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La Tasca Discount Codes

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£5 off
£5 off La Tasca 5 dishes for £10 with Printable Voucher
5 tapas for £10 per person 3-13th september All day Monday-Thursday

Agree with all the above. Would be a good deal if the food was edible! Even if it was free I wouldn't go again.


Tasteless food and i thought they have had these 10 quid deals for years?


Indeed. La Tasca has gone right down hill over the last few years.


Terrible microwaved cack. Not voting.

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More Info La Tasca buy one get one free tapas to share
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More Info All you can eat La Tasca £10 - New Years Day

Thanks for this! Had a great meal today - it was also 2 for 1 desserts. Yum.

£10 off
£10 off Eat like a king for £10 and get a pitcher for £10 @ La Tasca
I know where Im going for dinner tonight :D Deal is valid for today and tomorrow!! Yes we all know its microwaved food (supposedly). Nobody cares that you dont like it, this is … Read more



I used to really rate La Tasca, but had a couple of experiences that make them really suspect. Especially ultra-fast delivery on NYE last year, and it has happened once since. The food was rank and over-cooked and not a little bit as good as it was 2, 3, 4 years ago.


hot..but should be in vouchers?

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More Info £10 Off at La Tasca

I've got a table booked for 6 people tonight. Do you think i could use this as technically 2 people will be eating?

50% off
50% off La Tasca 50% off Tapas

i've never read a good review of la tasca thnx for posting a voucher

50% off
50% off La tasca 50% tapas - offer is until 5th september 2010

Cheers Maynaya! Gonna give it a try :)

maynaya is not bad, although it's not amazing compare to the real authentic tapas. It has a good atmosphere there...maybe depends on which branch you go to. I gave this voucher to all of my colleagues and they loved it :D


Why cold?? was thinking of going so any warnings would be appreciated.


Thanks :0)


I meant bad as in nothing like proper spanish tapas. Its not bad if you like fast food imitations using crap quality ingredients

50% off
50% off Fathers Day @ La Tasca - 50% off San Miguel / Food / Wine
50% off
50% off 50% off Tapas to share at La Tasca
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More Info La Tasca - 50% off tapas to share during April with promotional discount voucher

great deal :D


It should be noted that this current voucher only applies to the Tapas to share part of the menu, not the other Tapas dishes. Makes this less attractive than their previous deals.


La Tasca has been taken over several times in the last few years and the current owners have moved away from the traditional tapas for a more "English" version. They claim this is in response to customer requests, and not cost! Why go to a tapas restaurant if you don't want tapas! The manager of our local La Tasca encouraged us to write a letter of complaint regarding the menu, the food was very good but the menu selection was poor. It's a shame really as La Tasca was always an enjoyable night out with a group of friends, just load up the table with dishes and keep the wine flowing was our usual request. If you subscribe to the website they send these vouchers out on a monthly basis, we haven't paid full price for food in La Tasca in nearly a year. For a couple having a beer, olives, 6 dishes, a bottle of Riocha and a couple of coffees budget about £40. See [url][/url] for menu details.


I hate to say it, but used a previous voucher for a family meal out and felt ripped off at half price. The food was just awful. It was greasier than a bag of fish and chips and was as close to Spanish food as as the North Pole is to Spain. Left very disappointed, even when not having high expectations as it's a chain.


Just thought to mention, at [COLOR="Red"]cineworld[/COLOR] cheltenham , probably many others locations too, on the back of the cinema tickets they have 50% off sunday-friday until 30 june 2010......................................... (will have to scoure the bins and sell them on ebay .... ;-O )

50% off
50% off La Tasca 50 % off using discount voucher

Went to La Tasca last week, really disappointed - Food was tasty. but all sauce, not a lot mof meat :(

50% off
50% off 50% discount @ La Tasca Sunday-Friday from 1-12 of march with promotional discount voucher

most of the stuff tastes like its been cooked quickly from frozen, not a great tapas restaurant


thanks might give this a try my birthday on the 12th !!

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More Info 50 % off at la tasca sun-thurs until 28th feb with discount voucher code
50% off
50% off La Tasca 50% off Food all day every day until 11th feb 2010 with Promotional Discount Voucher

Many thanks will use this this evening HOT HOT HOT !:)


Nice find, they do some really nice food in La Tasca, most notably the chorizo and meatballs! I'll be using this on Saturday! Hot!!

50% off
50% off La Tasca 50% off Food all day every day until 26 January 2010 with Promotional Discount Voucher

When you sign up and log in You are offered 2 vouchers one dated 17th and one dated 26th.


The T&C's say the 17th on the site not the 26th, what's the story OP?

50% off
50% off La Tasca 50% off Food all day every day until 17 January 2010 with Promotional Voucher

I used to find that sometimes food was okay in La Tasca and other times was pretty poor. Recently found out from someone who works there that their food is mostly precooked stuff that they heat in a microwave, hardly the authentic Spanish restaurant that they claim to be!!

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