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Kontact Mobile PAYG Flex £5 Top Up = FREE 111mins or texts + 350MB data @ Kontakt mobile
Posted 13th Feb 2016Posted 13th Feb 2016
Kontact Mobile PAYG Flex £5 Top Up = FREE 111mins or texts + 350MB data @ Kontakt mobile£5
One of the best PAYG deals available that I can find which would be great for low users. Top up with £5 on their Flex tariff (and get free £10 which gives you) 111 mins or texts a… Read more

@usenetz , you are the legend for coming up with this idea , never crossed my mind ... thank you . Interesting read about who your MP should contact http://www.rsnonline.org.uk/services/boost-for-mobile-phone-coverage Or try and make personal contact , you never know .. and good luck .


Thanks for posting that, Josh, as it is irritating some 'non-believers' and those who insist they know better post here to acuse others of telling untruths or 'trolling' when all we are trying to do is offer those in the position we found ourselves a way forward. Happy we got it sorted and hope others find the information in this thread helpful.


Ok , for the non believers out there , if your MP is useless ( hope you didn't vote for them ) try and contact a Ms Julie Pearson , Government Affairs Manager at Vodafone . I don't have any contact details , sorry .


Well , i don't really care if you believe me or not but i would still like to help you or anybody else in the same situation . Maybe try and send a link of this tread to your MP , to be more exact i have been in contact with someone that works for my MP so i don't know how much the MP was involved but i imagine it was the institution of the MP that intervened .


Don't believe you josht5.. I have contacted my MP too with high hopes, but have been told they have better things to do...

Kontakt mobile £5 top up for 500MEG and either: 200 min/sms
42° Expired
Posted 29th Apr 2015Posted 29th Apr 2015
Kontakt mobile £5 top up for 500MEG and either: 200 min/sms£5
For £5 you will get 500 meg of internet and either 200 min. or 200 SMS in the bundle that last three months. The bundle is used first then the 5 credit which has no expiration thou… Read more

From T&Cs: Not sure how either £5 bundle lasts for three months. At 9p, the "£5 Top up free" bundle that offers £5 additional credit and 250 MB data lasts for two months and would be 111 minutes or texts. The "Flex £5 Free" bundle that offers £15 additional credit and 500 MB data lasts for just one month and would be 222 minutes or texts. At this time The People's Operator's £5 for 500 minutes + 500 texts + 500 MB data seems more attractive, as does the Post Office's £5 bundle for 250 minutes + 3000 texts + 500 MB data -- for those of us avoiding 3 and its lack of adequate coverage. (Of course I'm writing this over 2 months after the deal was posted.)


thanks for posting op. looks a fairly good deal for some. The peoples operator are offering more minutes and texts for the same price


I can smell ovivo brand here


The standard rates of 9p for calling, texting and internet look off-putting but when you take into account all the extras you get when topping-up it may make sense. I' m gonna stick with my 123 Three tariff because I'm an ultra-low user so the savings wouldn't be worth the hassle for me.


Recommend these guys. I put a Kontact sim card in my dad's phone as he rarely uses it and it was locked to Vodafone. No problems at all with them. I even considered changing the whole family over to them, as their rewards points are quite impressive - I worked out that with what we spend on mobiles we could get enough in Ryanair vouchers for a couple of free holidays a year! I stuck with the 3 unlimited data package instead in the end though for overseas use.

£30 of phone credit for £5 @ Kontakt
200° Expired
Posted 4th Jun 2014Posted 4th Jun 2014
£30 of phone credit for £5 @ Kontakt£5
Buy Kontakt's Flex £5 package and get £5 credit + £15 free credit + 1 GIG free data. What is more, if you enter promo code KMFreebies on the checkout screen to get a bonus £10 cred… Read more

Just received email from Kontakt Mobile. Announcing changes to Kontakt Mobile’s Standard Rate‏ Hi *****, For the last 3 years we have absorbed increasing wholesale rates in the mobile market, but now we need to increase our standard rate from 8p to 9p*. The change will come into effect on Saturday 19th July at 12:00 with the following results: Voice - The standard rate for calls to mobiles and landlines within the UK and to mobiles and landlines in key destinations around the world including the EU, North America, Australia, India, China and beyond will increase from 8p to 9p per minute. Check our online Rate Plan for full details. Texts - The cost for all standard texts sent from the UK will increase from 8p to 9p per text. Data - the cost for data within the UK will increase from 8p per MB to 9p per MB. The good news is: Even more FREE CALLS - Calls to other Kontakt Mobile numbers, 263 and 265 continue to be FREE, stretching your credit even further. Be rewarded - Earn reward points with every top up then swap them for more free Kontakt credit or another great reward. A truly secure mobile service - We will never share with or sell your personal data to third parties. Kontakt remains the best value £5 PAYG solution on the market! If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, Kontakt Mobile is your mobile service! The Kontakt Mobile team * The rates for all calls and texts charged above the standard rate including Premium Rate services and all Roaming Rates remain unchanged. To view our detailed Rate Plan visit kontaktmobile.co.uk/rates. The Terms & Conditions relating to our products and packages remain unchanged. Visit kontaktmobile.co.uk/termsandconditions to find out more.


I'll reply to this myself, in case anyone else wanted to know... The 1GB allowance gets topped up with each top-up and lasts for 1 month. Anything after that month will eat into your credit until you drop below £1 - at which point, your credit will automatically top-up by £5, giving you another 1GB for the following month. Topping up twice in 1 month will NOT give you another 1GB allowance.


What other things can you pay for?


It DOES work - BUT, it requires £5 + £1 (premium text charge) to do it - so you would have to top up by £1 to make use of the £5. Unfortunately, you can only top up in £5s. I sent the text and I ended up with a balance of £4 and I could only top up £5 which makes it pointless. Unless somebody figures out how to top Kontakt sim cards by £1, then it cannot be used for PSN top up. Saying that... the credit can be used to pay for other things ;).


Will Kontakt work for PSN credit? They're not officially supported

£5 PAYG Sim, £20 Credit, 1GB Data @ Kontakt Mobile
-36° Expired
Posted 22nd May 2014Posted 22nd May 2014
£5 PAYG Sim, £20 Credit, 1GB Data @ Kontakt Mobile£5
what's on Offer: For a £5 flexi top up you get £20 worth of credit and 1GB free Data which lasts for a period of 1 calendar month. If you run out of credit and top up within the … Read more

I've had the Flex 0 sim for about 6 months now , and they started to charge for all calls out of the initial £20 credit , still not bad though as i've not spent a penny so far and used the sim to call in different countries as well .


It is a topic I feel very strongly about - how can it be fair that a consumer must carry a lookup table around so that they know what numbers are included in their contract? How can it be fair that your granny/best mate/other half may all be on a network that your network can decide to exclude days into a 2 year deal? I tried to get Martin Lewis to look into this, but to no avail. Bit like restaurant having a buy one get one free deal, then only telling you when you query the change that it didn't include 1 in 10 items on the menu & that you should have checked their website before you ordered. I could even see past it if it was only IOM/CI, because that would be a manageable list, but my reading is that the networks now word it that they can exclude any MVNO without notice. As for OFCOM, they introduced 03 numbers to make it clearer; how can they allow it to be the case that 07ABC is UK, but 07BCA isn't?


Not sure if you are accusing me of scaremongering, criticising, making invalid remarks without any substance, etc., Sorry for the confusion, not at all, that comment was pertaining to the link posted by DBhoy[Helper?!?] * cough* * cough* :| concerning a previously posted Kontakt deal which did contain scaremongering, invalid remarks, criticising etc.. In relation to your last comment, that's a valid question and definitely worth looking into before committing to this sim as your main everyday mobile network provider. Like I said, I'm treading cautiously and use this sim in parallel with my main sim by Three - the latter would be a deal breaker though.


Not sure if you are accusing me of scaremongering, criticising, making invalid remarks without any substance, etc., but I made a factual comment; I saw the offer (shock horror do not have a FB account), so asked the wife to try it, she liked both the offer page & the company one and heard nothing. Someone said that they charge you money to get a PAC should you ever want to move on; I can't say I have looked for this in the T&Cs, but it would be against OFCOM regulations (only acceptable reason to decline is unable to satisfactorily confirm identity). One other angle to check (and this is something you should not have to do & is a condemnation of the other networks, not Kontakt) is will calls to the sim be included/normal rate for other network users (e.g. do EE/O2/Voda/3 count them as a UK network)?


Good to know, thanks for the comment. Hopefully more folk can benefit from this 'deal' albeit very chilly :)