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Kärcher Outlet is an official store for refurbished Kärcher, UK's leading store for home and garden products. This outlet store, established in 2005, boasts a wide range of products ranging from pressure washers and multipurpose vacuums to steam cleaners. Customers can get these already low priced products for less using the discount codes listed on HotUKDeals.
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Do not buy anything from this website, the merchandise is not of marketable quality .and their customer service is terrible .I bought a reconditioned K2 Pressure Washer, in September , but only used it this weekend which is 7 months later, it has sat in the shed all winter , on first use the motor burnt out, I contacted them and explained it was straight out of the box , their reply was , we can do nothing it is out of warranty, so a word of warning buy nothing from this site


doesn't work for me!


Just used this - great code thanks!


Tried sadly doesn't work on outlet


www.karcher.co.uk Then enter code at payment stage.

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Karcher K2 Power Control (Refurbished) £79.99 @ Karcher Outlet
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
First post! Just grabbed one myself. They have other great priced refurb items

Check TrustPilot before buying from karcher referb site. Their feedback is terrible. Put me right off buying a referb


Someone pointed out not to leave in an area where its exposed to frost as this damages the pressure washer.


I bought this same model in the past and it conveniently stopped working outside their useless 6 month warranty, must have used it half a dozen times. If your not a heavy pressure washer user your better off with the Mcgregor 1400W off of argos, it's similar spec, cheaper and comes with a 2 year guarantee.


Buy a nilfisk they have a metal pump... ;)


Popped up in my YT feed... Weird! Anyways here you go. https://youtu.be/Ertigs22hCY

Refurbished Karcher HGE 18-50 Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Battery Set) - £69.99 + 6.49 delivery @ Karcher Outlet (UK Mainland)
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Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Seems like a good price with the battery and charger included. Comes with a 6 month warranty. Delivery to Northern Ireland, IOM, IOW and Scottish Highlands is an extra £4.99. W… Read more

This comes with battery & fast charger. Those 2 things on their own come to £110 on Karcher site, so this has to be a bargain. ended up buying this, a steam cleaner and a strimmer. You can buy the strimmier machine only, but I bought the one with the battery pack for £30 extra - gives me a second battery and fast charger - normal retail cost is £40 for the charger so may get the 2nd battery for almost nothing if I can sell the 2nd fast charger on fleabay for £25.


I would think twice about using Karcher Outlet as their Trustpilot reviews are poor and my dealings with them are very poor


Strimmer is also £75 delivered :)

Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished £132.78 delivered @ Karcher outlet
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Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished £132.78 delivered @ Karcher outlet£132.78
Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer from Karcher Outlet. Pack Size:Each Motor size:1800 Watt Water Cooled Induction Power:230 Volt Cable Range:5 Metre Mains Cabl… Read more

But they keep eye onit as they uupdating stock regularly i got mine k4 ordered yesterday £129


Yeah out of stock


Not in stock


Other than the new LCD control Lance and better styling they've used more brass components inside which will hugely help with reliability.


Difference between normal k4 and power control?

Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer - £104.99 @ Karcher Outlet
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Posted 29th Nov 2020Posted 29th Nov 2020
Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer - £104.99 @ Karcher Outlet£104.99 £7.49
This deal has been posted a few times, always hovering around the same prices. Also a good deal including a 200L collapsible water butt and 5m hose, which seems to be a good value… Read more

Funnily enough, my K2.395 set on fire a few weeks ago, had it for years, but used it more frequently cleaning the car this last year. Gutted. Also in two minds whether to get a Karcher or Nilfisk, from what I've been reading here.


K4 compact, is £136 much better with 3 year warranty


cold for me i got a K5 last week £187 went to buy another one on black friday and they were all up to £199 each so bought this one at the price above so no deal there


Got it thanks (y)


Search it pal, it was posted a few days ago

Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer - £104.99 (£6.49 Delivery) @ Karcher Outlet
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Posted 18th Nov 2020Posted 18th Nov 2020
Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer - £104.99 (£6.49 Delivery) @ Karcher Outlet£111.48
I am in the market for a new pressure washer and thought this was a smashing deal! Karcher's Full Control range of pressure washers help you find the perfect cleaning solution fo… Read more

As long as their not on your face


Can you use a pressure washer on muddy trainers to get the mud off the soles?


If anyone is getting this to replace a broken Karcher 620M let my know as a maybe interested in your old 620 for parts


I have one, it’s water cooled so will last longer than the cheaper versions, but full control is a joke, adjust the nozzle and you can change the spray pattern. No actual control of volume of water and the CONTROL doesn’t work with any other Karcher lance. Price is okay but I have seen it cheaper.


Lol lucky you my boy is going to be sad on Xmas day (lol) (lol) (lol)

Karcher K2 Compact Refurbished Pressure Washer £46.48 delivered from Karcher Outlet
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Posted 8th Nov 2020Posted 8th Nov 2020
Karcher K2 Compact Refurbished Pressure Washer £46.48 delivered from Karcher Outlet£46.48
Decent price for a refurbished compact pressure washer. Not the most powerful, but compact and good enough to do basic jobs and maybe above basic. 6 months warranty. If you want i… Read more

Price gone back up again


Back to £39.99 + postage, hope it help if you need it.


Can you draw water from a bucket with this one?


Where are you posting to? I just got it for £39.99 + postage.



Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer - £107.78 Delivered @ Karcher outlet
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Posted 23rd Oct 2020Posted 23rd Oct 2020
Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer - £107.78 Delivered @ Karcher outlet£107.78£187.4943% off
Just received this offer in the newsletter. 10+ in stock. Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer REFURBISHED Karcher's Full Control range of pressure washers help … Read more

Please read reviews before purchasing, I bought a refurbished Karcher during lockdown when pressure washers weren’t available anywhere, it arrived with a broken hose, emails were ignored, stupidly it was only then I looked at reviews, even Karchers own Facebook page is full of complaints, where I left a complaint and although they said they were nothing to do with the Refurb business, my hose suddenly arrived. Karcher isn’t the good brand it used to be


ive had this one for 2 years and it now pulsates when trying to use the high pressure , it is ok on all other modes , am looking at buying a different make i had a vax and i gave that away and it is still going 8 years on


Only 6 months guarantee.




I have voted this hot due to the price. What I don't like about this full control business is as far as I understand, to the only difference is the lance side of things which has pre set positions with an led. One will be gentle, another stronger etc. I find it hard to believe that people need this feature. One you have used a pressure washer it is pretty obvious what setting you need and you can simply turn the nozzle accordingly until it feels right. I have seen it written folk have stripped paint off their car. That is very hard to with a PW, after years of using them regularly at 600 lph with a highish bar, it has never happened. Their paint must have been in poor condition in which case common sense should come into play. So, whilst the feature may appeal, to me it is just something else to go wrong that also requires batteries. If it breaks, it will cost more to replace. Karcher are not the only ones to do it. Folk make up their own mind and for a cheap price, it may not matter but give me a normal lance every time. Why pay for grief?

Karcher K2 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer £56.48 @ Karcher
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Posted 23rd Oct 2020Posted 23rd Oct 2020
Karcher K2 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer £56.48 @ Karcher£56.48
Live been keeping an eye out for a K2 for a family member as I think they often come up at £49.99+p&p at the karcher outlet, I've just noticed the full control version is the s… Read more

The fitting it comes with is fine to wash the car. There is always a 'better' fitting to everything so additional revenue to the company selling the product.


Thanks - ordered.


can i use it to wash car or do i need to purchase Karcher DB120 Full Control Dirtblaster Spray Lance (K2-K3) separately?


Not too sure, I think the K4 looks a lot better, the K2 is the basic model. I only use mine a couple of times per year so the K2 does the job. If you use it regularly, washing cars etc, it's probably worth getting the k4. I think I read in here once the k3 upwards had metal internals whereas the K2 is mostly plastic.


How is K4 superior to K2? Additional features please!

Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer £99.99 + £7.79 delivery @ Karcher Outlet
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Posted 15th Oct 2020Posted 15th Oct 2020
Karcher K4 Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer £99.99 + £7.79 delivery @ Karcher Outlet£107.78
There were 10+ left in stock when I ordered, does not include Karcher DB145 Full Control Dirtblaster Spray Lance that is an extra £21.99. The same deal was posted 2 weeks ago @£11… Read more

Now saying its 187


I can’t recall as it was a long time ago but it was really easy to replace it once the outer casing was removed. If you Google ‘Karcher K7 capacitor’, there should be plenty of videos etc.


I have an old k7 .85 is the capacitor behind the power switch as mine has stopped


Ordered one - still have the lances, brushes etc from the last one I had - that was damaged by smoke from a kitchen fire??? Not sure how a unit that’s watertight could have been damaged by a few whisps of smoke but it was written off and a new one paid for.


Had a K4 refurbished for about 18 months now, no issues at all, looked brand new when it arrived.

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