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Vox MV50 High Gain Compact Guitar Head - £85.49 Delivered Next Day @ Kenny's Music
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
I posted this a couple of months back as it's a really good price for what it is. It's still over £100 in places, so I figured that I'd shout up about it again for those that misse… Read more

You can build your own but there are some to buy. Take a look at TechMoan's channel on YouTube.


OK, weird question, if I have no guitar, but want a VU meter on my desk, can I just stick a cable in from say my Mac, no output, and have it do the VU dance all day long? Anyone wanted similar and found a better way to do this, with minimal homemade electronics skills?


As an alternative you could consider the Orange micro terror which you can now and then find for the £99 mark.


I’d love a good old mess/play around with one of these


nice very tempted (bin needing something with a headphone jack.....stupid roomates) :D

Cort GB75 JJ 5 String Bass Guitar, Aqua Blue + Free Ampeg BA108 20W Amplifier - £399 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
183° Expired
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Here we go, folks! Something for the 5 string bassist among us,.or of course those looking to step up from the standard 4 string bass. This is a fantastic price for both items and … Read more

No mention of nut material makes me think it's plastic which sucks but the specs look good otherwise for the price. Not a bad package I have to say.


My son seems to make plenty of noise with only 4 strings! But I will show him the deal. Thanks

Vox MV50 High Gain Compact Guitar Head - £85.49 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
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Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Vox MV50 High Gain Compact Guitar Head - £85.49 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£85.49£109.9922% off
Brilliant price on the High Gain compact at Kenny's Music. It dropped in price recently but stock was pending (pre order) Checked back today and Hey Presto! They really are small… Read more

a harley benton 1x12 would go well with one of these


Cheers op ordered one. Would like the ac30 as well but I think I’ll enjoy this!


Your girlfriend is learning and you want to get her a amp and speaker? I'm going to assume she can play to a decent level already, otherwise your just buying a headache. My advice if anyone is a complete novice, get a VOX amPlug 2 and a set of earphones.


No, you want a clean amp for acoustic guitar, solid state usually, hi-gain tube amps will just feedback and sound awful. These for example.…tml Although unless she's playing gigs, there's no need for an amp with an acoustic guitar unless you fancy annoying the neighbours.


Your girlfriend doesn't need an amp if she's playing an electroacoustic guitar.

Line 6 Stagesource L3T 1,400W / 3-Way Powered PA Speaker / Integrated Mixer - £549 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
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Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
Line 6 Stagesource L3T 1,400W / 3-Way Powered PA Speaker / Integrated Mixer - £549 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£549£88838% off Free P&P Free
Well we all know live performances aren't really a thing right now, but a price drop on this to £549 may spark some interest from some of you. Granted it's niche as it was last tim… Read more
Yamaha Electric Guitar [ERG121UBL] - £149 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
651° Expired
Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
Yamaha Electric Guitar [ERG121UBL] - £149 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£149 Free P&P Free
Another entry level instrument at the £149 mark, this time from Yamaha. It has two humbuckers and a single coil pickup in the middle. Follows a similar shape to the Pacifica models… Read more

You would be much better off buying a Harley Benton for half the price than one of these.


Looks like I’m in the minority here but I think this is model is slightly better than the 112 Pacifica. Both are very similar and decent for the price though and can’t go wrong with it for beginners.


Still have my Pacifica 112 going strong 15 years later.


Pacifica's are much better than this guitar. Whilst cheap, it feels it. This was my first guitar some 17 years ago.


I've had an Yamaha acoustic for 30+ years and I think their instruments are very well made however personally I've never got on with their electrics, whenever I've tried Pacifica's etc I've always found the fretboards to be too flat and the frets too high for my taste (bizarrely not so for the acoustic I had). Suits many players who say it's faster for Van Halen style fretboard tapping but for me I prefer the "baseball bat" feel of Fender necks (and their various imitators). As I say, very well made but the feel may not be to everyone's playing tastes. I now stand back and watch as a guitar players' religious war breaks out.

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Cort X100 Electric Guitar in an Open Pore Black Finish - £149 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
158° Expired
Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Cort X100 Electric Guitar in an Open Pore Black Finish - £149 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£149£16811% off Free P&P Free
Another Cort electric guitar on offer for anyone wanting a budget or beginners instrument. There are a lot of options for lower end guitars, but you need to be careful when it come… Read more

Definitely not, but especially at this price point, buying online you never know what kind of quality you are going to get, the exact same model of guitar can be wildly different in quality - they just don't spend too much time on each guitar as they do for higher end stuff. Basically one person can get a guitar and it is perfect and always stays in tune, and another can get the exact same and the thing won't ever stay in tune. Even a fixed bridge doesn't mean that it will stay in tune, but the odds are much more in your favour then, because there's fewer things to worry about. The main thing though is that tremolos that are cheap are completely useless, so it's much better to get a guitar with a fixed bridge.


I agree with both, I think the tremolo is just not needed or desired in a guitar at this level. As mentioned if mine does introduce instability then I'll block it off permanently. I wouldn't use the presence of a tremolo to dismiss the guitar outright though, that seems to be a bit of cutting off your nose to spite your face.


If you're a beginner do you really need a tremolo? Are you going to be playing stuff where you'd actually make use of it? I suspect by the time it is you'd probably want something better.


It has nothing to do with using the tremolo arm. Of course doing that is even worse, but even just using the guitar normally, the tremolo is a moving part, so it's prone to tuning instability. Even just pushing the strings down to make contact with the frets moves the tremolo ever so slightly, and bending the strings for bend or vibrato does that even more. Do a few full bends on the G string and see if it stays in tune. If it does then you are in luck.


While I agree with the 'in tune' part, it shouldn't stop you buying the guitar. You just don't use the tremolo. I got a Harley Benton with similar hardware, I just didn't attach the bar. If necessary I'll also block the mechanism, but so far the spring tension is keeping everything in tune.

Cort G Series G260DX Electric Guitar in Tobacco Burst - £199 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
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Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Cort G Series G260DX Electric Guitar in Tobacco Burst - £199 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£199
A good price for what this is, for anyone looking right now. For a tickle under £200 it should serve you very well indeed. There are very few Cort models that I've heard about, tha… Read more

Yeah especially now there's COVID where they're selling less and they can't afford to make guitars for lefties as they sell far fewer of those.


I feel you dawg. Left handers always get the bum deal


It seems to have an extraordinary historical story


To be fair I've heard people get rough finishes on the odd fret on guitars that cost 500 quid . Always a bit of a punt buying a cheapy blind


Why is this deal not getting as much love as the rubbish £100 argos deal for the chinese squier? I tried that guitar as a started last year and the fret ends shred my hand a few times. Even the woman who accepted my return nicked her finger on the metal ends when I asked to return it - she approved the return immediately.

Cort Action Junior 30" Scale Bass Guitar - Open Pore Black or Black Cherry - £134 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
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Posted 31st Dec 2020Posted 31st Dec 2020
Cort Action Junior 30" Scale Bass Guitar - Open Pore Black or Black Cherry - £134 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£134£16921% off Free P&P Free
A good price drop here, which I actually didn't expect given that the £149 price it's been for a while is already good. It's a short scale model at 30" between the nut and bridge… Read more

I like the shorter scale basses, given that I'm a guitarist so the regular bass scale of 34" is rather long. It also makes bending the strings easier. While not the most common technique on bass, it's still nice to have the option.


Perfect for Mike Kerr.

Yamaha Pacifica 611VFM Electric Guitars With Seymour Duncan Custom 5 & Seymour Duncan SP90-1 Pickups - £399 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
736° Expired
Posted 23rd Dec 2020Posted 23rd Dec 2020
Yamaha Pacifica 611VFM Electric Guitars With Seymour Duncan Custom 5 & Seymour Duncan SP90-1 Pickups - £399 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£399£52925% off
As if this is back again! I honestly thought they'd sell out and then that would be it. NOPE... under £400 for this model is brill. It has a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 pickup at the… Read more

Yeah one off extremely rare occurrences, probably by people who have no idea what the value is


i had a mint condition not a single flaw rg1570 prestige with case and all gubbins, £350...yea really would i resell absolutly not, pristine condition, just keep looking.


I think that song that Max and Matteo play is brilliant. There's players that just play rapid sweep patterns and scales, those two players have wonderful technique and phrasing and just sounds brilliant to me, a lot of thought and practice has been put in to it. It has a meaning rather than just look at how fast I can play. It's art not sport, sport means competition, if you take art as competition then ultimately you'll lose. I think they're works of art, musical brilliance, you can't impose your preferences on others, so I don't try, they're examples of guitar playing that has meaning to me, there's far simpler guitar playing that has meaning to me too. It's subjective, there's definitely players who just throw in as many notes as possible and it's a freboard w^&kfest of no merit. I heartily disagree that those two players are playing musical sport. One example are the two solos from Autotheist movement II: Emancipate solo by The Faceless, which this guy demonstrates, they're compositions, meaning someone took the time to realise and invent them. The second solo (1:19 onwards) in this song is one of the best constructed guitar solos ever in my opinion >


Obviously that stuff takes huge amounts of time and talent, but musically I'm not sure what it is. It's closer to sport or something IMO. It seems to me that the more normal response to that type of music is 'wow, that guy is good' rather than 'wow, that music is incredible'. Still, I guess there are plenty of bad players who are involved in bad music too, so...I dunno!


OOS :(

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