Kandco - £30 off £60 existing customers using promo code

Kandco - £30 off £60 existing customers using promo code

this didnt work is it for a certain category eg, womans clothing?
Not working
i got the email and it didnt work, nor did the previous codes they send me, customer services useless
It needs to be sent ( post,email) to you for it to work.Ive just used one i had sent in the post no problem..Pretty much useless if it wasnt sent to you, not like the good old days where anybody could use them.
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I received it personally and it didn't work for me !!
just been told that it only goes through if you have not ordered this season
I got an email from them this morning with this code and it worked fine for me! I ordered some small electrical items (kettle toaster etc)...
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