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Ford Kuga 2.5 PHEV 14.4kWh 225 ST-Line 5Dr Auto £293.48/month £9391.36 at Lease4Less
-172° Expired
Posted 26th Jul 2020Posted 26th Jul 2020
Ford Kuga 2.5 PHEV 14.4kWh 225 ST-Line 5Dr Auto £293.48/month £9391.36 at Lease4Less£293.48
24 month Personal contract hire deal with an initial rental of £2641.32 inc VAT and 23 further rentals of £293.48 inc VAT This contract has an annual mileage allowance of 10000 mi… Read more

Did you buy it ?


Sorry, but the boot space in the Kuga is significantly large at 530 litres with seats up. I've just been to test drive it and the rear passenger space is excellent. Much improved over the previous Kuga model.


No I did not suggest they are the same. If you correctly read my post , I said that the Zoe is a smaller car. But in fact its not that much smaller and so may well suit just as many people as the Kuga would. The Kuga is 4.6 m long The Zoe 4.08 The Kuga is 1.88 wide, the Zoe 1.78 and height the Kuga is 1.6m and the Zoe 1.56. So the main 'real' difference is that the Kuga is (in old money) 20 inches longer. The Zoe and Kuga are very similar in width and height. Boots space for the Kuga is 406 litres and the Zoe 338 litres. So the longer car , the Kuga, results in a larger boot space. I repeat my original post. The Zoe is a smaller car. But its bigger than many think it is . And it can cost "peanuts" to fuel it. as well as attracting is zero BIK for those people who that particualr tax applies to. Its horses for courses, as always. Buyers choose what they want for their own , individual, reasons


Seriously suggesting that a very small hatchback is in some way comparable to a much larger SUV? They are completely different cars! If someone is in the market for a large SUV, then a Zoe is simply not an option I'm afraid, no matter what the benefits. If use case is mostly urban, or even a moderate commute, electric range will be ok, and even if it's borderline, that it why it's a PHEV!


Few months ago there was deal of £280 NET. I was very tempted to sign up, but pandemic came around. This is very nice car with good specs, but total cost is way too high.

Audi A4 35 TFSI Black Edition 24 Month Lease £7196.40 Total at Lease4Less
620° Expired
Posted 11th May 2020Posted 11th May 2020
Audi A4 35 TFSI Black Edition 24 Month Lease £7196.40 Total at Lease4Less£7,196.40
24 month lease 8k miles £287.35 initial rental £287.35 monthly rental £300 admin fee Total = £7196.40

Nice deal... where did you get that from and how much was the total after 2 years?


Better deals than this to be had. This engine is lacking somewhat in power. As always only lease if it makes absolute financial sense to do so. Don't get yourself in debt just to pretend you actually own a half decent car. Nice cars on council estates look naff and invite unwanted attention from the local scum Invest in property first. You know it makes sense.


Not sure that they are especially cheap but these guys do have an online quote for that kind of mileage on most lease cars - most want a call/ email.


Their example was where you paid $18k in total lease costs over 6 years on a $21k car. With this car (on the same basis) you'd pay £21.6k on a £35k car.


I think the article would have been originally published back in 2014.

Audi A6 Saloon 45 TFSI Quattro Sport 4dr S Tronic lease £9080.64 at Lease4Less
-187° Expired
Posted 13th Jan 2020Posted 13th Jan 2020
Audi A6 Saloon 45 TFSI Quattro Sport 4dr S Tronic lease £9080.64 at Lease4Less£9,080.64
Audi A6 Saloon 45 TFSI Quattro Sport 4dr S Tronic Petrol | Auto | 4WD 8000 miles pa 6+23 Initial Rental £1,816.70 Arrangement Fee £300.00 Total Upfront £2,116.70 Monthly Payment… Read more

Broker but I’m afraid the deal has well and truly expired


Dealer or Broker ? If so can you please refer , my current car lease coming to end


Sorry for those that missed the RGW deal. I posted a very thorough overview of the deal on here, but the admins deleted it because apparently RGW did not have sufficient evidence that it was a reputable company. I think they might be getting kickbacks from certain other leasing companies because a lot of the same ones come up frequently. See here for a very knowledgeable and fast moving commentary on the latest hot lease deals....... RGW had great trustpilot feedback and all a lease company really does is process paperwork. A main dealer supplies the car and takes your monthly payments.


It's 8k p/a, took it over 24 months. I honestly thought the price was an error as everyone I spoke was saying it seems off. But they called me day after message and said it's all good. Very lucky to have come across it TBH. Just shows you how fluid the market can be.


What was the mileage? That's an amazing price!

Audi A6 Avant1.8TFSI S-line S Tronic [2018] 2 Year Lease deal £228.17 a month £2,053.53 inc VAT initial payment £7481.44 @Lease4less
424° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2017Posted 27th Nov 2017
Audi A6 Avant1.8TFSI S-line S Tronic [2018] 2 Year Lease deal £228.17 a month £2,053.53 inc VAT initial payment £7481.44 @Lease4less£7,481.44
Seems like a great deal on a luxury estate. Total price includes £180 admin fee.

It's similar to the Ampera/Volt and Keonigsegg. Initially powered by a hybrid battery/ICE but the chassis are designed to easily pave the way to full electric.


I presume that is an electric car? Or are they doing something like Koenigsegg with the Regera or whatever it's called?


Interestingly I was I meetings recently with a large car manufacturer and it's apparent in the next few years cars will be gearboxless.


Christ, I thought I was a car nerd...


Sure - older DSG had loads of problems. But that was then. This is now. The new(-er) DSGs are a hell of lot better. I'd recommend a manual over any automatic.