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Leeds Building Society Buy to let mortgage 1.44% £1k fee 60% LTV 2 year fix
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Posted 8th Jul 2020Posted 8th Jul 2020
Leeds Building Society Buy to let mortgage 1.44% £1k fee 60% LTV 2 year fix
https://www.leedsbuildingsociety.co.uk/mortgages/buy-to-let-mortgages/1906-2-year-buy-to-let-fixed-rate-mortgage-60-47-144/ Great product this one https://www.leedsbuildings… Read more

it depends on the overall cost, for mortgages where the loan is low the fee works up to be a big cost, hiigh value mortgages the fee has little impact. So calculate the overall cost eg fee + total mortgage interest over lifetime of product


Best to work out the overall cost over product term and compare. Products without fees often have higher rates.


Is it really worth getting new terms with a fee when many deals can be had without?


you can just claim the 20% tax credit , you treat this the same as the mortgage interest (finance cost)


It really makes little difference unless you're raking in 200k rental income on mortgaged properties.

Leeds BS BTL 5Y FIXED 1.79% 60%LTV £999 Fee
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Posted 17th May 2020Posted 17th May 2020
Leeds BS BTL 5Y FIXED 1.79% 60%LTV £999 Fee
5 Year Buy To Let Fixed Rate Mortgage RATES CORRECT AS AT 12 MAY 202 Initial rate 1.79% Fixed up to and inc. 31/07/2025 ADDITIONAL FEATURES Interest calculated daily. Maximum … Read more

all gone!


This is by far the best 60ltv BTL remortgage product going 👌 Whats clear from the voting is that hukd members dont like BTL entrepreneurs / landlords 😄


Quit while your ahead. All the good stuff is snapped up b4 auctions starts. If your in the trade you will know what I mean. Traders have relationships with others in the trade where houses change hands at competitive prices. Auction is odd ball properties no trader wants


ahh ok , I'm interested in going to auction but i've never bought there before , would you have any recommendations on how to get started ?


Used to. But my regional auctions have become flooded with people suffering from Auction Fever in recent years. As such the ‘bargains’ of old are less frequent. Nowadays I rely on standard listings and make offers where I see value. Typically I get 1 in 10-15 offers accepted.

10 year fixed rate mortgage 65% LTV: Leeds Building Society 2.75%
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Posted 10th Mar 2016Posted 10th Mar 2016
10 year fixed rate mortgage 65% LTV: Leeds Building Society 2.75%£1,499
Lowest ever UK 10 year fixed mortgage rate at 2.75% with £1499 fee at Leeds Building Society.

You are so right, our 1st mortgage was taken out at 15% - when you say that to people taking out a mortgage now that just look at you as if you're talking nonsense.


No one knew interest rates would hit 15% in the 80's.... No one knew there was going to be a financial crash.... Everyone knew less than a year ago there would be a rate rise about now.... Now everyone knows the rates arent going anywhere for years.... All I know is you or me dont have a clue


Wouldn't touch Leeds Building Society with someone else's 10ft barge pole. Had my first mortgage with them and it was nothing but trouble. Switched to First Direct now and couldn't be happier.


I agree. Global slowdown starting. Save your money. Rates are not going anywhere fast for a very long time.


recession around the corner..... u heard it here first.