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Office 365 Home Premium 5 Users 1 Year £13.60 @ Kingsfield computers
34° Expired
Posted 2nd Jan 2016Posted 2nd Jan 2016
Office 365 Home Premium 5 Users 1 Year £13.60 @ Kingsfield computers£13.60
Even cheaper than previous post

Ahhh you lucky then. My bank let this transaction (over 1800quid) go through, and only stopped next ones (1800 and 5000).


​Mine was a test transaction for a concrete company in the USA...


What a weird coincidence, because ive also been using my business debit card only with Amazon and Uber before. I always keep it in my wallet with me. And suddenly someone unauthorised used it in John Lewis online.


​Yes I had 1 this weekend. Only website I've bought stuff on apart from Amazon etc on that card!


Guys, did anybody fall victim of unauthorised usage card fraud after paying with card for this deal? Im not suggesting anything of course, just asking?

Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard £6.22 delivered @ Kingsfield Computer Products
Posted 2nd Jan 2016Posted 2nd Jan 2016
Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard £6.22 delivered @ Kingsfield Computer Products£6.22
Add the following if you want: Microsoft Natural 4000 Keyboard 28p Microsoft Mouse - Wireless 28p Microsoft Comfort Curve 3000 Keyboard 54p

Hi ALL We are out of the tunnel and in the light ALL refunds have just been completed. Please check your account for credit. it may take Pay Pal a couple of days but all is done from our side. Apologies for all the problems. To Summarise this please see below. Office Opened on 4th Jan which is when we discovered the issue the first thing we did was call the supplier in question to verify the pricing which they rejected but admitted it was their error. We then started processing the orders to inform all the purchaser that the orders are being rejected due to a technical error. This took until Thurs 7th. We then contacted Pay Pal to request what would be the quickest way to get the refunds done. They asked us to download the list and mark off the refunds which they will auto process. Monday 11th the sheet was sent to Pay Pal and we were chasing them everyday for update. Pay Pal final informed us that they can not do this for us as the auto system has broken down. Thurs 14th we started the in-house process and have just completed all refunds @18:45 16th Jan 2016. Once again i would like to assure you all the this was a serious issue for us and the monies were with Pay Pal all the time it was the process which took a long time purely due to the volume we had. Again I would like to apologies for this and offer a free Next day delivery should you wish to try us out. Please remember that we are B2B only and therefore our terms differ to consumer site so I urge you to check first. Please choose next day option and use this code MSJan15 Thanks you all for your support which is very much appreciated by all of us @ KIngsfield Regards Nitesh


Just received an automated sob-story email from them. I'm not quite sure why it's taken them this long to knock one out - 5-10 mins in front of a keyboard to let people know what was going on. I particularly liked the "personally thank everyone who has posted so much positive support and sympathy for us" comment. Where they got this from I've no idea! At the end of the day it was a price glitch and a screw up. We all knew it was unlikely to come off, but they way they dealt with it was very poor. I sent a reply saying how unhappy I was with their service and that the email was way too little, way too late and got a generic reply saying "Thanks for your understanding much appreciated", when that was in no way the message I conveyed. Hopeless!


+1 for a Paypal claim. How would we go about getting this lot banned from HUKD? Though I doubt there's likely to be any more "deals" coming our way any time soon!


still awaiting a refund, PayPal case awaiting escalation tomorrow evening. Get the impression this deal was posted just to generate cashflow, hence no refunds.


i got email on 5th to state they cancelled my office 2016 order and refund will follow. its the 7th and no refund, I have raised a claim via paypal as I paid through them. This merchant should be banned from HUKD?

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 (medialess PC/Mac-English) £10.33 + delivery @ Kingsfield Computer
1480° Expired
Posted 2nd Jan 2016Posted 2nd Jan 2016
Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 (medialess PC/Mac-English) £10.33 + delivery @ Kingsfield Computer£16.27
Contains Word, Excell, Powerpoint and OneNote but not Outlook! I used PayPal for payment. If you're looking for Outlook then Home & Business version is £42.02. This is not the … Read more

Still not refunded, despite what they say. Have chased again.


Love the delay payment until delivery feature.


Today, Refunded (notified by Paypal) as promised in last weeks email from Kingsfield.


This suggests a level of incompetence in knowing how to handle such a situation. Why not start processing the refunds on the 4th which would have been completed by the 6th based on what you said. With each Paypal refund you copy and paste in the box provided the reason for the refund so people would know within 2 days at worst the reason and also receive the refund. Then you cancel the orders on your system which to be frank if that is required by you is an irrelevance to the consumer. It just seems as if you got the whole thing the wrong way round. On top of that you waited 6 days judging from previous communications before abandoning PayPal as a solution for you. Not sure I really believe that story anyway. So you waited 6 days for something that you now say took you 2 days to complete. Where is the sense in that? The pricing error is completely understandable but your incompetence in handling it marks you out as a company not just to avoid but to warn others about with a negative TrustPilot review. Note: I'm not going to leave a review on TrustPilot and I do hope you have learnt a valuable lesson on how not to handle such situations. Good luck for the future.


Refund just received

Samsung S27C570H 68.6 cm (27") LED LCD Monitor - 5 ms - 1920 x 1080 - 1,000:1 - HDMI - VGA - High Glossy Black £110.54 @ kingsfield computers
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Posted 4th Jan 2014Posted 4th Jan 2014
Samsung S27C570H 68.6 cm (27") LED LCD Monitor - 5 ms - 1920 x 1080 - 1,000:1 - HDMI - VGA - High Glossy Black £110.54 @ kingsfield computers£110.54
The ultra-slim design, crystal neck and vivid picture quality of the Samsung LED Monitor Series 5 make it one of the most functional monitors around. You can work and see all your … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I have just opened one of the monitors and it's screen is broken :(


Mine got delivered in the end yesterday. It's nice! The packaging was in good condition but the box had been opened before as there were two layers of sealing tape, the lower one of which had been cut through before. However, all seemed to be in order internally and all the other sealed items seemed to be intact. I ran it through Passmark's Monitor Test and no issues with the picture, no dead pixels. A very slight glow appeared at the extremes of the screen on showing blacks (but no light bleed at the screen edges) and the LCD Pixel Persistence test showed some ghosting at 600 pixels per second (I don't know if this is good or bad, haven't checked things out) which was worse at 800 pixels per second (the maximum test). It's nice and bright (had to turn it down) and colours are vivid. The MagicTune software (which apparently allows screen configuration through a software app) doesn't work with Win 8.1 x64 and has some Graphics card dependency. A claimed compatible version downloadable from Samsung also hasn't worked for me. Obviously there are no built in speakers which is a change from my old monitor. Although they weren't loud, it was nice not having to clutter my desk with external speakers. I'm thinking a mini (bluetooth?) speaker should do the trick. Overall I'm very pleased. Hope that helps...


There were 53 in stock 2 days ago, but these were stock that I was told were unavailable to people who purchased at the lower price. However the stock has suddenly dropped to 25 so it seems that they have decided to release them after all.


Yep - a delivery was attempted today so it looks like a batch are being sent out.


Great news! Mine is out for delivery today.. I ordered on 5th January. Check your account people incase yours is

HP Proliant Microserver N40L £196.69 delivered. (effectively £91.69 with coupon and cashback) from Kingsfield Computer Products Ltd.
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Posted 22nd Feb 2013Posted 22nd Feb 2013LocalLocal
HP Proliant Microserver N40L £196.69 delivered. (effectively £91.69 with coupon and cashback) from Kingsfield Computer Products Ltd.£196.69
This is my first deal posted to HDUK... To get the HP Proliant N40L for £91.69: Complete checkout process selecting 3-5 day delivery Enter the following coupon code for £5 off orde… Read more

Thanks for your detailed reply again! I have actually managed to sort this out. I am getting now >100MB/s sustained for large file transfers over Samba, even when using Windows on both ends. The trick was simply to increase the send/receive buffers in the network card device manager from 200 to (e.g.) 500. I have not yet googled it. I guess the buffers are managed and filled by the network card directly - each time they overflow it needs to do an interrupt and get the OS involved. The interrupts were saturating my CPU and that was it. CPU load is still somewhat high, but I can live with that. It works really nice as a file server so far.


I didn't look at the CPU load - but I'll re-run the test and check it now. Also note that I deliberately use NFS because Samba performance stinks - so maybe that is having a bearing also? Starting position: I shutdown the 2 minecraft servers I run on the microserver and got the base load down to 0.03 (normally is around 0.4). The source system, the microserver is called nas02. The target, not a microserver, but a similarly sized/specced home built 4bay system, has a load of 0.04, It is called nas01. They are connected by nas02 exporting the filesystems via NFS. nas01 mounts the filesystem from nas02. root@nas01:/tmp2# ls -lh /mnt/nas02/home/pgregg/File_500MB -rw-rw-r-- 1 pgregg pgregg 477M 2013-03-03 00:29 /mnt/nas02/home/pgregg/File_500MB root@nas01:/tmp2# ls -l /mnt/nas02/home/pgregg/File_500MB -rw-rw-r-- 1 pgregg pgregg 500000000 2013-03-03 00:29 /mnt/nas02/home/pgregg/File_500MB Beginning the data transfer with cp (coping from NFS exported directory): # time cp -v /mnt/nas02/home/pgregg/File_500MB . real 0m4.804s Times are similar, but 4 seconds of transfer isn't enough to effect load average, so hello while loop: I let this run for a couple of minutes and watched the load: cp took 25-50% of the CPU on nas01 which was a surprise, but on the source microserver, nas02, load average remained between 0.03 and 0.1


Hey - thanks for the detailed feedback! It's good to know that it is possible to get 1GBit/s on the N40L. I'll have to tweak it when I find some time. As you mentioned there are a couple of possible bottlenecks, e.g. my Gigabit switch (which might be bad?), the other end of the connection etc. At least reading from HDD should not be a bottleneck as HDDs should have a throughput of >100MB/s (without seeks). Writing might be different I was using a SSD on one side anyways. What makes me believe I hit the limit with 500MBit/s is that my N40L simply saturates one CPU core completely at that point. It looks like the interrupts are too heavy, possibly because of a bad driver or some setting I haven't found yet (interrupt coalescing?). I found the same behaviour when I briefly installed Linux, though. That said, I simply copied files via samba and there is a protocol overhead. I might have to spend 20mins and make a Java prog that sends/receives data via the network. What was your CPU load when you were saturating the network?


Not sure where your bottleneck is, but my (older) N36L can peg the Gbit lan. Perhaps a source or a destination HD is your block? A single HDs can generally only read at 50MB/sec, write slower. Here is my N36L creating a 500MB file, and my other server copying it over NFS to a 600MB ramdisk (to remove the HD write bottleneck): root@nas02# dd if=/dev/urandom of=File_500MB bs=1000000 count=500 500+0 records in 500+0 records out 500000000 bytes (500 MB) copied, 78.0603 s, 6.4 MB/s The above file was written to a 4 drive (Samsung F4EG 5200rpm) RAID5 store. And on my target system: root@nas01:/tmp2# df -h | grep tmp2 tmpfs 600M 0 600M 0% /tmp2 root@nas01:/tmp2# ls -lh /mnt/nas02/home/pgregg/File_500MB -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 477M 2013-02-24 23:29 /mnt/nas02/home/pgregg/File_500MB root@nas01:/tmp2# time cp -v /mnt/nas02/home/pgregg/File_500MB . `/mnt/nas02/home/pgregg/File_500MB' -> `./File_500MB' real 0m4.302s user 0m0.008s sys 0m2.284s So, 500MB/4.3 = 116.279MB/sec *8 (bytes->bits) = 930.23Mbit/sec Can't complain about that. Note - I have chosen to use 500MB in the 10^3 Si notation (and not 2^10 RAM MiB notation) because both HDs and Network operate using Si units.


I've now had mine for a few weeks and I love its noise characteristics. I can only hear a faint and low "swoosh". It is also the first time I experienced that a 7200rpm HDD added significantly to the noise - switching back and forth from SSD to the packaged 7200rpm made a huge difference. The microserver is also entirely sufficient for webbrowsing (after a ram upgrade) and basic office work. Only complaint I have so far is that the network card seems to saturate the system with 400Mb/s (=50MB/s). I was hoping for 100MB/s...

Seagate Barracuda ST2000DL003 2 TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - £83.12 Delivered at Kingsfield Computers
Posted 9th Nov 2011Posted 9th Nov 2011
Seagate Barracuda ST2000DL003 2 TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - £83.12 Delivered at Kingsfield Computers£83.12
A good deal considering the current HDD situation? Has anyone used this retailer before though? - I think they are based in Northampton. Price includes Next day delivery @ £10.00

Damn, thought this was too good to be true - I wonder how long this crazy supply/demand inflation will go on for?


Their website your link takes us to now says: Price: £185.00 (£222.00 inc VAT) so... auch


well just call them and the real price is £199


Seagate drives are famous for... bad sectors....Check your drive after some weeks of use. You will see..


ring the number... then you will get the clear picture!