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Kef LSX Wireless Speakers £999 with free stand or wall brackets at KEF Audio
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Posted 23rd Nov 2020Posted 23rd Nov 2020
Kef LSX Wireless Speakers £999 with free stand or wall brackets at KEF Audio£999£1,29923% off
Kef Black Friday deal - order an accessory for free with the LSX speakers - available in Black, White and Olive colours. Not expecting heat but may be helpful to some.

Looks like the code has now expired - was working 24hrs ago


That code doesn't seem to work on the KEF EU website. And are sure you can't order off that website if you check out with PayPal instead? (ninja)


80% of the time mine ( nice green ) are running via optical from the desktops Creative AE5 playing cd rips ( flac ) and Amazon HiFi. The other 19% will be playing cd's on my ( now lol ) retro Technics cd player. 1% would be bluetooth from iPad. Guns in Halo really do sound superb through them !


Kef Germany has just taken another 200 Euros of the LSX (equates to £890 ) £710 - US has done similar - Shame UK hasn't matched I picked up ex-showroom stock for £750 recently and they're very nice speakers - do your research though on what wireless means to you


Not a bad deal

Free Muo Bluetooth speaker with purchase of KEF LSX speakers £999 at KEF Audio
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Posted 8th Apr 2020Posted 8th Apr 2020
Free Muo Bluetooth speaker with purchase of KEF LSX speakers £999 at KEF Audio£999£1,12811% off
The award winning KEF LSX system-in-a-speaker now come with a free Bluetooth speaker. I love my LSXs, purchased around Black Friday and in use every day.

It doesn't matter as the audio will be converted using one of the Bluetooth codecs like ldac and compressed anyway so you'll always hear a compressed stream but I've would assume that later Bluetooth version might have made some improvements in the codecs.


Mainly listen to mine via Toslink through a Soundblaster AE-5 I never use the KEF streaming app. Handy to use via wireless or Bluetooth when needed.


I think you may be getting these mixed up with the LS50 which are the LSX’s big brothers. The LSX are perfect for small space near field listening.


To the sound quality these does have astonishing sound, specially when played lossless/FLAC tracks (HD Audio). These are pure wireless high end stereo pair, no way these can be compared with likes of boom box, even Bose etc.. Got the pair and it creates great sound stage.. But as a deal i would like to be given discount of £100 instead of throwing free Muo Sound sound speaker..


Cute looking

Kef LSX speakers (Maroon) £859 and accessories at KEF Audio
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Posted 13th Feb 2020Posted 13th Feb 2020
Kef LSX speakers (Maroon) £859 and accessories at KEF Audio£859£99914% off
A rare discount on Kef LSX speakers direct from Kef. The Maroon ones look beautiful!. For those of you with these already, you can get a discount on the floor stands and desk "pad… Read more

Well I can only speak from personal experience that the stands have 100% stopped any vibrations. Looked at foam blocks but why would I spend a grand on speakers only to make them look crap with foam ? Would also have needed plenty of foam to raise the speakers the 20cm I needed to bring them to ear height !


Or just get some foam blocks for a few quid that do the same thing. Fancy isolation stands alone do nothing for vibrations, it's the act of lifting the speakers off the desk/surface that reduces early reflections, and also reducing comb filtering if you have things inbetween the speakers.


Yes, and the accessories. Discount is applied at checkout.


Had mine for 6 months now in green and they are superb. Dont waste your money on the desk pads they have zero insulation and will still transmit to the desk. I purchased a pair of IsoAcoustics ISO L8R which are cheaper and do the job.


How do you get the discount? The basket at checkout says £999 Oh I see it's only the maroon

Kef Black Friday deals: Muo bluetooth speaker £129 / Egg Bluetooth speakers £199 / Motion One earphones £129 + more
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Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019
Kef Black Friday deals: Muo bluetooth speaker £129 / Egg Bluetooth speakers £199 / Motion One earphones £129 + more
Kef have announced their Black Friday deals as follows: Muo bluetooth speaker £129 (save £50) (including the Muo Metal edition) Space Wireless One noise cancelling headphones £… Read more

10% off at Sevenoaks now


Seems like that’s the best offer available thank you


I just saw Peter Tyson offer 10% off Kef gear via their email just now. So new LSX wireless are the same as the open box price stated here.


An open box pair here:


Damn it

KEF Space One Wireless Headphones £179 @ KEF Store
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Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019
KEF Space One Wireless Headphones £179 @ KEF Store£179£19910% off
Well reviewed and one of KEF's 'Black Friday' deals. May help some audiophiles. Space One Wireless delivers rich and authentic sound from an elegantly discreet pair of headphone… Read more

these sound great and that's a good price but: - they've been around for a while -the headband is this weird faux leather stuff that falls apart after a few months and looks terrible forever thereafter

KEF M200 In-Ear Headphones - 50% off £75 @ kefstore
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Posted 27th Jan 2016Posted 27th Jan 2016
KEF M200 In-Ear Headphones - 50% off £75 @ kefstore£75
Use code WkyMUCLd on the KEF online store for 50% off their M200 in-ears.

The code you have entered was not recognised. Also £10 delivery