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Chiffon Top £3.99 and Leggings £2.99 @ Lidl from 12th May
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Posted 9th May 2016Posted 9th May 2016
Chiffon Top £3.99 and Leggings £2.99 @ Lidl from 12th May£3.99
Choice of 3 design tops in sizes 10 - 16, and 2 designs for the leggings in sizes 10 - 24. In Lidl starting this Thursday (12th May). It is in the online leaflet
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Magners 10 can pack and Somersby 12 can pack of cider only £4.99 at Lidl!
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Posted 21st Feb 2016Posted 21st Feb 2016
Magners 10 can pack and Somersby 12 can pack of cider only £4.99 at Lidl!£4.99
Magners 10 can pack and Somersby 12 can pack, was £7.49, then £6.99, now only £4.99 at Lidl!
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I haven't seen any boxes of pearl cider, even at full price, so I don't know... Sorry garethcollins925...


Is it the same price for the magners pear cider as well?


Sorry schall81, but I didn't put a link, as it's instore only...


None in the Longton branch.


I can confirm deal. picked some up from Shanklin branch on friday

Cushelle 24 pack £7.99 at Lidl
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Posted 20th Feb 2016Posted 20th Feb 2016LocalLocal
Cushelle 24 pack £7.99 at Lidl£7.99
Found a 24 pack of cushelle at Lidl for £7.99 at my local Lidl. Probably a national deal. Not seeing any other offers on this at the moment. Not smoking hot, but an average deal, m… Read more
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I think cushelle is the best toilet out there.


Good deal ... I normally get them for £8.95 at Nobby's in Sheringham ...and I thought that was good


I've become quite a snob and no toilet paper other than cushelle is allowed in my house.


FYI, the bench mark for toilet roll is 3/£1, so £8 for 24 is normal. The best I've seen is Wilko £2.25 for 9 on Velvet Lidl do Nouvelle Eco £2.50 for 9 Local Budgens did 4 Nouvelle Eco for £1. All below the 9/£3 benchmark. This is for BRANDED only. If you enjoy Savers 20/£2, then enjoy that :)


Just been to my local in Tamworth and they had lots

Lidl Ultimate Speed Winter Car Care Set 99p
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Posted 19th Feb 2015Posted 19th Feb 2015LocalLocal
Lidl Ultimate Speed Winter Car Care Set 99p£0.99
Found this Ultimate Speed Winter Care Care set in Chesterfield Whittington, just off A61. Reduced in stages from 2.99 to 0.99 Contains: 500mls windscreen antifreeze (which is gre… Read more
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I bought it for 99p in Lanark - Scotland. Seems decent to me.


Found in Durham store today at 99p - loads left. Bought one.


Just seen plenty in the Slough store


Heat added!!!


Offers such as this are limited to the managers choice in that specific store,living in Scotland, I am unlikely to go all the way to Chesterfield, even with the squinty spire. Thanks all the same.

Lidl Online Movies Rental - from £4.45 per month
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Posted 7th Jul 2011Posted 7th Jul 2011
Lidl Online Movies Rental - from £4.45 per month£4.45
Not sure about this one, they claim to be cheapest in UK compared to Love Film, Blockbuster etc for online rentals, and on paper they do seem to be cheaper. Dunno if this will go … Read more

3d only a fad budy.


not very good when i used them and wont be going back to them.


lovefilm have a limited selection and a few you can reserve when they are released.


No 3D rentals from any rental company, so for that reason, this is as cold as any of them.


no games so pretty crap imo

LidlMovies-The UK's Cheapest DVD Rentals.  Free 30 day trial, from £3.39 per month after.
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Posted 30th Nov 2010Posted 30th Nov 2010
LidlMovies-The UK's Cheapest DVD Rentals. Free 30 day trial, from £3.39 per month after.
DVD Rental Package LidlMovies Lovefilm Blockbuster Outnow Tesco 2 discs a month fixed__£3.39___£3.99___£4.99_____£4.99__£3.97 3 discs a month fixed__£5.09___£5.99____n/a_______n/… Read more

I've not used Lidl movies, but have used outnow. They start off OK, but soon take longer and longer to send out discs. I was receiving a disc, watching it and returning it next day. It was taking at least a week to get another one. If I posted on a monday, I wouldn't get another disc until tuesday or wednesday of the following week. I bought a three month subscription ("trial period") to a one disc package for a couple of quid, so didn't mind too much, but cancelled it with a couple of weeks to go as it was not value for money at full price and I didn't want to risk them taking ages to process the last disc, and charging me full price for the fourth month.


Lidl should stick to selling cheap foreign food and leave DVD rentals to companies like Blockbuster or Love Film!


I was with Lidl Movies last year for a short time, it started off really well then went rapidly downhill. Huge problems with sending wrong discs, turnaround time became longer, and still charged me when I cancelled with plenty of time left on my account. It had taken about 2 months to sort things out and get a refund only after contacting trading standards regarding the appalling service I received. I'd go with either Blockbuster or Lovefilm, I've had no problems with either.


I was tempted a few months ago but I Googled 'Outnow' and 'Lidl Movies' video rental for customer reviews/feedback and I was very dissapointed in what was said about them. At least with Lovefilm you know where you 1,2, and 3 monthly trials! ,,,,LOL...(or 3 months for 1)..oh and there turn around service is very good.



Free 30 day DVD/Blu Ray rental trial with Lidl Movies
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Posted 21st Sep 2010Posted 21st Sep 2010
Free 30 day DVD/Blu Ray rental trial with Lidl Movies
Had an email through from Lidl promoting their dvd rental service, with a free 30 day trial. Can rent blu rays as well, as I know some online firms in the past have omitted blu ray… Read more

Well so far I've had 4 discs, they've turned around new ones the same day which i've got the following day. No problems so far :)


I have lovefilm and never have a problem, Get 3 films a week, and mostly my top choices (all blue ray) I posted some back on sunday night, and they have already dispatched my next ones... Same day turnaround from lovefilm! D.


i shall post my findings over the coming days :) To be fair the same applies to lovefilm in it's various forms


very slow delivery, never sent new discs out the same day others were returned lots of films unavailable and customer service is shocking


thats the one

Lidl dvd Rental Movie Package Only 3.32 per Month!! And Also One Months Free Trial
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Posted 23rd Dec 2009Posted 23rd Dec 2009
Lidl dvd Rental Movie Package Only 3.32 per Month!! And Also One Months Free Trial£3.32
It's Lidl's 15 year UK anniversary and to celebrate Lidl are making our subscription packages 15% cheaper than Lovefilm! 65,000 DVD Choices!! Free Home Delivery and Return!! Lowes… Read more

:x I took out a DVD rental trial and you would think that they would want to impress you ,so that you will stay with them. However this isn't the case, they are so slow and discs arrived damaged. Some went missing, I was told that I should have a certificate of posting. I would think about taking out this rental, my experience is not a good one. I have now set up a trial with Lovefilm and the first discs I was allocated were my first choice and hopefully the trial will be good and If so I'll continue with them. My advice is DON'T TAKE OUT A LIDL RENTAL.


They are SO SLOW - registered for free trial on Wednesday and they took till just now to send out the first disc - and it was one of the ones set to low priority ! *****. :x But hey ho - its free. Whatever I get I aint paid for so I cant really moan. Would never pay for this service though !! :p


i used to be with lovefilm for 4 years but got p****d off with an awful service , switched to blockbuster and have never looked back . they are far superior in every way


Just signed up for Lidl as cheaper than Tesco - but their list doesnt stack up to Tesco (powered by Lovefilm) - and I am not now so confident about the quality of their offering. wait and see suppose


thanks for people reviews, not going bother... can't be dealing with a slow service!

New DVD Rental Service - 30 day free trial - Lidl Movies
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Posted 13th Oct 2009Posted 13th Oct 2009
New DVD Rental Service - 30 day free trial - Lidl Movies
You get a 30 day, no obligation free trial of the new Lidl Movies's DVD rental service so you can sample the choice and convenience of hassle-free DVD Rental by post. We think yo… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I have cancelled after and unsuccesful months trial but have not responded to any e mail, does anyone know who i can contact either by phone or e mail


Absolutley rubbish, shocking excuse for an online rental company. Stick with Lovefilm which at times can stall with the titles but at least the customer service is good. I got all older titles with Lidl, and when sending back took almost a week to update! When 5 (yes 5) didnt turn up at the Lidl depot I was made to fill in lost in post reports which is fine and expected. But to be continually told that I hadnt sent these titles or forms back was too much. Swift cancellation later and bye bye to a useless, second rate, shabby service. AVOID


Not impressed - joined nearly 2 weeks ago and still waiting for 1st disc so just cancelled. Lovefilm tons better!


Still going well for me :thumbsup: 6 DVDs so far - although Watchmen could have done with being 2 hours shorter! Will give it another week, but will probably cancel lovefilm and stick with these Lidl movies people on evidence so far - cos its about £2 cheaper! Well spotted DLM!


+1 I've been with them all and Cinema Paradiso are by far the best, cheaper too:thumbsup: