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Land Rover Shop 20% off Sale - 20% off with code
*BLACK20 Offer is valid until 30th November 2020 while stocks last and may not be combined with any other sale, promotion and/or code.

Damn, I thought Landover were pricing their vehicles a little more realistically.


Flipping heck. I'd need more than 20% discount at those prices. £40 for a keyring 🥶


Sorry! Maybe you might find a nice 16gb usb pen you like :/


Damn it! Not even going to click the link now! (mad)


Please note, real vehicles not included in discount. Only stuffed bears and expensive pens

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30% off Land Rover Barbour Jackets + free delivery
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
30% off Land Rover Barbour Jackets + free delivery
30% off Land Rover Barbour jackets and free delivery

One of them is actually called the 'Observe', presumably to wear when you are observing the mechanic fixing your motor. Brilliant!


This will keep you nice and warm on the hard shoulder whilst waiting for the recovery truck, again.


Let me buy the Land Rover first


Cheers these are proper dapper.


dont blame you for not posting the actual amount of these jackets! bloody expensive! are they that good?

Landrover t-shirts reduced - From £10 @ Land Rover
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Posted 6th Oct 2018Posted 6th Oct 2018
Landrover t-shirts reduced - From £10 @ Land Rover£10£2050% off
Look like good quality landy t-shirts with several reduced. Excellent Xmas presents.

I can guarantee that the vast majority of these quality garments will fail and need repairing after a couple of months use ;) Do yourself a favour buy Korean.MM


Free delivery over £50


Came up with free delivery offer for me at checkout on order of £27.50. I've checked my order confirmation and no delivery charge.


My word! People will buy absolutely any old tat, won’t they!? (shock)


£16 for a shirt

Barbour Sale @ Land Rover - up to 70% OFF
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Posted 9th May 2017Posted 9th May 2017
Barbour Sale @ Land Rover - up to 70% OFF

Every sale helps the ducy. The ducy of Cornwall. Hip Hip Horray


You don't understand how to use captive apostrophes in English either Kreames; perhaps you went to the same school as Error?


Lots of money and buy womens car. Great success


I'm good thanks :)


Stay poor

5 years servicing on a range rover evoque for £499 from Landrover.
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Posted 27th Aug 2014Posted 27th Aug 2014
5 years servicing on a range rover evoque for £499 from Landrover.£499
Ok so I appreciate this won't appeal to too many people but having recently ordered one I was told about this by the LR dealer. It's 5 years of servicing for £500. It is also tran… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

£200ph? That's mental- I only pay £100 ph at porsche! And to be fair if it's over 4 hrs work they drop it to £60 ph


You are a very wise person... I salute you. I can now take a dump from my window whilst hogging the outside lane with complete peace of mind.


Interesting. 3 of the guys at work have one each for almost two years now and aside from a service it has been nowhere near a garage!


Thanks for that Kevin. No need for you to be defensive. Here is the correct link to the document you refer to:


It's enshrined in the current EU 'Block Exemption' rules for the motor industry - the same ones which state that anyone who meets the manufacturer's standards can insist on becoming a service dealer (though not a sales dealer - manufacturers still have control over the appointment of sales outlets). In reality most non-franchised dealers buy a generic diagnostic kit from someone like Sun which may not give them all the data. Here's a link to summary of a massive piece of legislation in just 10 pages for you doubters: And here's a relevant piece from it: "How will access to technical information for independent repairers be ensured under the new legal framework? Independent repairers are important because they increase choice for consumers and keep the price of repairs competitive by put putting pressure on car manufacturers' authorised repair networks. But for this to happen it is essential that they can get the technical information necessary to do the repairs on increasingly sophisticated cars. Withholding "technical information" will be dealt with directly under Treaty rules on restrictive business practices (Article 101) since, as said previously, the manufacturers, their spare parts and repair shops generally have a market share in excess of 30%. In addition, Guidelines also being adopted contain detailed clarifications as to the notion of technical information, cross-referring to Regulation 715/2007 on type approval of certain cars and all subsequent implementing regulations. The new rules assure access to technical information for models which are type-approved after 1 September 2009. By making a clear link with the 2007 car type-approval Regulation, the Commission will ensure both consistency as regards access to technical information for cars put in circulation before that date and allow the notion of technical information to evolve in line with technical progress. The Commission remains committed to vigorously enforce the rules on access to technical information, as demonstrated in four cases brought in 2007 to ensure that Daimler/Chrysler, Fiat, Toyota and General Motors disclose the necessary information to independent repairers (see IP/07/1332)." Whether you're pro or anti EU I'd still believe their rules in preference to what someone told you down the pub! To be a savvy consumer you need to start by understanding the legal framework within which your (service) supplier is operating. OK? :)

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Posted 28th Aug 2013Posted 28th Aug 2013
Just spotted this deal not sure if anyone interested RANGE ROVER SPORT AUTOBIOGRAPHY DYNAMIC for 75k

That's only because they're stuck in traffic near scum like you, when they're on holiday somewhere decent they have a whale of a time.


Im glad there are people buying cars this expensive, keep us in work but still too much money in the pockets of directors , have you ever noticed the more expensive the car the more miserable they look!


A national dealership.


That is only a " potential " problem, that Honda is addressing and paying for, unlike the BMW one that leaves drivers high and dry. Oh and it is from the Daily Fail, so a pinch of salt needs to be added.(_;)


Honda recalls 50,000 vehicles over potential for engine failure in Civic models Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

£499 for 5 years servicing (Range Rover Evoque) @ Land Rover
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Posted 14th May 2013Posted 14th May 2013
£499 for 5 years servicing (Range Rover Evoque) @ Land Rover£499
Ok - a bit of a niche market but it's a great deal so might help someone out there. considering i was first offered 3 yrs service at £1200 and then bought it down to £850, 5 years … Read more

Looks a bit like mine


Did you charge her 500 quid for that servicing?


Hows dreamworld treating you?


So, so true! Evoque or X1(X)) - no contest there!


I see the usual BMW fan boys here spewing their cretinous bile. Nobody gives a toss what you think and we know you're jealous because even Land Rover makes cars that are more stylish than BMW these days! Go crawl back under your rock.

Free Tickets to Range Rover Evoque Preview Event (Manchester 7 Birmingham)
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Posted 10th May 2011Posted 10th May 2011
Free Tickets to Range Rover Evoque Preview Event (Manchester 7 Birmingham)
Just had this email hopefully somebody can make use out of it. YOU'RE INVITED TO AN EXCLUSIVE RANGE ROVER EVOQUE PREVIEW EVENT Enjoy an exclusive preview Click here to reserve n… Read more

thanks :D


you get to go to an advertising event haha for free. what a crap deal if they charge people to go.. surely it has to be free anyhows.


i dont understand the point of this, what do you get to do/.


Thanks, looks good


I saw a red one of these today near their factory.... really odd-looking, a bit like a huge mini, with the 'top' looking much smaller than the old one. Bet its going to be pricey though.

Landrover Vorbano - 17.5 " Carbon Frame Mountain Bike - £599.99 @ Land Rover Bikes
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Posted 30th Mar 2011Posted 30th Mar 2011
Landrover Vorbano - 17.5 " Carbon Frame Mountain Bike - £599.99 @ Land Rover Bikes£599.99
Looking for a new bike I came across this excellent spec bike...seems to get good reviews. Down from £1500.

Duggie_22 - It's expired because (as I mentioned above) customer services (at 2x2worldwide) confirmed to me they cannot fulfill my order (despite it still appearing to be available which I pointed out to them)! They have 'had staff search the warehouse' (yes, really!) - It's very poor customer service/relations!


Why expired? Still listed here.


17.5 is quite small, so that will limit the appeal of this deal. Not a bad package at the price, as long as the frame is up to snuff. Plenty of cheap carbon frames out there that ride horribly. Also, it's a 2008 bike (so on the market since about Q3 2007). It was discontinued in late 2009. View it in the catalogue here. Regarding the customer service aspect, the Land Rover branded bikes are distributed by a company called 2x2worldwide - Land Rover only licence the use of the name. Last time I spoke to anyone from 2x2worldwide, he was telling me that a carbon frame's not good offroad because it gets damaged easily - complete nonsense and perhaps the reason they have a pile of unsold bike coming up to their fourth birthday... It's a shame in some ways that some marketing pleb agreed to licence the LR badge. Done well, it would enhance the brand. Unfortunately they're (now) low end bikes which aren't representative of a premium product. The customer service and the level of product knowledge I've experienced from 2x2worldwide doesn't deserve to trade off Land Rover's name.


Sadly, it would appear Land Rovers customer service leaves a lot to be desired! I ordered one of these, had my order status change to 'confirmed', only to receive an email nearly a day and half later that it was out of stock and asked if I would a like an alternative (which was actually a poor offer too!) Such a shame. What makes it worse is the fact it still appears for sale! :(


Hot! Good price if it's in your size.

New Baby Range Rover, EVOQUE, on sale!
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Posted 2nd Jul 2010Posted 2nd Jul 2010
New Baby Range Rover, EVOQUE, on sale!£30,000
Land Rover has revealed the production version of the Range Rover Evoque, the new 'baby' model that will go on sale next summer. Unveiled at a party thrown to celebrate the Range … Read more

Looks white to me :thumbsup:


Range Rover has not released any prices so any prices quoted are purely speculation. Also, this vehicle is not available for purchase until next summer so what exactly is this doing on HDUK?


She [SIZE="4"]IS[/SIZE] smiling...... :whistling: Can I be the first to ask "Quidco??"


why does that ugly bitch never smile


Nice car, but there's something obscuring the view.

Up to £14,846.47 off a new Land Rover or Jaguar!  eg Range Rover S/C Autobiography £60,035.65 (saving £14,846.47 against list price). Deal for family members.
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Posted 19th May 2009Posted 19th May 2009LocalLocal
Up to £14,846.47 off a new Land Rover or Jaguar! eg Range Rover S/C Autobiography £60,035.65 (saving £14,846.47 against list price). Deal for family members.£60,035.65
OK, I know this one has very limited appeal but if you fit the profile the savings are massive! It does apply to the less exotic models in the range too so if just one HUKD member… Read more

So, on that measure wouldn't every deal ever posted on here go cold? I'd love to know which deals are true investments and I'll have a few. Who knows, maybe eventually I could afford a Range Rover!


Agreed. Pre-credit crunch a 3 year old Land Rover was worth approx 50% of original price (one of the highest residual values in the business), but I suspect it's plumetted now. But you make a very good point that most consumer goods have virtually zero value once you've bought them.


What's any car worth after you drive it out of the showroom/ after three years, its just that the depreciation on this is more stark because of the original value of the vehicle. Whats a TV worth once you've installed it in your house, whats any fridge worth that you put in your house after three years.......................................... :whistling:


What's this gonna be worth in three years time...sorry what's it gonna be worth as soon as it gets out of the garage ...voted cold


Exactly Shengis, because its cheap! For some this will be cheap(er) than they may have previously thought about paying & so a good deal. But just because some foreign car is cheap, it doesn't make it immediately a good deal In reality, I love cars (I drive a Mini Cooper S Hartge, but drive it as little as possible & used to & now the suns back out will do again, bike the 7.5m to & from work everyday), but disagree with idea that people can buy massive cars & run them into towns with no real reason, other than a kiddy taxi when a different car may well be just as safe or shock horror just send your child/ren (where appropriate) to school on a bus or even dare I say it, let them walk!!!!!! Ok, the world isn't what it used to be or as safe (& I'm only 30ish), but come on, why else would most owners run a range rover in a school except because that fact they're probably a c*ck? We could just raise taxed to £2k for everyone owning one in a city & then set up better park & ride/ bus/ cycle routes for others so you can get into towns without using a car. I just wish people wouldn't vote cold when there's nothing wrong with the deal itself, ok the item isn't great (IMHO, I'm excluding Discoverer users etc that do really need a 4x4), but its still a good deal for those who want one. I also leave the pulpit, me thinks for the last time on this sunject. I'm off to find some superunleaded (yes, that's a whole other debate) fuel!!!!!!!!!

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