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Doona Infant Car Seat Urban Grey £219 @ Lesters Nurseryworld
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Posted 3rd Oct 2020Posted 3rd Oct 2020
Doona Infant Car Seat Urban Grey £219 @ Lesters Nurseryworld£219 Free P&P Free
Doona for £219 you can’t get it cheaper then that anywhere and they nearly never go on sale especially for that kind of price.

Hey @Ayesha_Hussain great first deal! Thank for sharing (y)


Sold out


Link doesnt work?


Fantastic buggy/car seat combo, absolutely my best baby purchase! Especially handy if you also get the isofix base for the car, you can get baby in and out in about 5 seconds!


These are fantastic. My daughter swore by hers. This is a brill price OP

Doona Car Seat Storm + Free Raincover £239 @ Lesters-Nurseryworld
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Posted 14th Jan 2019Posted 14th Jan 2019
Doona Car Seat Storm + Free Raincover £239 @ Lesters-Nurseryworld£239
The Doona™ is the world’s first car seat with integrated wheels meaning that in less than five seconds you can be out of your car with your precious little one and on your way in s… Read more

Same here... awesome space saving and I'm so quick leaving the car with my lil one in this stroller that I forget to lock the car. Wish I'd got it at this price. I got it a week before my lad was born and lowest I could get it for was £285!


Awesome car seat! I have one and it’s brilliant



Trillo Shield Car Seat Ember (Joie) groups 1 2 & 3 isofix connectors - £90 @ Lesters-Nurseryworld (Cyber discount applied @ checkout)
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Posted 1st Dec 2018Posted 1st Dec 2018
Trillo Shield Car Seat Ember (Joie) groups 1 2 & 3 isofix connectors - £90 @ Lesters-Nurseryworld (Cyber discount applied @ checkout)£90
Seems like a great deal. £120 at Argos etc. Discounted to £90 at check out Which? verdictGood value, multi-group seat with decent protection Joie's Trillo Shield car seat is a mul… Read more

Have a look at crash tests for impact shield seats... I had one before I'd seen the rollover videos :(


Here you go: Which? verdictA solution for heavier toddlers If you have a toddler too young to use a high-backed booster, but too heavy for a Group 1 seat, what do you do? That's where the Joie Bold steps in. This multi-group child car seat can be used with a harness up to 25kg (around seven years old). Joie child car seats have been hit and miss in our crash tests, so find out how this one did in our full review.Can use a harness up to 25kg,multigroups seat, well-padded seat, lots of adjustment options Difficult to install, lots of different modes give a high risk of misuse Overall, this seat gets an average or satisfactory three-star score for safety. The crash-test results for each mode are between three and four stars, but as we see with many multi-group seats, the scores are lowered due to the difficulty of installing the seats in the correct mode. However, this is a good-quality seat that could be an option if you have a heavier toddler who's outgrown a normal Group 1 seat, as you can use the harness up to 25kg (around seven years old) on this model. What is it? The Joie bold is a multi-group 1/2/3, forward-facing child car seat that is approved for use with babies from 9kg (around 12 months) up to 36kg (around 12 years old). There are multiple ways to use and install this car seat in your car: As a Group 1 seat using the harness. As Group 1/2 harnessed seat, from 9- 25kg forward facing, your child is held in place with a harness while the seat is attached using Isofix connectors, a top-tether strap and the car's adult seatbelt. As a Group 2 seat, installed using Isofix and a top tether, and you have the choice to use either the harness or the seatbelt to keep your child in place. If using the harness, you still need to use the seatbelt to attach the car seat. As a Group 2/3 seat (15-36kg) installed using Isofix and a top tether, with your child held in place with the car's adult seatbelt. You can also use the seat from 25kg- 36kg in this way, too. There are three recline positons and it comes with a removable cup holder. How safe is it? For each seat we test, we use state-of-the-art dummies that record the forces of the crash on key parts of their bodies. We crash test each seat several times in the different formats it can be used in. The Joie Bold gets a total test score of 50% and an average or satisfactory three stars overall for safety. As we tend to see with multi-group seats, or those using a top tether, the overall safety score is lowered because of the higher risk of misuse, due to the multiple configurations and different ways to install this seat. As a Group 1/2 seat is gets an overall score of 54%, with a satisfactory three-star safety rating. It gets an average three-star rating for forward-facing crash protection and a good four-star side-impact protection rating. In Group 2/3 mode it gets an overall score of 46%, but with a good four-star overall safety rating. It gets an average or satisfactory three-star rating for forward-facing crash protection and a good four-star side-impact protection rating. The overall test score is lowered in this configuration due to how complicated it is install and the risk of getting it wrong. However, if you're in the position where you have a toddler who exceeds the 18kg upper limit of a Group 1 seat, but isn't old enough to use the car's adult belt, the actual crash-test ratings are satisfactory and good, so this seat could be a solution here. Is it easy to fit? Our installation and fitting checks are carried out by car seat experts with many years of experience. They carry out more than 500 fitting and installation checks each year on all the car seats we test. Plus, we use parents and children, which help our experts identify the potential risks that parents may have when trying to fit a child car seat. The instructions and warnings easy to understand, which is good, because this seat is awkward to install, and there's an increased risk of doing this incorrectly. Read the instruction manual, not just the quick-reference guide on the side of the seat. We also recommend watching the installation videos on the manufacturer website. It's also a very heavy seat, which makes fitting it a little bit tricky. We'd always recommend getting a car seat fitted to your car by a trained expert before you buy. This way you can see if it actually fits your car or if there are any problems, such as angled seats or seatbelts that don't fit properly. You'll be able to see if the front passenger seats, or any other seats, are affected by the position of the car seat, and if you're upgrading a car seat, you'll be able to see if your child finds the new one comfortable. Is the seat comfortable? Yes, there's a large amount of padding and good support for little legs, however the actual seat isn't the most spacious. The headrest adjusts to 11 different heights, which helps to provide a better fit as your child grows. The harness automatically adjusts as you pull the headrest up, so there's no fiddly rethreading of the harness to change it. Despite being a multi-group seat, it doesn't take up a huge amount of space in the back of the car, unlike other models we've tested. Our testing includes an ergonomic assessment of each seat to make sure your child will be in the best position when travelling, and this seat gets a good rating. Buckling your child into the car seat can be fiddly. Once you no longer wish to use the harness, it can be stowed away inside the seat. There's also a removable insert to use with younger babies. Is there anything I should watch out for? We're continually evolving our tests to help influence the car seat standards, and help to keep babies and children safer. We changed our test programme in 2011 and 2015, so results aren't directly comparable between changes. For more information, visit our How we test car seats page. Please remember that car seats don't always fit in all cars, so it's vital you check how well this model fits in all the vehicles you'll be using before you buy. Either check the car seat manufacturer fitting list or contact your car manufacturer for specific information. Is there anything else I should know? It's easy to remove the seat cover and it's machine washable. Should I buy it? If you're in the position where you have a toddler who exceeds the 18kg upper limit of a Group 1, but isn't old enough to be restrained by the car's adult seatbelt, the actual crash-test ratings are acceptable, so this could be a good solution. The overall test score is lower because of how complicated it is to install. Some other multigroup seats we've tested, such as the Diono Radian 5and the Joie Every Stage, have also been marked down due to being complicated to install, but they also had poor crash-test results in Group 1 mode, whereas this seat gets a satisfactory rating.


Ho does Joie Bold compare with this?


My LO is 4 now though I always used rear facing . This looks like front only, certainly wouldn't put a baby in a front facing.


Another great deal ontheqt that's why I follow your deals

Silver Cross Simplicity car seat + Isofix base - £199.99 @ Lesters Nurseryworld
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Posted 23rd Jun 2018Posted 23rd Jun 2018
Silver Cross Simplicity car seat + Isofix base - £199.99 @ Lesters Nurseryworld£199.99
Silver Cross Simplicity car seat + simplifix isofix base. Very cheap compared to buying them separately. Blue, Pink and Red only in the bundle. Lesters Nursery World is a great sto… Read more

Pretty poor car seat, had with our first child as part of the Pioneer set. It's bulky, heavy & awkward. The clipping mechanism in the base also tends to stick as the 'hooks' get stuck inside the carrier - bad design. Bit of a shame as the pram is fantastic!

Maclaren Quest Stroller in Cardinal/Silver £129.99 @ Lesters
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Posted 8th Feb 2018Posted 8th Feb 2018
Maclaren Quest Stroller in Cardinal/Silver £129.99 @ Lesters£129.99
Looks like a pretty decent deal for this stroller. Relatively lightweight and functional, ideal for holidays. Lifetime warranty on the frame for what it’s worth too. RRP £225 Li… Read more
Silver Cross Surf 3 Pram & Pushchair - £499.99 Delivered @ Lesters Nurseryworld
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Posted 16th Jan 2018Posted 16th Jan 2018
Silver Cross Surf 3 Pram & Pushchair - £499.99 Delivered @ Lesters Nurseryworld£499.99
Available in 7 different colours, including free delivery. Same item is £695 at Toys R US and Mothercare
Besafe iZi X2 i-Size car seat @ Lesters Nurseryworld - £329.99 inc P&P
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Posted 30th Dec 2016Posted 30th Dec 2016
Besafe iZi X2 i-Size car seat @ Lesters Nurseryworld - £329.99 inc P&P£329.99
CAUTION! Buying baby car seats can be complicated, read a guide first to find out what you need and if this is for you! This is rear-facing ONLY, i-size compliant, for children 61-… Read more

This is a fantastic seat and I don't believe it's normally on offer. Heat from me! Have used it for 3.5months now and can't fault it at all. We have a much cheaper (£150) seat in our second car and the difference in quality is obvious.


Very good value for a rear facing car seat and iSize compatible too. The besafe has one of the best reclines, for those of you that have sloping / sculpted seats in your car.


I know besafe make some great car seats (still have one for my son), though while 55" Polaroid TVs are gaining mega heat your expensive rear facing car seat is going to be voted into oblivion. ;)


Good price for rear facing, the Mrs spent £400 on a cybex sirona. Rear facing supposed to be safest out there


minus 68

Cosatto Zoomi 123 car seat £69.99 @ lesters nursery world online
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Posted 13th Dec 2016Posted 13th Dec 2016
Cosatto Zoomi 123 car seat £69.99 @ lesters nursery world online£69.99
Been on the lookout for this car seat reduced, this is the lowest price I've seen so far. free delivery too. Only the hipstar pattern at this price, but with this saving I'll not … Read more

This is an awful seat, only barely passes any safety regulations. Much better seats out there for the price!!

Cosatto Ooba Pram RRP £650 SAVE £325 @ lesters-nurseryworld.co.uk
Posted 26th Sep 2016Posted 26th Sep 2016
Cosatto Ooba Pram RRP £650 SAVE £325 @ lesters-nurseryworld.co.uk£325
Wow just got this pram half price! never seen it so cheap before, free next day delivery too!
Get deal*Get deal*

It isn't a better deal it has a misleading title on pramworld as 3 in 1, though the car seat is available SEPARATELY, so it is really a 2 in 1 with the option of making it a 3 in 1 by adding the car seat, the car seat isn't included according to the description. £75 more expensive for the same 2 in 1


It's the same as Lesters but more??? Why is it better?


This deal is better: http://www.pramworld.co.uk/cosatto-ooba-3-in-1-combi-charleston?gclid=COisj5qMr88CFQ63Gwod8mgNpQ#fo_c=743&fo_k=38e1257d9a62f57d263529920afe1348&fo_s=gplauk 3 in 1 travel system for £75 more....


Lester's nursery world are a great company. bought a few things off them, always sent and arrived quickly, no messing around

Cosatto Zoomi - Group 1-2-3 Car Seat Dilly Dolly £79.99 lesters-nurseryworld.co.uk
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Posted 2nd Sep 2016Posted 2nd Sep 2016
Cosatto Zoomi - Group 1-2-3 Car Seat Dilly Dolly £79.99 lesters-nurseryworld.co.uk£79.99
This looks like a good deal with free postage, Saving £50 off RRP Also this is the newer model with better harness that they can't get out of. Just order one should be here Monda… Read more

Excellent customer service and delivery from the Lesters, it came through next day as promised. I still think a great bargin especially as this is the newer model


Find it weird this is cold!


So far so good, they have already called me back to confirm my delivery address and will be with me Monday!


Thanks, the cheapest i've found it elsewhere was a tenner more. I haven't heard of this seller before but looks OK to me.


​No idea, voted hot. Really good online seller too - I got my travel system from here a couple of weeks ago. They seem to get special deals from Cosatto on a selected print. I saved around £150 on the Giggle 2 with free car seat.