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Established in 1840, Lawson H.I.S. has become one of the largest independent stockists of high-quality products, ranging from power tools to workshop PPE and clothing at affordable prices. All available Lawson H.I.S. discounts are listed on the HotUKDeals pages.
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Bosch GEX 12V-125 brushless random orbital sander £107.99 at lawson-his
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
This is the relatively new release Bosch random orbital sander in the 12V range (they've also released an 18v one I believe). It's quite hard to get hold of at the moment, very few… Read more

All rounder mate and I've had both systems


I can update a little having used this 12v sander on a smallsih woodworking job and it worked really nicely, so easy to handle with one hand, though I think would be better using a proper dust extraction device (I was just using the supplied bag, which obviously doesn't provide any suction). You might not want to use it for any large construction jobs but like all these tools it certainly works well in the right context.


Out of interest, what is your trade as it sounds like it's informing your opinion? I'm sure your comments are all totally valid (no question they aren't as powerful etc as the 18v systems) but factors such as form factor (compact size, super ergonomic, low weight etc) CAN be important to some people / trades. My bro in law is a cabinet maker/fitter, swears by these. High power devices aren't required, he uses the 12v jigsaw, planer, impact and drill for most things wood related. But does have the 18v drill for masonry and corded orbital for the reason you've mentioned. Take your point on this sander though, looks like there's no point in replacing my corded one.


I didn't say the best , value for money is far better...


They're obviously not as potent as the 18V range, nobody is disuputing that, and almost certainly unsuited to a lot of heavier construction jobs, but their weight and size have lots of advantages and IMO they do work....people swear by the jigsaw, drills/drivers, I've used the grinder for cutting floor tiles with much more precision than I could manage with my larger grinder. The biggest, most powerful option isn't always the best.

Makita DHP453SMWX 18V LXT White Combi Drill with 1x 4.0Ah Battery & Accessories in Case £132.24 @ Lawson HIS
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Posted 5th Oct 2020Posted 5th Oct 2020
Makita DHP453SMWX 18V LXT White Combi Drill with 1x 4.0Ah Battery & Accessories in Case £132.24 @ Lawson HIS£132.24£15012% off
Makita DHP453SMWX 18V LXT White Combi Drill with 1x 4.0Ah Battery & Accessories in Case I was after a set to do most DIY around the house in one toolkit, and found this. My 9 … Read more

I actually did something very similar. Bought Makita LXt drill set with 2 batteries, sold mine current one with 1new battery. Spent £20 enetyally after all buy&sell actions


If your battery and charger still work, I’m surprised that you didn’t just buy a bare drill for around half of the cost of this set?

Robdataff The battery is 3amp, not 4, and it doesn't have the bits. But.... Its higher torque, and has a fast charger. The £40 saving will get you a great selection of bits, and a chunk towards a second battery.

MAKITA DHR242Z 18v 3 function hammer - SDS plus. Body only £137 at lawson-his
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Posted 5th May 2020Posted 5th May 2020
MAKITA DHR242Z 18v 3 function hammer - SDS plus. Body only £137 at lawson-his£137£1498% off Free P&P Free
This seems to be a popular model as when I posted the Howe tools bargain as an alternative to another Makita earlier they sold out their stock in minutes. Seems like Lawson have ju… Read more

Or buy from here for £137.99... or a site called Manomano....


If you want it just pay the extra £2 at nutsnbolts


Yes, price has gone up now. Delivery time has gone up too so it looks like they may have sold out as well. The brushless 18v does seem to be popular.


I'll keep watching - I missed that one I think. Thanks.


I payed about the same for one a month ago but I got a 5ah battery too.

Bosch Rotak 32 R 240V 1100W 32cm Lawn Mower £84.97 delivered @ Lawson HIS
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Posted 30th Mar 2020Posted 30th Mar 2020
Bosch Rotak 32 R 240V 1100W 32cm Lawn Mower £84.97 delivered @ Lawson HIS£84.97£99.9915% off
Good price for this mower. I spotted it on offer at £99.99 + £6 delivery at Homebase which I thought was decent but then digging around I spotted it al Lawson HIS for this cracking… Read more

Much appreciated.very informative


Yes, they are good in that they mow the lawn really well and get to the edges very nicely. As a wheeled lawn mower (most Flymos originally didn't have wheels) they made things effortless. However, I have gone through several of them - on my third one - the problem I have is I find that they are really really good to use but I find that they break down more easily - the plastic switches can die - the screws come out (you need to check periodically) - the power/strength of the device doesn't seem as strong so when cutting through longer grass and sometimes a bit more wet it seems to struggle. Overall though, I've been happy enough with them that I've bought them again. My current one is on its last legs though - this time round I might look around more.


Links to the 32R - 1100 watts. Deal expired OR description wrong.




Someone at work did it for me, no idea how mind, I struggled to get the blade off in the first place!

Yellow plastic A-Frame 'Wet Floor' sign £4.50 (+ £4.98 p&p) @ Lawton-his
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Posted 5th Jan 2020Posted 5th Jan 2020
Yellow plastic A-Frame 'Wet Floor' sign £4.50 (+ £4.98 p&p) @ Lawton-his£9.48
Reduced from £13.80 to £4.50 these handy signs take up little space when folded. Obviously p&p bumps up the price if you only order one but multiples are a good deal.

the best thing about these signs is wet can mean anything... as the example above shows they're also useful for vomit. ;)


Piso mojado Love this every time I see the sign on holiday. <3


I'm sure there will be another % off ebay code shortly for the incontinence shop that will sort her out.


Shake it when you've finished.


I've tripped over more of these than ive slipped on wet floors. (excited)

Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT Combi Drill with 1x 3.0Ah Battery and 101 piece Accessory set in Case £114.96 @ Lawson HIS
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Posted 21st Jul 2019Posted 21st Jul 2019
Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT Combi Drill with 1x 3.0Ah Battery and 101 piece Accessory set in Case £114.96 @ Lawson HIS£114.96£124.998% off
Cheaper than Homebase, in stock and free delivery. (y)

You'll need compressed air if you plan to use a powered tool for wheel nuts. I'd recommend getting an extended bar and doing it the manual way.


We bought this about 10 years ago. One of the best cordless drills we've ever used. Still running strong today. Not sure if the quality has changed but Makita is always our "go-to" for work tools.


Nope. No where near enough torque. And I wouldn't bother with an impact wrench either, unless your a tradesperson (in which case you should already know what one is), as the average DIYer is unlikely to make much use of one. Better to save your money and get a 2ft(600mm) breaker bar.


Shirley this isn't just an "in case" type of hardware.


I got this same set about 3 years ago. I have not regretted it at all.

Makita DHP453 LXT Drill Kit - £124.90 @ lawson-his
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Posted 13th May 2019Posted 13th May 2019
Makita DHP453 LXT Drill Kit - £124.90 @ lawson-his£124.90£137.909% off
The G-series Makita toolset was recently posted as a deal at £110.…038 That is a good deal, but this is better. For an extra £14.90 you get much the same th… Read more

Agreed. This is as close a match as I could find to the other deal. Yes, it had two batteries, but they were 1.5Ah each, this is a 3Ah so pretty much the same. There are times when two batteries are more helpful, other times when one longer-life battery is better.


Blimey these LXT bare tools look pretty good, I hadn’t realised the choice to be fair. If the money side of it isn’t so much as an issue then the Makita route would be a good choice using the LXT battery compatibility range. For budget the Einhell maybe but with a fewer additional tools to choose from vs makita. If one brand is limited then that’s the Bosch blue professional range, so should probably be avoided.


I agree that the Makita G-series is limited but the 18V LXT range has 225+ compatible tools. With lots with very good reviews. I don't have much experience with Einhell and surprised to find 100+ tools. I thought Erbauer were a cheaper version (and looks like Makita tools) and Einhell were a cheaper version (and looks like Milwaukee tools) from Screwfix / B&Q and Toolstation respectively. But now I'm not sure (skeptical) , every day is a school day.


Looks good, Personally I would spend another £36 (£86 from Amazon) for DHP484 (brushless, 54Nm torque). It is lower torque than the 482 but brushless motor means more run time, better reliability and slightly lighter. But 482 is a good option too. £155 all in.


Good point I missed that. To be honest unless you want purely a combi Drill then I would look towards something that has a one battery system where you can add bare tools in as and when it suits. Nothing wrong with Makita gear but you are buying into a system that has limited choices for adding in additional bare tools to build up a set. The power x change range from Einhell for example offers lots of tools using one single battery and the bare tools are cheap compared to makita. Around the house DIY you’ll struggle to find alternatives that are easy on the pocket.

Metabo Powermaxx BS Basic 10.8v Drill Driver with 2 Batteries (600080500) £69.95 + £4.98 Delivery @ Lawson-his
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Posted 3rd Feb 2019Posted 3rd Feb 2019
Metabo Powermaxx BS Basic 10.8v Drill Driver with 2 Batteries (600080500) £69.95 + £4.98 Delivery @ Lawson-his£69.95£76.959% off
Light compact drill/screwdriver with extremely compact design for versatile use. Spindle with hexagonal recess for screwdriver bits for working without chuck. Integrated working li… Read more

Metabo is a 'branded' product. i have their KGS254 mitre saw. The build is good. These small drill drivers are great and I use these more than my 18v. I have the Bosch blue one. BTW 10.8v is actually 12v. It's the conversion from the US system to the UK i.e. 20v US is 18v UK etc etc


I have the Milwaukee M12 4ah brush less. It's fantastic quality, has same torque as one of the cheaper 18v


Ha ha , boys and size. Have both my DeWalt 10 volters always in my bag. Small , Powerful and handy. Worked on lots of sites and always get the "these will be crap, why don't you get some proper tools" untill they use them. Then they realise. Anyway metabo is a very good brand and not cheap by anymeans


I've got this one and with the 2Ah batteries it has plenty of torque. 10mm or more through hardwood is easy with a decent drill bit. (y)


Love my little 12v drill and impact driver for small jobs, but have to say the pictured 10mm drill bit is a little optermistic. It will drill through pine with it, but not hard woods and not with. Clean finish

Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT Combi Drill with 1x 3.0Ah Battery and Accessories in Case £118.91 @ Lawson
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Posted 20th Dec 2018Posted 20th Dec 2018
Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT Combi Drill with 1x 3.0Ah Battery and Accessories in Case £118.91 @ Lawson£118.91£1255% off
This version of the DHP453 is supplied with a 101 piece accessory set in a toolkit carry case Compact and lightweight desing All metal gear contstruction with high transmission dur… Read more
Bosch 10.8v Twinkit Combi Drill + Impact Driver - £104.50 Delivered @ Lawson-HIS
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
Bosch 10.8v Twinkit Combi Drill + Impact Driver - £104.50 Delivered @ Lawson-HIS£104.50
The cheapest 10.8v twin kit managed to find at great price. This is Black Friday deal and they have plenty in stock.
Get deal*Get deal*

Which of those four words would you like to eat first?


Am thinking of getting these for my son for Xmas. He does a lot of work for BT up the poles. Will these be powerful enough for drilling and putting up fixings on the poles or should I go for an 18v drill?


But it's not the same type of product. These are stubby drills. Great for people working in tight spaces or up ladders where you can drop it in the holster. Its like saying a bungalow is not as good as a house as it has less stairs for the same price. I have both 18v and 10.8/12v but they are used at different times for different jobs and 90% of the time the stubby does the job. If I had a limited budget I would get a stubby and a cheap mains hammer drill. This would cover a wider range of uses.


Was looking at the Bosch, but got this last year, admittedly for £80, but have been really pleased. The charger also takes 18v batteries, which has been useful when picking up a ‘body only’ deal.


Bosch is so much better then dewalt, especially the blue (proffesional) version