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Jokers' Masquerade is the home of fancy dress costumes. At Jokers' Masquerade, shoppers can select from a variety of adult and kid costumes, such as Batman and Hellboy and even the Easter Bunny, all at affordable prices. Shoppers can find all the Jokers' Masquerade discounts and offers at the hotukdeals listings. How to redeem Jokers' Masquerade vouchers
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Shell Suit BLUE £34.99 @ Jokers' Masquerade
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Posted 12th Oct 2012Posted 12th Oct 2012
Shell Suit BLUE £34.99 @ Jokers' Masquerade£34.99
Wearing this costume should keep all the trick-or-treaters away this Halloween!

Aristophanes ridiculed people who he felt were too self important, you are attempting to make humour from wide scale abuse which was widely known about but for some reason covered up - hardly the same! His was a satirical commentary, yours a cheap dig at the expense of many abused people.


hai mc X)


People don't like the truth....


Ever since the ancient Greek comedies of the likes of Aristophanes, humans have found comedy and humour a useful way of coping with and commenting on difficult subjects...


He picked on vulnerable children - what's so funny about that DaDutchie that meant you had to post multiple offers for various costumes to dress like him? Threads like these show the worst side of Hotukdeals - it really isn't funny that so many children were abused by Jimmy Saville & then there was a huge cover-up.

Troll Doll Costume @ Jokers Masquerade £29.99 = £4.99 p&p
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Posted 30th Aug 2012Posted 30th Aug 2012
Troll Doll Costume @ Jokers Masquerade £29.99 = £4.99 p&p£34.98
Thought this is a good product for some of the people to dress up in while frequenting this site! I welcome all trolls comments

This is my favourite deal today!


Halloween is two months away...


^^There are a few people on this site that would look great in this costume!!


to think how popular these were once. well the dolls not the people dressing up in them


not again

Lion Costume, perfect for scaring the Essex locals £39.99 @ Jokers' Masquerade
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Posted 27th Aug 2012Posted 27th Aug 2012
Lion Costume, perfect for scaring the Essex locals £39.99 @ Jokers' Masquerade£39.99
What better way to keep yourself entertained in a bank holiday weekend.. Wander around the Essex countryside and you too could make national TV

So reminds me of the "four lions"


You shouldn't take that lion down!


The lion's share of those have already been used! You will never be king of the jungle recycling every pun in the thread.


What would be the mane reason for getting this? This costume seems to be a roaring success. You can wear it with pride. Is it made out of lion cloth? £40 is a lot to spend on this. Think carefully before you buy as it might be left lion around. Let me paws while I think of more jokes.


It’s not my donkey on the lion.

Jokers Masquerade Clearance - Some great Fancy Dress Deals - includes Adult Dalek Costume - £10
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Posted 24th Jul 2012Posted 24th Jul 2012
Jokers Masquerade Clearance - Some great Fancy Dress Deals - includes Adult Dalek Costume - £10
The men's sale isn't great, but women's sale is pretty good... £39.99 to £4.99… Read more

I wouldn't deal with these guys again. They add extra stuff to your basket by default, can't see the size of the item you ordered. Also, they aren't friendly or helpful if you contact them. Avoid.


Dalek? Reminds me more of...[image missing]


They've got the the dalek one for a tenner.It got to 500° when argos had it on clearance a few years ago :-


It's pretty good, I've used them before (hence why they sent me the email...although was pretty **** when it was only for the ladies really!! :-) )


Never heard of that site before. *bookmarked*

Sexy Witch Costume (All Sizes) £4.99 (exc. P&P £4.99) @
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Posted 23rd Jul 2012Posted 23rd Jul 2012
Sexy Witch Costume (All Sizes) £4.99 (exc. P&P £4.99) @£4.99
You've got me under your spell Loads of costumes available at this price in the clearance section. You can also click & collect for free. The Sexy Witch Costume includes a fau… Read more



Don't think so, has to be ordered separately or pick up a cheap one in a pound shop


for me hot, ordered sexy witch


Does the costume not come with the hat then?

Sexy Cupid Costume £11.49 delivered @ Jokers Masquerade
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Posted 7th Feb 2012Posted 7th Feb 2012
Sexy Cupid Costume £11.49 delivered @ Jokers Masquerade£11.49
£11.49, was £16.99 The Adult Sexy Cupid Costume includes a short pink halterneck dress with a pink lace trim and an attached pink heart applique. Also included with the cupid cos… Read more

what ever




its ok mate


does she go commando in this :)


Not much of a saving even if it's not that trite.

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Posted 25th Oct 2011Posted 25th Oct 2011
This fantastic FREE pumpkin carving kit is just that – absolutely free! No purchase necessary. Lets face it, carving pumpkins at Halloween can be tricky and the end result may res… Read more

Not bad but I'd agree with xJayJayx89, cheaper to buy one in the £shop! Thanks anyway MightyDazza :)


it would not except my order of 999 :(




delivery is £4.99 though, cheaper to buy one from a supermarket however i would like to add its a good "freebie" if you are purchasing something else already.

Free Pumpkin Carving for Dummys Kit with any order @ Jokers Masquerade & 10% Off Outfits with Code & 10% Potential Cashback
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Posted 15th Oct 2011Posted 15th Oct 2011
Free Pumpkin Carving for Dummys Kit with any order @ Jokers Masquerade & 10% Off Outfits with Code & 10% Potential Cashback£4.95
CODE: XMASNYE for 10% off Don't forget Quidco currently 10% Cashback at the moment too. Perfect for Halloween/Christmas This fantastic FREE pumpkin carving kit is just that - ab… Read more

says no purchase necessary in description but obviously not worth postage. if buying stuff there which is available anywhere else you will be stung inflated prices. only reasonable to get if buying 'exclusive' stuff whatever that may be


Do you live next door to Asda as i only posted at 7.26 and you have been and gone to asda by 8.02. ;)


Looks like you will be at the party on your own then. :D


I just came back from Asda 30 minutes back and didn't see one of the fancy dress outfits that were on the Jokers website. . must be blind


Its simple. No one really wants to order something for halloween and pay(OTT) postage for the same crap they can get from the supermarket with the weekly shop. The £5 postage would pay for a nice bottle of wine after you have unpacked your shopping.

Free Pumpkin Carving Kit  + £4.95 postage @ Jokers' Masquerade
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Posted 28th Sep 2011Posted 28th Sep 2011
Free Pumpkin Carving Kit + £4.95 postage @ Jokers' Masquerade£4.95
Got this through in an email. Pretty Handy for Halloween:) Includes: 3 tools (carving saw, punch tool, and scoop), full instructions and 5 great pumpkin designs
Avatar deleted359816
Get deal*Get deal*

Nor am I, but I did hear somewhere that you can get these for a pound in Poundland.


99p from wilkos


I bought a much better kit in Morrisons a couple of years ago, more tools and a book of 10 or more designs for only a couple of quid. You can also get loads of free designs on the net. I did a great Scooby Doo and a Spongebob one from free online templates last year.


I am not one for "you can get these in poundland" but I think you can. That postage is a killer.


other item i thought could get to 'share' postage was a fiver more than amazon anyway. not the best 'free' for me but useful if something else you want

Fred the Red Toddler Costumes (UTD) £4.99 @ Jokers' Masquerade - should be £18.99
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Posted 10th Sep 2010Posted 10th Sep 2010
Fred the Red Toddler Costumes (UTD) £4.99 @ Jokers' Masquerade - should be £18.99£4
Great Buy for any Man U fans, there on Man U website for £18.00 and on other sites for the same price the next cheapest is £13.00 The official licensed Toddler Fred the Red costum… Read more
Avatar deleted241524
Get deal*Get deal*

Awww must have sold out...there really cute too, the next cheapest is here


cant seem to find this on the site anymore but would of liked to buy this for someone


I'm not a man u fan either !! But some little kiddie out there are !


voted hot because good fined even though not for me


Cold Voters because not a man u fan....not nice really !! Bargain though !

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