lacoste touch of pink range @ Boots - 500 extra Boots Points with code

lacoste touch of pink range @ Boots - 500 extra Boots Points with code

Found 5th Dec 2008
lacoste touch of pink 500 points with any item from range. enter code......LTAM57


Thanks for the code!

I used it and it did show up in the basket when entered but as I spent over £60 in total I was awarded another 500 points aswell.

Because of this the 500 awarded from the Lacoste promotion vanished!
Can you take advantage of dual-promotions? One of which is calculated automatically by the Boots website (500 points for £60) and the other entered manually (500 points for Lacoste promotion)

Im quite annoyed that all the promised promotions havent worked
Is there an email address to contact boots?

You should be able to use the lacoste code along with the automatic points from .com, the site is tempremental to say the least , you just have to keep trying to get your correct points. I have just tried and have had no problems, if you continue to experience problems clear your cookies and try then.

As I say when placing the order it showed up in the basket as:-

500 points for over £60 spend
500 points for Lacoste promotion
274 points awarded (on order)

i cant remember the exact figure i was awarded for the order value but in total the basket was claiming in region of 1300 (nice figure for an order of £63!) There was also a banner stating 10% off ALL fragrances but this didnt seem to work at all!

So only once i placed the order and filled it all out did the eventual points total only say 774 rather than the 1274!

Is there anything I can do to get these points accredited?


Yep , this has happened to me so the promo code is showing but not actually giving you the points?
This happened to me, i rang customer services once the order was received ( they claim nothing can be done before you receive your order) anyway they could see I had used a code but .com had not given me the points so they credited my advantage card with them with no problems.

with ref to the 10% off for fragrance sets ,I think it is advertised as finishing today ( so should still be valid) but I noticed that it was not working for some reasn. The new site is very hit and miss

i misunderstood your post, I thought you hadn't already placed your order.

Cool thanks for the replies! It was probably me not explaining things properly!

Rather than a lengthy expensive call to Boots is there a way of contacting by email or someway else? It seems that contact by email is currently down. I might put it in a letter!


When i have rung the calls haven't been lengthy but here is the email address ( I think!)
[email protected]
Good luck x
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