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Liberty Flights was established in 2009 and has since become a specialist in e cigarettes and e liquid. The company offers solutions for smokers who want a safer and most cost effective alternative to conventional cigarettes. The e cigarette products deliver the requisite nicotine experience without many of the dangers present in smoking. With the kind of social opposition that smoking now attracts, e cigarettes are also more sociable. Pick from a variety of strengths and flavours.
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10% off at checkout @ Liberty Flights
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Posted 18th Jul 2015Posted 18th Jul 2015
10% off at checkout @ Liberty Flights
10% off your order at checkout
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EVOD 2 Vaping starter kit - 40% off list price and 25% off today with code. £14.99 @ liberty-flights
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Posted 31st Mar 2015Posted 31st Mar 2015
EVOD 2 Vaping starter kit - 40% off list price and 25% off today with code. £14.99 @ liberty-flights£14.99
I'm sure this will attract the usual response from non smokers and anti vapers alike but this deal is directed towards those of us who are looking for a way out of the poisonous an… Read more

Love vaping, 6 weeks smoke free so far! Boom.


given it a try thanks


heat from me just bought a simular kit the other day for £30 as ive just started with the ecigs so this was a no brainer as a 2nd kit at less than half the price


Heat added. Ordered a kit and got the 25% off as well. Thanks for posting. :)


I know alot of people that love Evods, I could never get on with them, but heat. Considering the cost to the NHS for quitting smoking services and medicines, I'm am always surprised at people who come up with "willpower it's free", etc Be glad we are paying and not you.

Sigelei 30w £45 + £4 shipping (with 35% discount code) @ Liberty Flights
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Posted 21st Aug 2014Posted 21st Aug 2014
Sigelei 30w £45 + £4 shipping (with 35% discount code) @ Liberty Flights£49
Normally £70 online, more on the high street. It's a decent APV Mod for all you vapers out there. Use "BigBHBonanza" at the check out. Only valid until midnight 22/8/14

How is it used? Demo pics please


oh it'll take lower ohm coils also?


what would be the benefit to this over a MVp v2 besides the increased voltage? how would the battery life compare.


Sex toy.


What is it?

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Posted 15th Jun 2014Posted 15th Jun 2014
TODAY (FATHERS DAY) ONLY I think this is a bit of a bargain as you could pay this price alone for just a battery. Be an "IDIOT"! -axgod2 and vote HOT HOT HOT ! :D You get: 1 … Read more
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Myself also, I would probably also be dead :| Strange to add any more to that. I'm not voting btw, I've moved on so far from the kit talked about, I can't comment.


It's a good starter kit from one of the more reputable stores, they have both online & bricks & mortar stores. Sure you can get cheap stuff of markets & eBay but they probably won't be much good & you don't know where the fluid comes from or what's in it! Liberty Flights manufacture their own fluid here in the UK, in a lab, not some backstreet vendor with no idea. Voted hot, non smokers don't have a clue about this & shouldn't even comment until they do some research. Incidentally, 18 months vaping after a 30 year 30 a day smoker. I'd probably be dead now if I hadn't discovered vaping.


I tried booking for a month but I couldn't even get a bed for a day. Best they could offer was a bed positioned in a corridor.


Look ok, but apparently 15 days leadtime, and unbranded. Interesting site though.


Half the price from fasttech and for not a lot more you can get a much better voltage mod one, i bought a cheap voltage mod one from fasttech for £15

Single CE4 eGo e-cig Kit Reduced to £17.99 October Only - Liberty Flights
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Posted 20th Oct 2013Posted 20th Oct 2013
Single CE4 eGo e-cig Kit Reduced to £17.99 October Only - Liberty Flights£17.99
Single CE4 eGo e-cig Kit Reduced to £17.99 October Only - Liberty Flights. Very Good Quality Brand E-Cig Kit- Reduced from £24.99 to £17.99 for October (Stopober) Comes with usb … Read more
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Propylene Glycol a known irritant. Also found in many ventilated medications, nasal sprays, nebulizers for asthma suffers.. It's not an irritant for everyone. So if a child consumes an entire bottle of high strength nicotine solution they could have 'acute' poisoning. Try consuming the same quantity of caffiene and see how you get on. Hate on them all you want, but for the right reasons. Cheap bad sources of mixed liquids, unknown sources of nicotine, flavourings untested for this use. Buy from a reputable e-juice kitchen and you can narrow that down to just the flavours being untested for vaping.


I quit smoking with these and am still using them. Yes I quit smoking, I no longer smoke, I vape. Thats not smoking its vaping, I gave up smoking and not nicotine but I no longer smoke(i.e. combust something and inhale it) it. Ergo I gave up smoking..... By your rules, if I smoked something with no nicotine would i then have given up? To say that using a vapourise is smoking is just plain stupid, its not there is no smoke only a vapour. You mean giving up nicotine and giving up smoking.


To anyone reading these posts I would just say ignore all the pro and con arguments, many people are ill informed and do not have a clue. The best people to ask are those who have experience. So that is not someone who has never tried the product and just gone cold turkey, or someone that has only used established quitting aids such as patches etc... My advice is try it... if you are a smoker and move from traditional cigarettes which are harmful to your body and your wallet to these then you will not regret that move, you will be fitter and financially better off.


I've read the study, that its flawed and written by doctors with connections to GSK the liscencee for nicorette,. Do some research and stop being a sheep. So let me get this right, your argument against ecigs is that not enough studies have been done on ecigs?.which I've already proved they have, so in your opinion people are better off carrying on smoking, which has been proven to be harmful. Wow great ethics there.


No answer for that eh? I suppose the study was too difficult for you to read. Night night.

RIVA 510-T Electronic Cigarette Liberty Flights £29.88 (using 15% code - see description)
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Posted 17th Apr 2012Posted 17th Apr 2012
RIVA 510-T Electronic Cigarette Liberty Flights £29.88 (using 15% code - see description)£29.88
Having purchased the Tecc Microlite deal the other week, I decided to upgrade... after some research, opted for the Steel Riva 510 - Carto Deluxe (Boge). Boge Deluxe Cartomizer Ki… Read more

Discount Code has now changed to 10% and you can use ghost66 .


Liberty Flights sources decent gear. Their Ego-T 900mah passthrough is £17.99, a clearomiser £5.25. Find yourself a 15% discount code that buyers from there can give you and then buy a 30ml bottle of oil to get you going and you can just replace analogue cigs and not look back. General knowledge on various forums out there, like UKVapers. New battery every 6-9 months, new clearomiser every 2 months, 3-4ml oil a day. Works out approx £5-5.50 a week. Cigs are too expensive nowadays.


is that an affiliate code ?? better kit here extra 10% off with code hut10


Been 4 months since i switched from real cigs. Started on nicolites and then got the ego-c. Deal extreme have a cracking ego-t copy for £15 with 2 batteries etc, i have 2 of them mainly for the batteries.

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Electronic cigarette - Riva 510 starter kit  (lite bundle) £28.98 delivered (with code) - Liberty Flights
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Posted 29th Jul 2011Posted 29th Jul 2011
Electronic cigarette - Riva 510 starter kit (lite bundle) £28.98 delivered (with code) - Liberty Flights£28.98
Seems to be the cheapest price around for a 510 type starter kit The full starter kit is around £33, this is the "lite bundle" which basically as far as I can tell, is missing a U… Read more

Thanks for the various liks


Never tried this one yet I might have to give it ago I use freshcig. Did try and do a post but didnt work. I might have to give this one ago to.


The starter kits are over priced but check out the prices of the batteries and atomizers with the discount! We've only used menthol and B&H flavours so far. Menthol gives a great hit and is the one we'll be sticking with cos we were menthol smokers before. Other flavours don't really interest me tbh and as far the cheapest - most places I've checked out are around £10 per 30ml but Paddypuff are far cheaper and offer free delivery. I think Swapsmoking are pretty cheap too.


Must be pretty overpriced to start with then - the Titan 510 starter is coming up as £28 down from £40. £28's good - £40 not so good. Wonder if they will extend the sale?? Looks like around £28 is the sweet spot for 510 starters Hope they get some more stock then - £25.50 is the cheapest I've seen (by a distance) Can you (or anyone else for that matter) recommend any good flavour e liquid at a good price (ie around £5 for 30ml as per my 2nd post - but looking around that might be a tad optimistic) - looking for a good "tobacco" flavour, plus a few quirky ones. The Mary Jane flavour sounds like a good one ;) What are the fruit ones like? Fruity?


15% off first order code - WELCOME Pretty much all of these e-cig sites have codes for money off. Theelectroniccigarette have 30% off absolutely everything until end of July so I'm well stocked up on atomizers and cartridges for a good few months now.