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Jumpking Double Swing Set (206cm x 220cm x 136cm) - £105.99 delivered @ Jumpking
59° Expired
Posted 6th May 2020Posted 6th May 2020
Jumpking Double Swing Set (206cm x 220cm x 136cm) - £105.99 delivered @ Jumpking£105.99
Warehouse clearance sale. This is the best price I could find for a 2m high double swing set. It also comes with a 3 year warranty for frame and 1 year warranty for the seat. Pro… Read more

I have put mine up. Looks great and sturdy. The only thing I they they can improve is the hook to pin it down could be more. They just supply with 8 big ones. I ended up using some of our tent hooks.


That looks nasty. Mine haven’t arrived yet. I do hope they’ll replace it. Let’s see how good they are. Keep is posted.


I ordered this and it arrived on time. Was about to assemble it on the weekend and when I unpacked it I found a heavily scratched pole. I have since been in touch and not had a reply yet. It is early days, we'll see how good their customer service is. I'm sure it'll give an idea of whether they honour the warranty too.


Prices for these go up and down!

Jumpking snowflake kids bouncy castle various sizes £49.99
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Posted 25th Nov 2017Posted 25th Nov 2017
Jumpking snowflake kids bouncy castle various sizes £49.99£49.99
4.99 delivery on top. This seems an excellent deal as people are selling second hand ones for the same price. 6ft x 6ft £49.99 Go larger 8ft x 8ft £66.98 Or larger still 11ft x … Read more

I bought! Its excellent. Only bad points - no door and they use yodel for delivery.


Did anyone buy one? Offers still on but they have no reviews.


this is a great deal all right. i can't see a 6x6 bouncy castle anywhere else for less than £99.99 Perfect xmas present for our wee boy - thanks!


-24 so far im doing great. I wish those voting against it would tell me why they have and give me a comparison of a cheaper product......


Amazing value! Great deal. Thank you.

Pink Stripe Bed Tent - Bazoongi £27.99 delivered @ Jumpking
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Posted 2nd Nov 2017Posted 2nd Nov 2017
Pink Stripe Bed Tent - Bazoongi £27.99 delivered @ Jumpking£27.99
Was looking for something a bit different for my 7 year old girl and looks perfect as I wanted something fun with spending a fortune . My daughter has autism and this is perfect fo… Read more

I thought it was for sweeping in, but it's for playing.


My apologies I stand corrected, I had believed this to be attachable to a child's single bed but have realised it is not.


Not bed tents though . This is perfect for a child's regular bed, most people wouldn't have room for a separate tent in their home I'd imagine.


Halford's have tents for half the price......good enough for indoor use anyway....... Just chuck a mattress and a quilt inside........dream away......