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Free Five Day LA Fitness Pass

all ready posted sorry]


none near me, but good deal anyway.

FREE 5 day pass to your nearest LA Fitness health club
Jumping straight into a new gym can be a little scary. That's why throughout April, we'd like to give you a 5 day gym pass. Take a swim, take a class, take your time. And if you li… Read more

This is still on, though link is broken new link here, not sure it will be honoured as voucher states 2009.


hot added!


Moved to vouchers section. Thanks for the post okaydokey :)

Free 1 Day Pass to LA Fitness

Print what out?


Cannons gym also offer this but they make you fill out a form, so they have your details and then they can contact you regarding joining up. There's nothing stopping you using the free day pass at different branches but a day pass isn't worth much to be honest and I would only recommend using it if you're serious about joining the gym and if you are, then make sure you go through the Pruhealth scheme for cheap gym membership..... mine averages out £22 per month for a year including health insurance and gym fees providing I attend at least twice a week on average per quarter. Hope that helps. :)

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Free 5-Day Pass at LA Fitness
41° Expired
Posted 20th Oct 2014Posted 20th Oct 2014
Free 5-Day Pass at LA Fitness
How to get this deal? 1. Click 'Buy Now!' 2 Fill in the form that you are directed to and click 'Submit' 3 Find voucher emailed to your inbox, print off and take to your local LA … Read more

Ah, hope they offer this in future.


Filled the form in yesterday, didnt receive email voucher, called liverpool today told they are not doing 5day passes anymore as sports direct taking over in the next few days.


Oh dear, didn't realise this would go out quick haha :p


Says Excludes LA fitness Oxford, Bayswater & Brighton, and LAX St Botolph's and South Kensington. But mine isn't on the selection - got a feeling the buyout from Sports Direct has gone through!


Might be of interest to some - Groupon are doing £29 for 10 one day passes which is pretty decent. You don't have to go through their sales pitch at least! :D

La fitness - 7 day free membership (open to all)
13° Expired
Posted 9th Jun 2014Posted 9th Jun 2014
La fitness - 7 day free membership (open to all)
Fill in a few details, receive an email with your 7 day free pass. Not the same as the O2 priority freebie, this is open to all. Working links - 7 day - http://www.lafitness.c… Read more

Thanks op, useful for my son. Heat added


Yup, this is going to be a hard sell right at you, where they want u. Stay clear.



Its 3 days free trial not 7 days


Thanks Heat added!!! :))

5 day LA Fitness membership
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Posted 14th Feb 2014Posted 14th Feb 2014
5 day LA Fitness membership
Five days free at LA Fitness. Good if you are undecided on signing up or just fancy a few days at the gym.
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Another valid link here


On the page that pops up with the above message, there is an option to pick a free 3 day trial, not as good as 5 days though, but better than nothing - pity they don't have an LA Fitness in my area at all.


Oops page not found, it says.

Free 7 day gym trial at LA Fitness!
48° Expired
Posted 14th Dec 2013Posted 14th Dec 2013
Free 7 day gym trial at LA Fitness!
"We are giving you the opportunity to check us out before you join. Simply download our FREE 7 day membership, come into your local gym and give us a go!"

cheers me deers thank you


NOOO, the sales guy was pushing very hard to get you joined on first encounter, not even let you try it yet. Virgin is much better. Avoid any cost!



Link? I can only see the 3 days trail thing....


Ahahaha, I've been to my local LA fitness and have to say, it has excellent facilities!

-85° Expired
Posted 2nd Dec 2013Posted 2nd Dec 2013
LA Fitness are giving away FREE 3 day gym passes. They have over 80 clubs across the UK and Ireland. Each gym is fully equipped with the latest equipment, personal trainers, steam … Read more
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7 days free gym pass , all LA fitness
-78° Expired
Posted 2nd Jul 2013Posted 2nd Jul 2013
7 days free gym pass , all LA fitness
Free 7 days pass It's a 3 day pass not 7. We are giving you the opportunity to check us out before you join. Simply download our Free 3 day gym membership, come into your local … Read more
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Pah gym centres prices are soaring high might aswell do some excersises at home and go for a jog outside for free


not sure why, but if you go back to main page they have a five day pass as well... oO


Is this a trial pass where you have to speak to a member of staff and give them your details, then once the trial finishes, they keep on harassing you about signing up for membership?


3 rules in life: 1) you will pay taxes 2) you will die 3) Gym promotion, contracts, membership can never be trusted ever !


7 Days advertised but really its 3 days? [img][/img]

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Free 5-day pass, includes swimming @ LA FITNESS
74° Expired
Posted 10th Jun 2013Posted 10th Jun 2013
Free 5-day pass, includes swimming @ LA FITNESS
Come and enjoy a taste of the LA fitness Experience. Before you know it we'll have you jogging on a treadmill, lifting weights and throwing punches in one of our classes; working t… Read more
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Try that one for five day


These often come up in groupon etc do worth keeping an eye on there too


Yeah it's 3 days now


It has just become a 3-day pass oO

Free 7-day pass for LA Fitness
19° Expired
Posted 21st May 2013Posted 21st May 2013
Free 7-day pass for LA Fitness
to be claimed by 24th May, and then can be activated within 7 days downside : they want a(your) mobile number ... Blurb: Thanks to your friend we are giving you the opportunity to… Read more

this offer is on O2 as well... one can get 7 day pass by this link Moments


7 day version here:


email and website say 7 day pass. did you try it and only get a 3-day one? If so, and if bothered, you can email them and say you only got the 3 day version. I can send you on the 7-day invite if you like. -------------------------- We're giving you the opportunity to invite your friends to workout with you FREE for 7 days! Working out with friends makes gym time more enjoyable so why not get them involved and achieve your goals together? Simply forward this email to your friends and family and ask them to click here to take advantage! Make sure they don't miss out - their free 7-day trial membership must be activated by Friday 24th May! We look forward to seeing you again soon. The team at LA fitness


There is a 5 day pass on this link


Its a 3 day pass NOT 7 as you are listing, please change! Thanks for posting though

6-month membership (includes swimming) for £40 a month @ LA Fitness
-140° Expired
Posted 1st May 2013Posted 1st May 2013
6-month membership (includes swimming) for £40 a month @ LA Fitness£40
Don't vote cold before reading my reasoning for this offer. I agree it is more than the £19 occasional Groupon offer for 10 daily passes but if you are serious about exercise espe… Read more
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You have missed the point completely- again. How right Prof. Hawking is. Never mind.


And quoting a not-quite-relevant quote from someone intelligent, doesn't make you intelligent, or even give you the illusion of possessing intelligence. Still a poor deal.


Good deal. I pay more than this just for going swimming. Tried LA fitness before Christmas and it was £46 a month on a minimum 12 month contract. Cheaper gyms did not have a pool. Hope this deal is back in 3 month's time. Thanks.


“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” Stephen Hawking


I meant £40 is an industry standard price across fitness centre chains. It's not a cheap deal. I said it was 'like' a standard price, not the exact amount at LA Fitness charge, because I don't care enough to now research their pricing structure that deeply. Besides, aren't you therefore promoting a deal that saves a whopping £2 a month? And let's not have you getting cocky, barking comments like 'get your facts right'. You lose any ground in a civilised conversation as soon as you become a jerk for no good reason. This just isn't a good deal, as shown by the voting and temp. Face that fact.

Free 3 & 5 day pass at LA Fitness
-71° Expired
Posted 4th Feb 2013Posted 4th Feb 2013LocalLocal
Free 3 & 5 day pass at LA Fitness
Saw a similar offer last week and didn't get round to using it before it expired, however, I've just found a new link and will definitely be spending 5 days at my local LA Fitness … Read more
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If you know someone who is already a member they usually have a couple of free 7-14 day passes as part of their membership. I have an annual LA Fitness membership using Tesco Clubcard points.


Yes sorry just saw that mine is a 5 day heres the correct one and no need to be rude dear :)


i use the councils own gym. £28 a ,month gives me unlimited of every sandwell gym swimming all swimming pool fitness classes sauna, steam room free gym circuit classes


Only three days when you quote 5 days. Genius.

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