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Warsaw to Toronto Via Lisbon £82 Friday 6th and 13th of November 2020 - Kayak
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Posted 1st Nov 2020Posted 1st Nov 2020
Warsaw to Toronto Via Lisbon £82 Friday 6th and 13th of November 2020 - Kayak£82
A flight from Warsaw to Toronto via Lisbon for £82 with Tap (Portugese airline). Flight London to Warsaw is an extra £9.99 via Ryanair almost any day this week or £16 to £20 to ge… Read more



Yeah I have a problem with it, you're recommending someone to travel from London, England, to Warsaw, Poland, (To which you think it's possible said flyer would have get from one airport to another airport across town). Then from Warsaw to Lisbon, Portugal, on to Toronto, Canada. So, travelling through a possible FIVE airports, and bounce through the named countries. At a time when travel should be kept to a minimum, and only if it's really needed at all! Just to save a few quid. To get from London to Toronto can be done one way, for £90. London - Dublin - Portugal - Toronto Still not great, but for £8 more, it's less travel time and at the very least one less country, and not having to travel across town for those that are just wanting to get home to Canada.


Self transfer across Warsaw, and relying on Ryanair = big risk. If you missed that flight out to Toronto, you'd be out of luck


Good price in normal times, but multiple spots of potential COVID exposure just wouldn't be worth it for this bargain.


Wouldn't rely on a connecting flight from London these days anyway, and not one with Ryanair.

Return flights to Nice from Stansted now £10 (Departing 22/2 - 29/2 Inc. taxes exc. checked baggage) at Kayak
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Posted 27th Jan 2020Posted 27th Jan 2020
Return flights to Nice from Stansted now £10 (Departing 22/2 - 29/2 Inc. taxes exc. checked baggage) at Kayak£10
Return flights at £10 departing 22nd Feb - 29th February from London to Nice with Ryanair Flight costs include all taxes but excludes hold baggage. Example of flights at £10



if you have nothing useful to say, i'd keep my mouth shut if i were you. hard man behind the keyboard arent you?


I only know you from this thread. I wouldn't want to be listening to someone on a plane who comes out with populist clichés with no explanation to back it up. Opinion is the lowest form of human knowledge.


why? who am i to you?


Or you can take the train to Monaco and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea as you travel :) (and don't worry about the strikes, they're not that bad there :) )

Direct Return Flights w/ Virgin Atlantic (Dreamliner) - London Heathrow to San Francisco 13/04/2020 - 26/04/2020 WIFI onboard (£314)
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Posted 10th Jan 2020Posted 10th Jan 2020
Direct Return Flights w/ Virgin Atlantic (Dreamliner) - London Heathrow to San Francisco 13/04/2020 - 26/04/2020 WIFI onboard (£314)£314
Direct Flights to San Francisco - Flying from London Heathrow - £314pp Outbound: Monday 13 Apr 2020 (Flight time - 11h 0) Inbound: Sunday 26 Apr 2020 (Flight time - 10h 15) … Read more

Not in exact date, but I found double room for 2 for £55 per night, close to the city centre and close to transport links (train from airport) so it can be done within reasonable budget... Also paid £260 for direct flight with BA Thursday-monday... And from that reason I'm voting cold.


Ours is 3rd as well (West London). Eldest turns 5 a month before, so this will mark the start of our long stint in school hol prison :)


Don’t you be putting people off this great deal now (lol)


Just got back from San Francisco. Had a great time but it is really, really expensive there. Homelessness is a real problem there right now.


"Hoist with his own petard"

12-night full-board cruise to Barcelona, Tenerife, caribean island hopper and flight back to Paris from £508 @ Kayak
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Posted 29th Oct 2019Posted 29th Oct 2019
12-night full-board cruise to Barcelona, Tenerife, caribean island hopper and flight back to Paris from £508 @ Kayak£507
Spectacular 13-night cruise from Marseille to Barcelona, Canary Islands, Barbados and Martinique and then take the ferry and discover St. Lucia, Dominica and Guadeloupe before flyi… Read more

Just forgot to mention


I was wondering why the OP had completely neglected to say which cruise line/ship this was for. Clumsy oversight or because it was Costa?


Try and get an MSC cruise departing from Southampton if you can. If you pick one up in the Med be prepared for a very a very loud boisterous affair with long queues at the Buffet and noisy children running around till well after midnight. The new MSC ships are magnificent but with a Guest capacity of up to 5119 you are likely to experience some of the above dependent on which ship you choose. Have a look at the reviews on Cruise Critic before booking.


On our first Cruise we spent 5 Euros lmao. Seriously. We had some onboard spend which helped. Since then we have got a bit more adventurous so its coffee and cakes wherever we stop. Apart from fridge magnets we dont buy dust collectors. Alcohol is expensive on the Cruise ships but P&O allow you to bring a bottle of spirits or wine per person and cunard a bottle of wine in your main luggage mind you. Other Cruise lines are far stricter. Having said that beer and cider are around the pub price mark. A bottle of wine £20 -£40 or more (£7 in Asda lol) When you book beware there are Saver and Select fares.The Saver is cheap but you have to pay extra for the shuttle bus and cant chose your cabin. Select fares are more expensive but throw in on board spend or free parking. You have to weigh up whether its worth it. Shuttles to town ( included in Select fare) are around £4 pp each way but most people walk. We generally get an inside saver and book our own parking which can be very cheap at Southampton. BTW fly cruises can be hard work if your older. You can book direct or as we prefer an online reseller. We use Iglu most of the time. As for stress ive spent 30 years dragging the family around Europe and the Far East. Stressful Stressful. Cruises are virtually zero stress and are great value for money. Park up hop on and relax...thats it. The Med or Fjords are a great way to start. Oh and one VERY important point. Cruise liners are not boats. They are huge floating 10 star hotels mostly (there are some rubbish ones of course) and you could fit your average shopping centre in a corner somewhere lol. This cruise on the Iona should be fantastic. https://www.iglucruise.com/iona/22nd-may-2021_c225544 A balcony is a must if you do the Fjords. Hope some of this info is also helpful for any newbies thinking of booking this Costa cruise. Need any more advice just message me.


I disagree re prices as I know our staterooms at £579 were a silly price on the Queen vic and booking later they added the drinks package and free WiFi on msc. Pays to check

From Barcelona to Boston Return 01/02/2020 to 11/02/2020 £79.99 @ Kayak
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Posted 24th Oct 2019Posted 24th Oct 2019
From Barcelona to Boston Return 01/02/2020 to 11/02/2020 £79.99 @ Kayak£79.99

Airlines cancel more than 700 Boston flights as another winter storm approaches


No ,its not like London :)


Not bad then (y)


20-25 mins on the S-Bahn Train and about 4 or 5 Euros if I remember rightly, certainly doable


How far is frankfurt airport from the city centre?

€1 non-stop Round trip from Nantes, France to Bordeaux (and vice versa) from €1/person at Kayak
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Posted 16th Apr 2019Posted 16th Apr 2019
€1 non-stop Round trip from Nantes, France to Bordeaux (and vice versa) from €1/person at Kayak£1.73£20099% off
€1 per person round trip. Dates from April to May 2019 Must book min. 2 people as listed in advertisement. Do not purchase FROM Ryanair websites. Find the cheapest dates From Ry… Read more

That's that I usually do. Thanks for the warning.


Look at the T&C of edreams for example, (See below) "For this reason, eDreams will charge You an administration fee, depending on the product or service purchased" Many people claim not to have see the final amount until it was too late. Just book direct with Ryanair and save all the cost.


"Are sending you to...", what do you mean? Will these extra charges not be on the breakdown?


Bordeaux airport is on the outskirts of town, to west of town. Nantes is the same I believe.


It's from €20 on the train or €12 on the bus. You can go first class on the train from €29. All the above are return fees booked in advance but you don't need to turn up early or suffer Ryanair.

London to Malta with Ryanair £18.15 pp return at edreams
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Posted 20th Feb 2019Posted 20th Feb 2019
London to Malta with Ryanair £18.15 pp return at edreams£18.15
Fly with Ryanair from London to Malta from only £20. Other airports include Bristol, East Midlinds, Birmingham, Bournemouth and Leeds. Travel period is 2nd March - 11th April. For … Read more

I was replying to your previous message actually. We both agree clearly though :)


the end


You said airlines offer the same price directly as agents can offer. I explained that this isn't the case in nearly all cases.


unless im mistaken thats exactly what i said ....


You are wrong. Agents are offered lower fares for most scheduled airlines, so booking with a good agent will be both cheaper and the service will be superior (try calling BA and you will understand). However, budget airlines such as Easyjet and RyanAir do not offer a discount through an agent, so one should always book directly with the airline, unless the flight is part of a package.

London to Buenos Aires (Argentina) for only £422 @ Kayak
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Posted 7th Nov 2018Posted 7th Nov 2018
London to Buenos Aires (Argentina) for only £422 @ Kayak£422
Cheap flights from London to Buenos Aires (Argentina) from £422. Availability for high season Jan-Feb 2019 20/01-04/02 23/01-04/02 Check swiss.com for more dates available. Retur… Read more
Flights to Las Vegas from Dublin for £218 over half term, with BA! @ Kayak
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Posted 23rd Jan 2018Posted 23rd Jan 2018
Flights to Las Vegas from Dublin for £218 over half term, with BA! @ Kayak£218
You will have to get a cheap Ryanair flight over to Dublin, but that should still keep the total a fair amount below what you would pay departing from London. Also, great if you ar… Read more

I remember you mentioning that the driver who drooped you off really needed a shower.


Oh dear,


Well it was not a joke to me. My mother, who in my opinion over-reacted, actually sent me away to live with relatives after one, fairly minor incident.


You missed the joke there I think! He was playing on the Prince of Bel Air Tv show theme lyrics.


Sadly that is true, I used to live there as a younger man and it was vey relaxed. I remember long care free days on the playground, hanging with friends and playing basketball. It all changed though

Thailand - May school break 2018 - 2 adults 2 children from London - £268pp via KAYAK -£268(pp)
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Posted 15th Jan 2018Posted 15th Jan 2018
Thailand - May school break 2018 - 2 adults 2 children from London - £268pp via KAYAK -£268(pp)£268
May 25 to June 1. 2 adults 2 children with Air China to Bangkok. Just for adults it's a bit extra. Possible layover in Beijing for 10 hours. Many other dates available in May.

Thanks OP, booked 25th May to 4th June still same price. Have some heat....


Right. Not for everyone I'm sure but I go twice a year to train muay thai


Wouldn't that be roughly 15% more expensive to travel anywhere not just Thailand.


Yes. You're 25% more likely to get murdered on your holidays in Orlando than in Thailand!