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Kano Computer Kit (with Pi 3) reduced (again) to £59.99 delivered
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Posted 9th Jun 2020Posted 9th Jun 2020
Kano Computer Kit (with Pi 3) reduced (again) to £59.99 delivered£59.99£149.9960% off Free P&P Free
The Kano Computer Kit is on offer again. (Expired deal with additional packs on offer here: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/kano-computer-kit-3431076 ) Build a computer page-… Read more

Still holding out for it to drop another £10 ( https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/kano-computer-kit-3365986 ) am I just being picky? Any good for kids of Muggles? Although I work with a bunch of coding geniuses.


is on at least to the end of the month. had the following reply from them via email ========= Hello, 👋 Thank you for your patience. I have been informed that the Computer Kit will be on sale through at least the end of June but it may get extended. Hope this helps! 😃 Best wishes, =========


Just an update, the deal is still on.


About 5 minutes before I cave in and decide to buy.


any ideas how long this deal will last for? couldn't see anything on the webpage.

Free Access To Kano Club For Kids And Adults Alike (Online Coding/ Art/ Videos/ Tutorials/ Challenges and more)
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Posted 19th Apr 2020Posted 19th Apr 2020
Free Access To Kano Club For Kids And Adults Alike (Online Coding/ Art/ Videos/ Tutorials/ Challenges and more)FREE£0.01
During these times of lockdown especially for the kids with no school, this could come as a good break. Kano Club will stay open until we're all back to school, to make being stuc… Read more
Kano Computer Kit £59.99 delivered @ Kano computing (Discounts on Harry Potter, Disney Frozen 2 and Star Wars coding kits also)
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Posted 31st Mar 2020Posted 31st Mar 2020
Kano Computer Kit £59.99 delivered @ Kano computing (Discounts on Harry Potter, Disney Frozen 2 and Star Wars coding kits also)£59.99 Free P&P Free
Reduced from £149.99, although has been as low as £49.99 in the past. Build a computer page-by-page. Connect the board, buttons and bits, learn how they work. Browse the internet… Read more

Thought I would add my 2 cents. I've got various raspberry PIs lying around and a FUZE so I just downloaded the freely available Kano OS. Apart from being able to use the hardware specific apps you get everything in the download. Since trying this I reckon this the best educational computer you can get as the accompanying apps are varied, educational and fun. The Minecraft programming is brilliant. I know you can do it natively on a PI with raspian but the block based interface on Kano is much better for children ( my son is 7) I would suggest if you already have a PI then download the Kano software (even just to try it out) otherwise if you don't have a PI £59 is a steal.




Anyone know how to install the Star Wars app on the Kano itself? Not so clear to me.


also what happens after the course is finished is there some kind of follow on?


Because without this kit no other learning resources exist for the Raspberry Pi (lol)

Kano Computer Kit £49.99 @ Kano Computing
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Refreshed 16th Dec 2019Refreshed 16th Dec 2019
Kano Computer Kit £49.99 @ Kano Computing£49.99£149.9967% off
Kano Computer Kit – Make a computer. Learn to code. Play. Also available through Amazon for the same price.



Worth noting - when we were using ours for the first time, after updating (first thing we did) we were not able to access some of the application websites. Turns out a lot of stuff is disabled by the parental controls that are automatically enabled. Disabled these and everything worked. This is probably covered in the instructions but who reads those!! BTW the default parental password is ‘Kano’.


Mine turned up today. Trying hard not to play with it!


Would Kano give it a routine check?


Is it worth getting this (the pc) or the tablet? Can anyone recommend which would be the better option?

Kano Star Wars The Force coding kit £29.99 Kano Computing
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Posted 13th Dec 2019Posted 13th Dec 2019
Kano Star Wars The Force coding kit £29.99 Kano Computing£29.99
Great price for this. Started out at 79.99 then dropped to 49.99 for BF. Now 30 quid with free shipping in time for Christmas. Also price matched on amazon with same day delivery i… Read more

I own the Harry Potter kit and if the software is similar then I'd avoid it. It is supposed to teach coding but my daughter just ended up learning to follow the dots. It became a jigsaw puzzle instead of a logic puzzle. Instead of thinking 'how am I going to do this?' she thought 'where is the dot that shows me what to click/change/drag/etc.' So the fact you build little reusable parts was lost on her. Or that they are parameterized. She stopped using it pretty quickly. Anyway, hopefully they've improved the software.


Seems like a great deal - might get the Frozen 2 one for my little girl (y) ...or maybe just treat myself to the Star Wars one instead (lol)

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit - Build a wand. Learn to code. Make magic. £49.99 @ Kano Computing
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit - Build a wand. Learn to code. Make magic. £49.99 @ Kano Computing£49.99£99.9950% off
Selling everywhere else for £99.99, great for kids interested in coding.

No problem, emojis definitely help ;) (lol)


sorry mate was just a joke that i came up with when i was posting the deal to a few of my friends with kids :-) i was just picturing half of them forcing an hour of coding before they can play fortnite. great deal and i'll try to add the required emojis to my next half joke/observation


Awesome! Daughter put this one her xmas list so have been keeping an eye on it and this is an excellent price. Next best was Apple direct at £79. Thanks op!


(annoyed) (annoyed) (annoyed) Great post OP. My 9 y/o daughter loves coding. This is ideal


Thanks for the encouraging comment - with it being my first post and all that. Some of us have kids that are interested actually - jog on!!

Kano Black Friday deal - Desktop version £59.99 / Touchscreen £159.99
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Kano Black Friday deal - Desktop version £59.99 / Touchscreen £159.99£59.99
Build a computer, then learn to code art, music and games. You can get 60% of the desktop version down to £59.99 or go for the Touch screen with 40% off version for £159.99.

It is good, the OS is updated frequently, and the community is active. The main issue is speed, the chip isn't too fast, and it shows, everytime there is an update there is usually a long wait. Even with those caveats, it is a good system, it comes all ready to go and it is a great introduction to computers.


Great price my boy wants one for Christmas but the price has stopped me buying it until now. Same price on amazon today as well if that helps anyone out.


We got one of these for my eldest (10) last year and it was a hit. She has been using it on and off all year and has made some good little programs and art stuff in it, including music. I think the original RRP is too much. We paid £75 and I thought it was a good deal, it is now a year later, and there is a Raspberry Pie 4 in the market so I think this for £60 is still a decent deal.


It's is a raspberry pi, plus OS which you can download separately and is pretty decent. But doesn't run on raspberry pi4


my god have you seen how much they charge for their coding kits!

Kano Computer Kit £80
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Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018
Kano Computer Kit £80£80£149.9947% off
Build your own computer Follow the book, build a computer page-by-page, all by yourself. Touch the pieces, connect the board, buttons and bits. Learn how they work.

Wow, that's a huge mark-up


Updated the picture now, thanks for the heads up (y)


The picture above is wrong. That picture is for the touch version thats £184. The picture for the original computer kit is below.Linus Video for this version...


The one with screen is £184


The touch version is here: https://kano.me/store/uk/products/computer-kit-touch £184 using the code. Was £279.

Harry Potter Kano Wand direct from kano.me - £63.99 with code
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Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018
Harry Potter Kano Wand direct from kano.me - £63.99 with code£63.99£79.9920% off
Seems to get a lot of good reviews, currently Kano offering 20% off when using voucher code FRIEND20 "Build Your Own Wand. Learn To Code With 70+ Challenges. Make Magic With A Wav… Read more

This deal is amazing! My niece is obsessed with this coding wand and mentions it to me every time I see her. Ecstatic niece + smug uncle = happy christmas all round!! (party)


Only spell this casts is the vanishing of 70 quid from your bank account... harry potter generation was my generation... wtf and the new stuff is dynamite


Hot - fab thanks!!


Harry Kane what?


at that price it had better create real spells

Kano Computer Kit 2017 33% off - Black Friday - £93.99
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Posted 20th Nov 2017Posted 20th Nov 2017
Kano Computer Kit 2017 33% off - Black Friday - £93.99£93.99
Make a computer, learn to code

Thanks. Bought for my 8 yr old


Nice little kit. Will share it to my code club's parents as a few like the Kano. Thanks


It’s very expensive for what it is. I don’t think this will get much heat.


It's still a bit too expensive for what it is but, with a rare discount, a deal is a deal. Heat.