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25% off anything on Ticketmaster (festival tickets, etc) @ letsgorewards
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Posted 3rd Jun 2014Posted 3rd Jun 2014
25% off anything on Ticketmaster (festival tickets, etc) @ letsgorewards
Sign up for a free trial of Lets Go Rewards and get 25% off anything on Ticketmaster. I have used this for several years to get a decent chunk off the cost of festival tickets! Yo… Read more

Hmm will bare that in mind guys thanks for the help. In regards to the unlimited card they said its discontinued now.


I don't have a membership now to check if they still offer it. They did do it about 15 months ago when I signed up. You could purchase a code which you'd then enter on the Cineworld website to redeem for an Unlimited card. I did mention when I rang to cancel that because I'd got the 12 month pass that I no longer needed a membership to LetsGoRewards any more because I was sorted for 12 months and didn't need to pay them £10/month. That would be a good reason why they would have withdrawn it!


I have paid for an extra month or two after the trial sometimes, but I've signed up for the trial on around 5 or 6 separate occasions - they don't seem to limit it.


Yep, its always there - sometimes they have extra offers like 2 free cinema tickets when you take the trial.


Is it always on 30 days free trial or is this an offer that appears every so often?

2 Cinema Tickets for £1 when you sign up to 1 month at Let's Go Rewards (£7.99 thereafter but cancelable during first month)
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Posted 7th Jun 2012Posted 7th Jun 2012
2 Cinema Tickets for £1 when you sign up to 1 month at Let's Go Rewards (£7.99 thereafter but cancelable during first month)£1
Register for "Let's Go Rewards" and you'll get 2 free cinema tickets, which can be used at Cineworld, Empire, Showcase or Apoolo cinemas nationwide, as a welcome gift. Membership … Read more

Hiya ive signed up thanks when do i recieve my free cinema tickets


Hi, how do you get the free tickets, do they send to your home or email it. Thanks


Looks a little dodgy... why does it need my place of birth?


Where did you find the 'cancellation button' ? I've just signed up and can't find it!


I took this offer up about a year ago. I got my free Cineworld tickets and then cancelled over the phone without any problems. They also sent out a 12 month Gourmet Society card which was an unexpected bonus. Last year there was also a possibility of getting £ 16 Quidco which some people claimed they received although I didn't. Heat added. Last years post https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/pay-1-get-2-free-cinema-tickets-16-cashback-lets-go-rewards-947724

Cineworld Unlimited Card - £118.79 a year (i.e. £9.90 a month!) @ Lets Go Rewards (PLUS CASHBACK!?)
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Posted 27th Jan 2012Posted 27th Jan 2012
Cineworld Unlimited Card - £118.79 a year (i.e. £9.90 a month!) @ Lets Go Rewards (PLUS CASHBACK!?)£118.79
If you sign up to a free trial of 'Let's Go Rewards' you can then buy from them a code to get a Cineworld Unlimited card for 1 year for £118.79 (or £142.19 including West End) - ma… Read more

Discount Code for Unlimited Cineworld Membership Please feel free to use these code for your membership subscription. Both of us will get 1 month free subscription. You can use it 11 times so use it for your friends too. :) Code: RAF-23SS-78CL-69HF-93JV Code: RAF-74SL-40ED-56WF-40BV


hey, ive just signed up and cant seem to find where i can purchase the year membership can anyone confirm its still available?


Just an update to say that my tracked TCB turned in to a £15.15 payment so £103.64 for a years cinema. :D Not reached the threshold on the gorewards cashback thru the pouringpounds of £12 but that is still pending. Would be excellent if this turns in to a £91.64 annual ticket


Can someone check to see if this is available again? Thanks


same here, would love to get one of these

Pay £1 and Get 2 Free Cinema Tickets + £16 Cashback @ Lets Go Rewards
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Posted 29th May 2011Posted 29th May 2011
Pay £1 and Get 2 Free Cinema Tickets + £16 Cashback @ Lets Go Rewards£1
I know this has been posted previously (about 6 weeks ago - so repost IS allowed), but there was a bit of uncertainty over whether it would actually work. Well... I can confirm it … Read more

My Quidco claim as raised in May 2011 and updated to aprroved (but awaiting confirmation - what does that mean?) in Mar this year. Still waiting for the payment.


i know this is quite old... i'd completely forgotten about it, but out of the blue just received a message from quidco saying my cashback was declined. hadn't realised that it hadn't actually been paid by now. just wondering if this has happened for anyone else, or of it's worth me putting in a claim?


Glad to help!


Mine confirmed after I raised a claim too. Amazing deal for me as they also refunded the initial quid and sent me the cinema tickets. Thanks again OP


My quidco confirmed too, well happy. Had to open a case as it didn't track so wasn't expecting it to come through. X)

Pay £1 and Get 2 Free Cinema Tickets + £16 Cashback @ Lets Go Rewards
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Posted 13th Apr 2011Posted 13th Apr 2011
Pay £1 and Get 2 Free Cinema Tickets + £16 Cashback @ Lets Go Rewards£1
All you need to do is pay £1 and you'll get 30 days membership and 2 Free cinema tickets. To get the Free Cinema tickets you will need to go through either TCB or Quidco, where yo… Read more

I got the welcome pack the other day, and just called to cancel, the guy gave me the 3rd degree, asking why I wanted to cancel as I hadn't been with them long (told him I couldn't afford it), why did I sign up when I knew i couldn't afford it, asked if I'd gone through a cashback site like Quidco (I said no), then he said ok all cancelled and put the phone down on me! charming!


Still not got it, I'm gonna cancel the direct debit with my bank if its already set up. Balls to phoning them.




just got £16.16 confirmed on TCB :D


oh right mine didnt go out of my account