and £500k+

Asics Womens Patriot 8 Size 3 Trainers - £10 (Free Click & Collect / £3.50 Delivery) @ Jarrold
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Posted 27th Dec 2020Posted 27th Dec 2020
Asics Womens Patriot 8 Size 3 Trainers - £10 (Free Click & Collect / £3.50 Delivery) @ Jarrold£10
Nice low price for these asics, limited size to size 3 for men with really small feet, or women (lol) Designed for Women The women’s Asics Patriot 8 is the latest update of an… Read more

It's fine man, go ahead, post em, I'll give you my +7 as soon as you do


Op many more options available Would post but can’t be getting credit for your finds. Maybe incorporate more line 👌👌


They must've only had 1 or 2 :D (y)



Nike Womens Dual Fushion Hit Print Trainer - size 4 - £20 (+£3.50 del) @ jarrold
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Posted 23rd Dec 2020Posted 23rd Dec 2020
Nike Womens Dual Fushion Hit Print Trainer - size 4 - £20 (+£3.50 del) @ jarrold£23.50 £3.50
Designed for Women The women’s Nike Dual Fushion Hit Print Trainer provides lateral support during multi-directional movements. This latest version of a ladies’ hi-tec fitness sho… Read more
Creed Royal Mayfair 30ml edp £58.50 delivered @ Jarrold
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Posted 29th Nov 2020Posted 29th Nov 2020
Creed Royal Mayfair 30ml edp £58.50 delivered @ Jarrold£58.50£11549% off Free P&P Free
This is a fantastic price and the cheapest by quite some distance. Lovely fragrance from one of the classiest houses out there! It goes for £115 at Liberty’s... Celebrating… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Ahhhh right! Unfortunately most of us live in a world where RRP is the benchmark for what is considered a good deal :)


I'm not saying for this price, I was referring at the RRP £115. For £115 you can get 75-100ml. Not always, and I know Creed is expensive, but i don't think anyone will pay £100+ for 30 ml. If you search on HUKD, you will see old deals for 75-100ml for £110-130. The RRP for this particular item is inflated to £115 just to make it look it has a big discount. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/creed-royal-mayfair-75ml-3329479


I’ve never seen 75 of creed going for this price! If you can show me a link I’d be really interested!


I guess you still can post it as a local deal if you make it clear in title/description, it may help some. It's a decent price.


Yeah sorry about that :) and from Norfolk.... not exactly got a load of people nearby!

Navy Barbour International Stannington Casual Jacket (large only) £44.70 + £3.50 delivery from Jarrold
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Posted 22nd Nov 2020Posted 22nd Nov 2020
Navy Barbour International Stannington Casual Jacket (large only) £44.70 + £3.50 delivery from Jarrold£48.20
Not a lot more to add. Should be £149 but selling for £44.70... Navy Barbour International Stannington Casual Jacket (large only) from Jarrold. Free delivery if you add £5.30+ item… Read more

-3? Could be a few cancelled orders.


Wow, nice jacket!


God damn it!




All gone. That's quick!

Magimix CS 4200 XL Food Processor: Cream - £251.99 delivered @ Jarrold
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Posted 21st Nov 2020Posted 21st Nov 2020
Magimix CS 4200 XL Food Processor: Cream - £251.99 delivered @ Jarrold£251.99 Free P&P Free
Best price seen at https://www.jarrold.co.uk/ department store but price match confirmed with John Lewis and AO.com. JL have click and collect so perhaps best option.

100% dodgy as was looking at it the other day. They link to the t&cs of a NFL memorabilia website somewhere on it which has been shutdown due to selling counterfeit items. I suspect both sites are set up by the same person. AVOID


Yeah, definitely one of those "if it's too good to be true" deals. It says "SALE ENDS TODAY" but I imagine it'll still be on sale tomorrow. I had a similar experience with looking for a camera recently, listed for £150 cheaper than elsewhere and the website was made a couple of weeks before. Dodgy.


Can be had for £252 on Amazon and AO.com now.


Home and Kitchen website does not appear genuine at all. I tried a price match on it and AO.com confirmed they couldn't match as website/company has no history or reviews and there's a 2 week delivery on all items. Furthermore, website and limited company was set up just a few weeks ago, no address or phone number, which sets alarm bells ringing. To compound all this, there is a link to a competitors T&Cs website page in the description text, which is a clear sign that product info has been copied from elsewhere. Be very careful.


Hey @kooben nice first deal, thanks for posting (y)

Lego 10265 Creator Expert Ford Mustang - £96 @ Jarrold
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Posted 3rd Nov 2020Posted 3rd Nov 2020
Lego 10265 Creator Expert Ford Mustang - £96 @ Jarrold£96 Free P&P Free
Credit to @bkempy for finding the code (highfive) Don't think it's been cheaper than this. Looks like a great set. Build your very own 1960s iconic, American muscle car with… Read more



Thanks - used the 20% code to get the Avengers Tower for a Christmas present for my 8 year old.


In depth review on Brickset.


That'll do nicely


Thanks. Pulled the trigger on a couple of lego sets :) (y)