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-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off all motorbike helmets plus free helmet bag and delivery @ lids direct using code PAYDAY
Got an email from lids direct today offering 20% discount on all full price helmets plus you get a free helmet bag and delivery using code PAYDAY (Not applicable on sale items) Off… Read more

Heat Added Good Find (y)


If I hadn't just bought new lids last month, I'd be shopping there.



Cheers for checking mate. I did some checks too and found them to be competitively priced.


Nope, did a random helmet price check seems to be £299 or a fair bit more elsewhere SHARK SPARTAN HOPLITE KUK SUBTOTAL £299.99 DISCOUNT (PAYDAY, FREE BAG DEAL) -£60.00 GRAND TOTAL £239.99

£100 Discount
£100 Discount
Up to £100 off using discount codes @ Lids Direct
Received a mail today for money off at Lids Direct ranging from £15 off a £50 order up to £100 off a £400 order. Just enter the following codes in your basket: Spend £400 enter co… Read more

Just worked for me. Got the £100 off, nice! Thanks op!


Just can't get this to work... Is it expired?


was gonna buy a Caberg Duke from Italy but with £25 off don't think I'll bother... cheers OP


Sorry bout that :)


Moved to Vouchers - Thanks for taking time to post :)

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15% Discount @ Lids Direct
15% discount on all online purchases with voucher - LIDSDIRECT11 Purchased a lid (crash helmet) for my new bike from here, great price and got next day delivery with the 2-3 day p… Read more

£57 saved today on a new lid. Very nice saving. :)


Worked on 24th May 2011. £57 off a £379.99 helmet! Nice.


Thanks for that. Nice new Shoei on the way

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HJC FG-15 Carbon Motorcycle helmet £149.99 at LidsDirect
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Posted 10th Feb 2016Posted 10th Feb 2016
HJC FG-15 Carbon Motorcycle helmet £149.99 at LidsDirect£149.99
HJC FG-15 Carbon Free deluxe bag worth £19.99 Free dark visor worth £39.99 Description Advanced carbon shell. Optically-superior Pinlock prepared face shield Pr… Read more

buy ls2 carbon helmet. they sell for 150 or something in ebay. plus u get warranty if u crash they replace free of charge :)


199.99 now


I've bought it and don't even own a motorbike


It's been around this price for a while. Have a look at this thread from 2014:


Don't need buy REALLY want. .....

TCX Infinity Goretex boots  £135.99 @ LidsDirect
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Posted 24th Jan 2015Posted 24th Jan 2015
TCX Infinity Goretex boots £135.99 @ LidsDirect£135.99
These boots have a list price of £250. They are dicounted to an already bargain £169. If you use the code sale20 at checkout 20% further is discounted. I have a pair of these, they… Read more
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great price for a great pair of boots. heat added


I have had a pair for a while now (size 44) an they are comfy to ride and walk in as well as keeping your feet dry.


Good boot and great price, shame only sizes 44,45 & 46 so no good for me (bigfoot)

HJC FG-15 Carbon Helmet just £169.99 at LidsDirect (all sizes)
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Posted 25th Mar 2014Posted 25th Mar 2014
HJC FG-15 Carbon Helmet just £169.99 at LidsDirect (all sizes)£169.99
This is a great price for a full Carbon helmet. Also includes a tinted visor and deluxe helmet bag. Advanced FULL CARBON shell. Optically-superior Pinlock prepared Faceshield Pro… Read more

Sorry my reply yesterday isn't clear (I was using my phone)... what do you need to know... if you are looking for suggestions on the best Scooter to get then I'm not really the best to advise. There's bound to be plenty of information on the internet though.


received my RHPA 10 PLUS.... great lid!! anyway it was surrounded by 3 layers of cardboard, each with a fair bit of space around the other. it's unlikely in my opinion that the helmet would be damaged transit



Hi I am new to motorcycle and have recently passed cbt. Need to buy a 125cc scooter, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Cheers!


I managed to pick up a RPHA 10+ black and white Zappy for £169.99 from Lids Direct which I thought was unbeatable... until I searched and a month or two ago it was £139.99.... now that is an amazing price!!

HJC R-PHA 10 Plus £139.99 @ Lidsdirect
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Posted 3rd Feb 2014Posted 3rd Feb 2014
HJC R-PHA 10 Plus £139.99 @ Lidsdirect£139.99
The ultimate HJC helmet with Premium Integrated Matrix shell technology. As worn by Ben Spies of Moto GP fame! The 'Plus' version of the R-PHA 10 has new and improved vents & i… Read more
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just got mine today.... well worth the 169 I paid


Gutted I couldn't get this for the £139.... I've just paid £169 for it, either way it's an excellent helmet.


Gone up to 170 but still by far the cheapest around, still available in all sizes


Amazing price!


massive bargain hot hot hot

HJC FG-15 Carbon Fibre Helmet With Extras £199.99 - Lids Direct
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Posted 12th Jul 2013Posted 12th Jul 2013
HJC FG-15 Carbon Fibre Helmet With Extras £199.99 - Lids Direct£199.99
comes with a hjc smoke visor, good quality helmet bag and an oxford oximiser 900 (they are 35 quid even on ebay, but retail at 50) this is a fairly decent price for a full carbon f… Read more
20% off Shoei and Shark Helmets This Weekend at Lids Direct
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Posted 15th Jun 2013Posted 15th Jun 2013
20% off Shoei and Shark Helmets This Weekend at Lids Direct
20% discount code for Shoei and Shark helmets this weekend, just enter code SH20 at checkout.

Perhaps worth mentioning that helmetcity have better prices on the XR-1100 if you want bolder graphics with some dropping from £420 to £270 (Thanks to Dealsonmeals for that one)


Thanks OP just saved me £80+ on a Shoei XR-1100! Been eyeing it up for a while and took this to be a message from the Gods ;)


Damn, I really want another XSpirit-2... Good discount for those that are after a new lid, worth mentioning that helmetcity is also have a sale if you can't find the one you're after.


J&S Motorcycles also have a 50% sale on helmets at the moment


Ta. Ordered a new one.

LID Havoc Graphic Red Motorcycle Helmet £19.99 @ Lids Direct
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Posted 5th Jun 2013Posted 5th Jun 2013
LID Havoc Graphic Red Motorcycle Helmet £19.99 @ Lids Direct£19.99
Reduced from £99.99 to £19.99 I've searched HDUK but couldn't find a live listing for this. Seems like a good deal, I'm looking to learn, so don't want to spend a fortune only to … Read more

XL size only




I don't see why not, if its road legal, you should be able to use it on a karting track


Would happily pay this to use when karting rather than stick my head in one of the sweaty, smelly helmets provided. Would this be suitable?


Thanks for the heads up (if you excuse the pun) :-)

Oxford neck warmers just pay for postage £4.49 @ Lids Direct
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Posted 5th Mar 2013Posted 5th Mar 2013
Oxford neck warmers just pay for postage £4.49 @ Lids Direct£4.49
Just pay for postage (£4.49) think you will either get the colours shown in the image or a random pack. These are usually £8.99+ for a pack. Aldi are selling them for £2.99 each:… Read more

Grand total of £4.49 for me here


comes up £10.44 for me as you have to add P&P !!! what am I doing wrong then? :)


Yeah, have to agree the postage was cheaper last time (think it was around £3). I got a full black one, a checkered black and white one and a light blue with circle (target boards) pattern. No weird smells though :)


Aldi ones are nowhere near as good as Oxford ones, got some last year went straight to the kids for 'pretending to be like Dad' when on their pushbikes... worth it for that I guess :)


Got some real sissy ones last time this offer was on, plus postage was less then too. Do I gamble again or do I pass....... phone a friend time! Helmets from £20(+£5 postage) was £99. Site verified by notron
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Posted 24th Jan 2013Posted 24th Jan 2013 Helmets from £20(+£5 postage) was £99. Site verified by notron£25.95
Go easy on me this is my first deal. I've just passed my CBT and will be taking to the road soon so whilst looking for a helmet i came across this. I'm yet to see even plain bog st… Read more
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Bought one of these helmets, unpacked it and it was broken, had a crack right along the plastic vent. They are very bad with communication, been waiting a week for a reply to two emails. trying to arrange collection for return. W ould not recommend lidsdirect, if there is a problem seems like they don't care.


you can get an extra 20% off everything on lidsdirect using code feb20, Just got £32 off a new lid :D


nice looking lid and a good price but PLEASE get measured up and make sure it fits correctly x


Sounds suitable for car trackdays. Saves me having to rent a lid for £10 a day and I'm sure the visor could be detached. The helmets for hire are never fitted for you but I guess it's not as important inside a car.


You also tend to pay for a better overall quality of construction, lower noise, visors that don't leak, visor mechanisms that work properly, vents that don't break and interiors that don't fall apart within 6 months.

Arai Chaser-V St George RRP £504.99 TO JUST £249.99 @
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Posted 1st Aug 2012Posted 1st Aug 2012
Arai Chaser-V St George RRP £504.99 TO JUST £249.99 @£249.99
The Arai Chaser-V has been redesigned from the ground up in almost every detail. A matter of evolution instead of revolution, to continue the success of the popular and loved Chase… Read more

Looks good..also looks like there other one...the conder.



I've no doubt its a good lid.... Goes without saying really with Arai.


Some info on the Chaser V range Jeff :- The Arai Chaser-V Motorcycle Helmet is an evolution of one of Arai Helmets most popular and universally praised helmets, the Chaser. Updated in almost every way, the Arai Chaser-V is constructed with a SFL (Super Fibre Laminate) shell and features a wider aperture and SAI visor giving improved vision, interior comfort is increased by the modified ventilation system; the large rear vent now creates a 50% higher vacuum, and in combination with the larger side vents greatly improve air circulation, a host of detail changes - including deleting some interior parts and repositioning attachment buttons - greatly add to the Arai Chaser-V's comfort and useability. Even the shape of the interior itself has been fine-tuned to prevent pressure points while offering the necessary snug fit.


I've seen previous Chaser models for under £200, but not sure how much better this series V is. Best to try on in a shop first.... not everyone has an Arai shaped head.

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