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Scorpion Exo 1400 Helmet Carbon £240 delivered @ J&S Accessories
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
The Scorpion EXO-1400 Carbon motorcycle helmet is ultra-lightweight thanks to the TCT Thermodynamical Composite Technology where the shell can gradually crumple upon impact allowin… Read more

I’ve a scorpion exo 500. The medium Scorpion size comes in a little big and it’s heavier that a Shoei. It got more sound dampening...all in all a good lid with good Sharp ratings.


Most top race helmets


Who uses Double D-Ring anymore ?


Same price as on SportBikeShop - I'd order from there personally

AGV K3 SV-S Helmet Wow - £159.99 @ J&S Accessories
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Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
AGV K3 SV-S Helmet Wow - £159.99 @ J&S Accessories£159.99 Free P&P Free
The AGV K3 SV S Wow is the new incarnation of the hugely popular AGV K3 SV motorcycle helmet with some improvements. This full-face helmet is an impressive road helmet with an inte… Read more

Had agv's in the 90's... but then they seemed to be ill fitting drop on lids, looking loose round the neck/chin


No idea what you're on about


Is there a connection with Suzuki owners and helmets with dodgy graphics? (highfive) Only kidding boys!


XD sold a 350 ypvs when i got the GSX-R, the ypvs would have been worth double the what GXS-R is now ;( saying that all the ypvs parts i've had in the shed for the last 20+ years are most probably worth more than the GSX-R.


Got a 98 plate GSX-R 750 SRAD with a grand total of 4K on the clock.

The Dainese Solarys Goretex motorcycle boots £129.99 at J&S Accessories
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Posted 24th Apr 2020Posted 24th Apr 2020
The Dainese Solarys Goretex motorcycle boots £129.99 at J&S Accessories£129.99 Free P&P Free
The Dainese Solarys Goretex motorcycle boots are a touring style boot. These boots have been designed to keep your feet comfortable on the longest tours with a waterproof GoreTex m… Read more

Well thats what they are selling them for on the Dainese website but regardless this is a good price for a pair of Goretex boots from a major label


I usually buy my motorbike clothing second hand but tempted with these boots. Is the RRP realistic?


Great price for a goretex boot.Shame I already bought a pair of alpinstars! HOT


Just checked, they have a limited amount of sizes at SportsBikeShop.


Good price! Looks like SportsBikeShop have price matched : https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_rev/340807

KR-1 Helmet Black - £39.99 Delivered @ J&S Accessories
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Posted 20th Aug 2019Posted 20th Aug 2019
KR-1 Helmet Black - £39.99 Delivered @ J&S Accessories£39.99£49.9920% off
The XRT KR-1 full-face Motorcycle Helmet is designed with the road in mind. This features a full ventilation system at chin, head and rear of helmet, added aerodynamics with spoile… Read more

If you're a big seller then you get discounted rates so it's not 15% plus you have to compete with people selling with less overheads so have to be competitive


Volume businesses do not bt pay anywhere near 15% on ebay even when PayPal is taken into account. Even the smallest business seller would pay only 7% to eBay and 3.4% + 20p to PayPal. Sellers selling high volume high value on ebay can negotiate a better rate than that. But it does indicate that even cheap bike helmet don't cost much wholesale. Id like to add that this helmet might be a KR-1 but it should not be confused with a KYT KR1 retails at around 6 to 8 times this price.


Now that's stylish 8)


Sure if, not the sort of head gear I need Ben.. but wish I could get one of this as cheap as this deal is! (unicorn)


It’s definitely a good buy :D

SHOEI motorbike helmets from £149 @ J&S Accessories
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Posted 8th Apr 2019Posted 8th Apr 2019
SHOEI motorbike helmets from £149 @ J&S Accessories£149£80081% off
3 goods deals here from j&s I found whilst looking for my new skid lid. SHOEI - RAID > £150 https://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/buy/Shoei-Raid-2-Helmet/28345.htm SHOEI - RA… Read more

Bless, you’re finding your feet behind the safety of a screen.


oh aren't you going go on about "how many deals have you posted and who do you think you are " la dee da da now shut it and jog on XD


No, what you care about is jumping on the troll wagon and exerting as little effort as possible.


Great price on the gt air. Not very visible colouring tho


good deal, thank you for posting, upgraded my lid for £150 inc postage - higher safety rating than my old one which was 7yrs so very pleased - thank you.

Alpinestars AST-1 Drystar Shoes £89.99 & J&S Accessories
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Posted 19th Jul 2018Posted 19th Jul 2018
Alpinestars AST-1 Drystar Shoes £89.99 & J&S Accessories£89.99
I'm not going to tell you these are just as safe as boots that give more protection I'm not going to tell you these are the cheapest I've seen them I'm just saying I'm going in for… Read more

Ordered, thanks for sharing!


good price. have some heat. good luck with your test

Bell M6 carbon full face motorcycle helmet £319.99 @ JS
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Posted 18th Nov 2017Posted 18th Nov 2017
Bell M6 carbon full face motorcycle helmet £319.99 @ JS£319.99
Seems like a premium helmet according the reviews I've read. While site has 20% off at the moment.

Have this for more than a year, good helmet, still looks like new...


My motorcycling days are over but I still remember the Bell advert that helped persuade me to buy one almost fifty years ago - If you have a $20 head buy a $20 helmet


I agree on the looks, not the best looking lid. Decent price for a full carbon helmet.


Looks a decent helmet at a reasonable price..... However I’ve always been put off by Bell... not the sort of thing I want written in large letters across my forehead! Not an overly good looking helmet in my opinion either, with that budget, look at helmet city and the world is your oyster!


Very nice. I wear an M5X and have done for just over 2 years - same 3.2mm visor and not a scratch on it. Not even micro scratches from wind driven grime etc and i wear it everyday.

Armadillo textile motorcycle jacket £39.99 @ JS Accessories
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Posted 14th Oct 2017Posted 14th Oct 2017
Armadillo textile motorcycle jacket £39.99 @ JS Accessories£39.99
I'm not in textile gear but after someone posted the cheap boots, I looked at the big sale and saw this reduced from £170 to £40. Thought I'd share it in case anyone needs a jacke… Read more

Yeah why not. It just looks like a normal jacket.


Was thinking same thing...could it be worn as such?


I like the fact that this could pass as a regular jacket...so nobody needs to know your dirty secret...apart ftom the huffing great lid you're lugging around.


Cheap, but it's not REDUCED from £170. That's just a made-up recommended price. Standard price (on Amazon) seems to be around £55.

IXS Motorcycle Ankle Boots on sale for £29.99 (£89.99 RRP) instore or delivered @ J & S Accessories.
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Posted 14th Oct 2017Posted 14th Oct 2017
IXS Motorcycle Ankle Boots on sale for £29.99 (£89.99 RRP) instore or delivered @ J & S Accessories.£29.99
Great deal for these casual ankle boots currently in the J&S Accessories sale. Textile lining Comfort insole Plastic inlays on ankle section Abrasion resistant rubber sol… Read more

there nice but a bit narrow for my feet and sons pair said loose around ankle but he is a bean pole.good price for the money but my pairs are going back. Good pricing but would not pay the rrp that said everyone has different feet


Went for 5mm waxed cotton ones from Amazon. Cost about £3. Yeah I've got suede specific proofer.


Hope they are a good fit, what laces did you go for? Hope you are intending to use a waterproof spray for suede/leather.


Tried mine today, really comfortable, only did local riding and it has been dry so nothing too taxing, perfectly fine at 30-50ish mph, then they start getting a little drafty. I think for dual carriage and motorway use of 60mph+ you would start feeling the cold in them particularly in the winter months, but there again I did not buy them for heavy commutes or cold season use.


Mine arrived today..... And some new laces. Just need to proof them.

IXS Gharial Pro Back 9 Motorcycle Back Protector £34.99 from £99.99 @ JS
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Posted 20th Jul 2017Posted 20th Jul 2017
IXS Gharial Pro Back 9 Motorcycle Back Protector £34.99 from £99.99 @ JS£34.99
The IXS Gharial Pro Back 9 Motorcycle Back Protector is an anatomically shaped, flexible back protector with integrated kidney belt. This features adjustable shoulder straps, 3-lay… Read more

Looks like it would do a job.