Kwik Fit MOT and Servicing - 20% off with discount voucher code

Kwik Fit MOT and Servicing - 20% off with discount voucher code


" I have always found Kwik Fit as a fair and reasonably cheap place to take my car and I speak from too much experience (damn car, lol)."

if u took it to a garage that wasnt run by monkeys then ur car might seem a bit more reliable.
kwik-fit are over priced cowboys

£178 they wanted for brakes on my astra,bog standard parts used too,
they did a free exhaust test on my car too,i knew the centre silencer was hanging off and back box was resting on with 1 bolt and just the rubber supports,they claimed it was fien and nothing wrong with it,but yet it was blowing in 2 places i could see.
funny hting is though htye never looked under the car so not sure how they checked.

i went to one in past to get a oil change as i had a voucher for half price,so thought it was good price and went ahead,afte i got 1 mile down road and laods of smoke coming from the engine,looked under bonnet and they didnt put my oil cap on,it had melted to the top of engine and oil sprayed all over place.

crazy thing about the oil,it had a checked box signed by a 2nd member of staff.

have to agree with above poster, guy i used to work with took his car into kwikfit and they squirted oil on his suspensions and said the were leaking oil and showed him, mate said is that right, scrubbed away some dirt to reveal the word gas all over the suspension, these guys are just salesmen who get their hands dirty (in more ways than one)
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