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Just MOTs - get an MOT for £27 if booked 90 days in advance, re-test is free,
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Posted 5th Jun 2015Posted 5th Jun 2015
Just MOTs - get an MOT for £27 if booked 90 days in advance, re-test is free,£27
At JustMOTs and MOT is £27.00 if you book online 90 days in advance of your MOT, I have used them twice with no problems at all they will also where appropriate and practical make … Read more

Car Passed just a bulb out 8)


Fail you for something silly then whack you for full retest these cheapo mot places(not all,like this one),mot's the most painfull thing next to a frontal labotomy,jocking.


I use just mot for the last 5 years. great if you are confident about your car passing


These are the cheapest I know in north kent/london



Just MOTs £20 2014 MOT (South Coast MOT centres) CODE SPECIALXMAS2013
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Posted 21st Dec 2013Posted 21st Dec 2013
Just MOTs £20 2014 MOT (South Coast MOT centres) CODE SPECIALXMAS2013£20
Just MOT do a Xmas deal if you book in for a 2014 MOT before the 31st Dec 2013. Unfortunately it's not a nationwide company. I have listed the locations below: Enter code SPECIALX… Read more

whoops.. didn't see it posted before


I have used the Faversham, no problems at all, honest people. They have no reason to be not as they only do MOT's and no repairs unlike Kwik-Fit.


Its not for this month. Its for any month in 2014. Booked mine in for Feb


I've also used Crawley. Great value, no hassle and even some valuable advice. Hot deal for those MOT'ing this month.


Thanks for that, thought I was going mad trying to find reviews on their website!

Just MOTs... get MOT for £22.50 if booked 90 days in advance, re-test is free, may be cancelled (with full refund)
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Posted 3rd Dec 2010Posted 3rd Dec 2010
Just MOTs... get MOT for £22.50 if booked 90 days in advance, re-test is free, may be cancelled (with full refund)£22.50
I have used them twice already and no problems whatsoever! They really are on your site..they even replace a bulb for free to make you pass :) Terms of Offer: 1.Offer applies onl… Read more

Yep garages SHOULD all " sing from the same hymn sheet" on MOTs but: motmax (they don't do repairs ) pass rate -89% National average 67.5 % No wonder these MOT-only places are becoming so popular. Regarding engine flushes - watch this TV report - and note the car manufacturers reports/recommendations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=der5-2S_P1Q&feature=player_embedded


i always take it to the small independant place and often it does fail (mainly because i drive cheap old bangers) , when they do fail them usually on niggling little things it's free retest within a week and its 20 pounds... They aren't going to rip you off because if they do then you don't go back...simple.


that's a shame as there are decent garages out there. There is an appeals process that you could have gone through, if you weren't happy with the mot outcome, the number of people I hear moaning about an mot pass/fail they weren't happy with that was done by another garage, but do sod all about it !!! i think your being paranoid absolute rubbish, where did you hear that from ? we offer an engine flush additive & if the customer doesn't want an engine flush then we don't add one.simple as that really. take it back & let them know you have a problem. you can leave a reviwew online here ,if you felt you had a rough time regards the garage, then let the scheme administrators know, we are members of the good garage scheme, as well as other trade bodies. we all have to "sing from the same hymn sheet" so if your not happy with the way an mot has been conducted complain to VOSA. VT17 appeals form here is some links for you to the official MOT testers manual, its the ones we use. Inspection Manual for Classes 3, 4, 5 and 7 Vehicles MOT testers guide


In over 20 years of driving i still haven't found a garage i would trust. The last visit was typical. The garage offered a free mot test with a full service. What a surprise when they said it failed on the two front tyres being worn on both edges. So i had to pay over the odds for them to fit two tyres ( or have to pay a restest fee if i took it elsewhere ). The tyres were getting close to the limit but were not under 1.6mm on the central 3/4 of the tyre - so should not have been failed. They also had the audacity to say the tracking needs doing ( at extra cost of course). I put him straight on the fact that tyres being worn on both edges does not denote that tracking is out ( they would only be worn on one edge). Equal wear on both edges is a sign of underinflation. They also tried to push an engine flush and fuel treatment. Now call me stupid - but when you they phone to tell you of any problems on a service - its usually already had its oil drained. So were they really going to refill it - add the treatment , then empty it again !!! These flushes are usually to try and make oil leaks that they can charge to repair ( I am not aware of any car manufacturer that recommends these flushes on a service ) . Even without taking these unneccesary extras my bill was over £450 ( this included some work on the rear brakes), and the car came back with annoying resonating noise from underneath at certain engine speeds ( that wasn't there before) By the way - this garage was a member of the "good garage scheme" ( and with good ratings). It just goes to show what a load of tosh that scheme is. I was not offered a chance to add a review their service. Next year i will be back to using motmax ( an mot centre that does not do repairs) to get an honest MOT. Fortunately there are several MOT-only centres in my vicinity.


used them once and failed, the tester didn't seem to have a clue of what he was talking about

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MOT for £15 - Just MOTs - Book 60 in advance, selected locations in South East
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Posted 21st Nov 2009Posted 21st Nov 2009
MOT for £15 - Just MOTs - Book 60 in advance, selected locations in South East£15
Have used these people in the past and can recommend them. Have now booked both our cars for this offer. Nothing to lose as you can cancel for a full refund if necessary. Book on… Read more

im afraid you wrong fella, in fact its a refusal to test if you cant get the bonnet open.


WTF they have always popped the bonnet on an mot to spot any leakage from top side


I agree with the sentiment you are getting across, but AFAIK the bonnet isnt lifted on an MOT :thumbsup:


all MOT testers have to be qualified to do MOT's, I should know as im an mot tester/vehicle mechanic of many years, now wether the tester conducts a proper test as per mot rules is a different matter. see ]here for the official VOSA testers manuals, they are the ones we have to abide by. you should get a proper & full test no matter where you take it to, be it an independent,main dealer etc etc. If you feel a test isnt conducted in the proper manner then i urge you to seek help through the appeal process as this will help get rid of some of the testers/stations that tar people like me (the honest stations/testers) out there with the same brush. hmmm £15 for a test bearing mind it looks like you might have to pay full price to get it at £15 next year, we charge £48.00 but then we dont charge for adjusting headlamps if they need adjusting or such like. but as in any trade "You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time."


It was just a bit of a strange thing to find as a loss leader as its basically their only product, im just a born sceptic. Now voting hot.