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Mercedes-Benz E Class E200 Estate 2.0 184 SE 5Dr G-Tronic+ 10k P/A £303.95pm £1271.84 upfront - £15,557.49 Total @ KG Vehcle Solutions
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Posted 25th May 2019Posted 25th May 2019
Mercedes-Benz E Class E200 Estate 2.0 184 SE 5Dr G-Tronic+ 10k P/A £303.95pm £1271.84 upfront - £15,557.49 Total @ KG Vehcle Solutions£15,557.49
Thought this was a good deal considering list price. Those not interested in a lease - please do not bother commenting. Feedback welcome from those with leasing experience! Car i… Read more

Base model engine will be slow its a big car. I picked up an 18 plate e220 d amg line estate 10 months old with 13k on the clock for 24k plus i got a decent trade in. Eight and a half grand more than the lease on on this but i actually own the car not renting it. Plus its a better car than this. Still better buying nearly new they loose half their value year one in the real world as do 5 series estate etc. Really this isnt a good deal at all when you look at the numbers. People dont seem to understand the real world depreciation year one. But great for me. Lots of nice nearly new decent cars loosing half their value because the market is saturated with people leasing / financing.



Useless comment (should be removed)


3 year unlimited mileage with all Mercedes benz


LOL, bought mine for much less than £2700 with FSH and less than 90k miles. Excellent cars for someone who knows their way around cars and petrol beemers specifically. Cant comment on the quality of the lease tho, sorry, still suing my finance company for the last flop.

SEAT Leon 2.0 TSI 290 Cupra Lux 5Dr DSG 24mo 10kp/a £1821.60 + £202.40pm + £360 admin (£6836.80 total) IN STOCK @ KG vehicle solutions
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Posted 5th Apr 2019Posted 5th Apr 2019
SEAT Leon 2.0 TSI 290 Cupra Lux 5Dr DSG 24mo 10kp/a £1821.60 + £202.40pm + £360 admin (£6836.80 total) IN STOCK @ KG vehicle solutions£6,836.80
A thread where its valid to moan about keyless entry ;) Seriously though unless I am missing something this is a crazy good deal, especially as says in stock. Think I will bite.… Read more

Well, there's at least 50 seats between them, and if the Land and Range Rovers have third row seating, then they're pushing up to 56 seats. (skeptical)


Your quote: "So it's easy and quicker to steal 10 cheap cars and sell than 1 top of the range car that takes time to get keys for it", my argument was cheap cars don't really get stolen for selling on. Your response was showing an article about stolen vehicles, yes it included Nissan, Ford & Honda, and then you've changed your description from cheap to AVG price cars. I mentioned a high spec VW as an example to highlight the fact that you are comparing vehicles from their brand name but not their model. If someone offers you a Nissan GTR or an Audi A1 are you going to take the Audi because its got some nice circles on the grill ? Lol


also you are missing My point, the op said no one steals cupra's, that they only steal high end BMW, mercs and Audi's. I said and proved that they do steal these types of cars along with Honda's, fords, Nissan's and Volkswagens AVG end cars which stated ST's and qashqai which are still cheaper than high end mercs BMW and Audi's. Then you just kept changing the story on everthing you posted. This was all about the cupra as a AVG priced car along with Nissan's, fords and so on AVG priced cars. No one even mentioned high end Volkswagens, just you.


VW Touareg top spec is way more expensive than a chunk of the BMW / Merc range. Mustang the same. You are comparing car value off the brand as opposed to individual models so it isn't a fair comparison, making your point invalid. You are being the troll by your inability to understand my point haha div


There you go again just picking up the one and not saying anything about the other 3 lol that was mentioned. Do you get of trolling, but yes Volkswagen are still cheaper that mercs, BMW as well. Sad. By.

Skoda Karoq SUV 1.6 TDi 115 SE 5Dr Manual [Start Stop] - 2 year Lease 9 + 23 £165.33 @ 10k miles £5290.56 @ KG Vehicle Solutions
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Refreshed 8th Feb 2019Refreshed 8th Feb 2019
Skoda Karoq SUV 1.6 TDi 115 SE 5Dr Manual [Start Stop] - 2 year Lease 9 + 23 £165.33 @ 10k miles £5290.56 @ KG Vehicle Solutions£5,290.56£5,499.564% off
Can also be had on a lower deposit 6 + 23 of 182.43 per month As per below, maybe extra £20 A month as only metallic paint left… Read more

Just seen this on what car which seems ok. Have contacted to see what can be done. Skoda SE 1.6 Manual, works out to be £5175.34 over 24 months, if no broker fee and on 8,000 per annum. Closest Seat Ateca so far albeit SE Technology (same engine though) works out to be £6,525 Thanks


Any more like these around can't seem to find any :(


Makes perfect sense cuz I had one lease with them and literally just signed up for a new one. Same thing. Nvm.


That literally makes zero sense


Nope, this is on any lease with VW finance.

New A class AMG A200 Premium Plus Mercedes Benz - car lease 3 years £12261.60 @ KG
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Posted 25th Sep 2018Posted 25th Sep 2018
New A class AMG A200 Premium Plus Mercedes Benz - car lease 3 years £12261.60 @ KG£12,261.60
I know some people hate lease cars, however, significantly cheaper than anywhere else I've seen for the premium plus model and also has decent millage. 3 year lease 10,000 miles… Read more

Any luck on this? I want a A180 Premium AMG Line or the A200. :O


def not if something is 200 a month and i can find one at 180 a month then i tell hotukdealers

Brad71081 I prefer this deal. All subjective...


I vote on what I think is a good price/deal. I do not think this is good! I bet the waiting time is long too...


The irony that they said it was too cheaper yet you say it’s not a deal. Okay big boy

Volkswagen Arteon Fastback 2.0 TSI 190 R Line 5Dr DSG [Start Stop] Lease £297.59 with £892 initial! at 	KG Vehicle Solutions
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Posted 26th Jul 2018Posted 26th Jul 2018
Volkswagen Arteon Fastback 2.0 TSI 190 R Line 5Dr DSG [Start Stop] Lease £297.59 with £892 initial! at KG Vehicle Solutions£297.59
Hi All, Just come across this deal, if anyone is out on the market for a brand new Arteon, just note deliver will be Jan 2019. All info available here:… Read more

You mean the copy and paste job from ambulance chasers Leigh Day? Do me a favour... Perhaps if you thought about the issue before you pasted this nonsense you would have come to the conclusion that there is no reason whatsoever for VAG to offer compensation to owners of its cars in Europe over the NOx emissions scandal unless the VAG remedial fix doesn't/didn't work. If it doesn't work, then sure, VAG is one hundred per cent liable to fix cars in reasonable condition entirely free of charge to the owner. However, if the car has a high mileage, then the fix is unlikely to work without a new EGR and/or new injectors because these will be worn, so owners should think twice about having it done and preferably not have the fix at all. If the car has a reasonable mileage, then VAG should pick up the tab of fixing them properly (as they have been doing replacing EGRs at the same time). The situation in the USA is significantly different. US NOx limits are lower than in Europe and it was actually impossible to 'fix' the cars there without re-engineering them. That is why owners were offered compensation. In Europe, VAG had proven that the cars can be fixed (though older, higher mileage cars with worn EGRs and worn injectors require more work). You have completely ignored the fact that were VAG to buy back all ten million of the affected cars in Europe, the company would actually go bankrupt. So where would your compensation come from? Bet the solictior didn't think of that...


Take up your arguments with the solicitor who wrote that, I'm sure you know better... You could start an argument in an empty house, good luck to you


Again - no mis-selling occurred. Statutory duty? In what way exactly? Where is the statutory duty if your car is over six years old? Assuming you took out finance and you bought your car via an approved dealer. Not everyone did. A discount for what? So far, there is no reason to claim anything because owners have suffered no damage. The car continues to run normally, just as it did before news of the defeat device broke. One will suffer no additional tax or restriction on the use of their vehicle. The remedial work has been done to fully comply with EC emissions regulations. Remedies? Like the ones VAG have already given to all UK owners? My view is that if VAG looks after its customers reasonably, then it has no further case to answer. Please re-read what I wrote previously. .


Common law tort of deceit/fraud against the VW Group manufacturersBreach of statutory duty against the VW Group manufacturersBreach of contract against approved dealers and Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) LtdClaim for a discount under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 1998 (“CPUT Regulations”) against approved dealers and Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) LtdClaims for remedies in relation to the unfair relationship between claimants and Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Ltd under s.140A of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.


How exactly are you going to remortgage your house when you’ve lost your job? You clearly don’t understand how the remortgage process works but in that circumstance you’ll be filling out the affordability forms with £0 income and the mortgage company will offer you around 4-5 times that which if you can’t work it out on your own is £0.