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Panasonic TX65FZ802 BARGAIN £1399.95 (£2099 elsewhere!) @ Krish AV
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Posted 3rd Apr 2019Posted 3rd Apr 2019
Panasonic TX65FZ802 BARGAIN £1399.95 (£2099 elsewhere!) @ Krish AV£1,399.95£2,09933% off
Phenomenal deal for 65" variant of Panasonic's award-winning FZ802... This is 55" pricing on the 65" version! Would be pulling the trigger had I not recently purchased a 55" LG OLE… Read more

You can usually buy up to 10 per price-match single order. Sell the rest... Buy 9 get 1 free! It is stll valid if you did not purchase.


I managed to get them to price match too


They've specifically put at the top of my email that only one order can be placed with the code and that they won't allow it to be shared. Guess that realise how cheap the other place we're offering it for but let it slide until was updated


could i use your undersold number LOL maybe Jl will make another order


Don't think so mate, it was a fluke that they price matched, the other company was actually a refurb unit with 1 Yr warranty and delivery cost and they updated it then took it off website think only a couple of us got it unfortunately

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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
Found this and may be of some use to someone Blurb Be wowed by the breath-takingly realistic 4K HDR visuals of Sony's XE70. Exceptionally detailed 4K Ultra High Definition combi… Read more

A truly average tv that seemed built only to dissapoint.


Nah it's not android I've got this TV though, great TV. Will need a fire stick if you want apps other than Netflix and youtube


I'm pretty sure that this TV isn't android, but happy to be corrected if I'm wrong :)


Anybody already done a comparison of this vs Samsung NU8000?


I'm wowed by this! Very nice!

Sony Bravia KD55XE9005 LED HDR 4K Ultra HD 55" Smart Android TV Great price for award winning TV £799 @ Krish AV
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
Sony Bravia KD55XE9005 LED HDR 4K Ultra HD 55" Smart Android TV Great price for award winning TV £799 @ Krish AV£799£95016% off
Got this TV last year for £950 and it is worth every penny. Great TV with so many options having Android as its operating system. Loads of reviews on You-Tube etc.

Let us know how you get on but the UK version of this specifically stated you view slows down the OS a lot. Hopefully Oreo if and when it's released fixes some of these issues


Thanks I’ll take a look! I have all the interactive TV stuff disabled (samba is it called? Can’t recall now) but I’ll take a look at that. Appreciated!


You need to disable some Sony services. This might for UK model but Google speed up Sony android TV. Should be first Reddit hit


Hard to say. I contacted Sony support several times. Had tickets raised etc, but none of them ever resolved the issues. Scanning AVForums from time to time and it seemed like no one else really uses the Freeview built into the TV - mostly Sky, or Virgin boxes etc. Its really one of my biggest issues with the TV. If its just for using as a dumb screen for other sources, then by and large they're alright. But given I bought mine when it was close to £1500, I expected it all to work flawlessly.


Is it possible that your specific TV is faulty?

PANASONIC TX58EX750B 4K 3D Voice Assistant 58 INCH LED TV 5 year warranty £799.00 @ krishav
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Posted 9th May 2018Posted 9th May 2018
PANASONIC TX58EX750B 4K 3D Voice Assistant 58 INCH LED TV 5 year warranty £799.00 @ krishav£799
Super Bright Panel and Studio Colour HCX2 processing for stunning realism Local dimming for the best picture from all sources HDR now with HLG compatibility Active 3… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Does anyone who has this TV could clarify how the 4K side works with SKY UHD content? Will the setting on the Tv change automatically to represent it has picked up UHD content or not. I know when watching 4K / UHD content on Netflix or prime the TV settings change automatically! Thanks


Yes it is but from the reviews it seems that peak brightness is still very poor somewhere around 440 nits (think its about 340 on the ex700) compared to other tvs in this price range that do 600+


EX700 is a very different set to the EX750


I just got the 50" version of this, if ur after a 58", u should defo consider this TV. For the price its a steal. Its much brighter than the ex700 (seen them both side to side). But again, even full brightness on this TV is too much! The picture is amazing though, the motion is also good. I'm coming from a plasma (which is amazing for motion) and was very pleased that I didn't notice it being slower. For this TV, for night time viewing, any brighter and u would need a pair of sunglasses on!


The fascinations is due to the difference it makes to picture quality, i`m saying as i was dead set on a Panasonic TX-58EX700B, went in store to view it and it was sat next to a LG 55SJ810V. The difference in brightness between the two was night and day, colors on the Panasonic looked greyish and washed out when compared to the LG, the sets were both playing a loop of trailers for the latest movies.

SAMSUNG UE65MU9000 65" HDR CURVED 4K TV £999.95 @ Krishav
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Posted 22nd Mar 2018Posted 22nd Mar 2018
SAMSUNG UE65MU9000 65" HDR CURVED 4K TV £999.95 @ Krishav£999.95
See exceptional brightness, shadow detail and vibrant colour just as the creator intended with HDR 1000.

If it's for this particular TV then they are sold out


Does anyone know why the link to this site does not work?


Muchas gracias, I will keep an eye out x


Google avforums, not doing work for you, lazy people with sense of entitlement are starting to irritate. I've seen many 65 b6s there for 1k with MORE than 12 months waranty left. Keep your eyes out in the forums or buy this junk instead if you insist. Only trying to educate the Ill informed who believe this is a great tv. Its LCD and junk, and even worse it's curved.


Link to a second hand 65" oled under 1k with 12+ months warranty please x

PANASONIC VIERA TX-50EX700B 50" ULTRA HD 4K HDR LED TV Refurbished by Panasonic - £399 @ Krish
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Posted 28th Dec 2017Posted 28th Dec 2017
PANASONIC VIERA TX-50EX700B 50" ULTRA HD 4K HDR LED TV Refurbished by Panasonic - £399 @ Krish£399
Manufacturer refurb & almost £200 cheaper than brand new. Stunning picture on this one if you check it out in Currys or RS. General Information: 50" Ultra HD 4K HDR LED Televi… Read more

Shame, I would've gone for this bargain (shock)


I was hoping to get the refurb price. I actually work for Panasonic but we don’t get discount as my position is an outsourced. I really like this tv and £354 is a good price even if it’s a refurb


It isn't btw... :)


A Panasonic TV thread on HUKD and nobody has asked if it's a Vestel yet?


The refurbished TVs are mostly ok, however you could become a tester for a broken TV. Then you would need to prove it's not working or face paying postage to return. The refurbishment process is outsourced to service care they are out to make a profit over service.

PANASONIC VIERA TX-50EX700B 50" ULTRA HD 4K HDR LED TV (refurb) - £429 @ Krish
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Posted 19th Dec 2017Posted 19th Dec 2017
PANASONIC VIERA TX-50EX700B 50" ULTRA HD 4K HDR LED TV (refurb) - £429 @ Krish£429
Factory Refurb (customer returns etc) Direct from Euronics reseller 399.00 plus delivery Full manufacturers 12 month warranty Mint Condition. Next Day delivery is usually 39.9… Read more

Great TV and gets mentioned as one of the best in it's class. Xbox One X looks fantastic on this with no noticeable lag. At this price you'd be mad not to buy if you're looking to upgrade to 4K. Christ, I'm even trying to convince myself to buy it and I've already got one.


Fair enough to each there own. With full warranty I'll save the 50


So £430 with delivery and £480 on eBay with 3% tcb even though it's not guaranteed would still consider going to eBay.


If TCB were still.doing 10pc ideal however it's 480 on there


You could indeed, £480 there.

Panasonic 58dx802b £899 @ Krish
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Posted 25th Nov 2017Posted 25th Nov 2017
Panasonic 58dx802b £899 @ Krish£899
Although 2016 model it was up there with the Panasonic top models and reading the spec can still out perform budget and mid range 2017 TVs. Was going for the Samsung 55mu7000 but a… Read more

So JL won't price match this shop ?


No mate the 58”. I agree with you the stand but mines going on the wall, I know. But I’ve got my own 7.1 bar and I’m buying it for the high quality of the tv and not the interesting stand


Ah, my mistake. I thought this was the 50" version that got posted at this price a month ago.


I’ve got this, excellent tv but stand is massive. Bought a stand off amazon for any £30


I viewed it yesterday and demoed with my own 10bit material, and it was outstanding. As said it puts some of this years tvs to shame

Samsung UE55JU7000 - £995 Delivered @ Krish AV (John Lewis should Price match)
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Posted 17th Mar 2016Posted 17th Mar 2016
Samsung UE55JU7000 - £995 Delivered @ Krish AV (John Lewis should Price match)£995
Best price for this set so far. Not expecting heat but just a heads up for people looking for a high spec 4K flat screen (non curved). I've had John Lewis have price match the 48"… Read more

You mean the richer sounds comment ?


Oh I meant in regards to you responding to the 1st comment.


Any reason for that commend ? I'm about to get one this weekend


I wouldn't waste your time pal.


richer sounds have it for 999 Inc 6 years warranty