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Astro A50 System (GEN 4) PS4 Gaming Headset bundle - £224.99 delivered @ Lime Pro Gaming
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Astro A50 System (GEN 4) PS4 Gaming Headset bundle - £224.99 delivered @ Lime Pro Gaming£224.99 Free P&P Free
I was waiting for deal on astro's for a long time. After code and 1-2 day delivery £216.24

Type limeprogaming promo code in Google


Thanks for sharing this @matej89 (y)


Code doesn’t work for me.


Anyone know why they can abandon optical port on the xbox version without an adapter like the Sony solution?


If your TV has an optical port then you can use that instead of an adapter. Most modern TVs tend to have these.

Astro A50 System (GEN 4) XBOX / PC / PS4 Gaming Headset £220.50 with code at Lime Pro Gaming
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Posted 23rd Nov 2020Posted 23rd Nov 2020
Astro A50 System (GEN 4) XBOX / PC / PS4 Gaming Headset £220.50 with code at Lime Pro Gaming£220.50£299.9926% off Free P&P Free
Best deal I have seen on this in a long while. Black Friday deal with a £5 off code too. One of the best headsets around and a cracking price for a Christmas present! Lime Pro Ga… Read more

I agree usbc is a important move foward but all of these companies are saving cost. But i cant agree that these changes arent always without downsides. MS surface devices for example providing a lackluster amount of media inputs. Anyway back to these £200+ headphones that thousands of users have. Hmm a lot of people now pretty annoyed for losing functionality (which it does, doesnt seem to be just an adaptor needed issue) Personally i would pay more (£50 more?) for a console that came with more ports, like optical and a second hdmi out. but that's me and i know im not the masses.


The jack wasn’t removed from the iPhone because of cost .... it’s because the world needs to move on and in a compact device the jack took up a lot of internal space. It’s the same for micro usb and usb-c, the world needs to move onto the better port but because everyone would complain rather than just getting an adaptor it’s been a really slow migration. As for the optical port, hmmm, maybe it’s a case of only a handful of devices using it and given the box is already ridiculously cheap for what you’re getting they had to cut something.


I need them for mainly PC and as I work from home, was thinking of using the same setup for team calls. Technically which is better for PC. Thanks for the replies.


Agreed, if getting steel series for Xbox either the 9x or the new 7x ones are tailor made for em 8)


I also have the Gen 3 and using on my PS5 via optical port on TV. Fortunately my Samsung TV has a one connect box so nice and easy to connect. The astro adapter is out of stock now, was hoping to buy to test the difference (also have the discount code) but won't bother now as there doesn't appear to be any lag with my current workaround. Is there any value in doing the firmware update?

Astro A50 gen 3 refurbished 2 year warranty - £150 @ LimeXB
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Posted 24th Sep 2017Posted 24th Sep 2017
Astro A50 gen 3 refurbished 2 year warranty - £150 @ LimeXB£150
10% off with welcome10 On eBay and stuff the headsets refurb for 220 so I think it's a good deal. New is 220 on this site too

Hmm I have the PS4 version but just need the Xbox versions dock to work on the Xbox One. Probably be cheaper to buy this just for the dock. Not sure I would be able to sell just the headphones on their own though.


Yes and you can recharge them using a micro USB cable.


Do they recharge in the stand ?


Awesome deal, but want PS4 Really


Ps4 refurb OOS. I did some research Xbox versions will work on PC Xbox one perfectly however ps4 WITHOUT chat function ONLY audio.

Xbox One Hair Trigger Controller Mods - Elite Style Functionality - £13.99 delivered @ LimeXB
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Posted 25th Aug 2017Posted 25th Aug 2017
Xbox One Hair Trigger Controller Mods - Elite Style Functionality - £13.99 delivered @ LimeXB£13.99
Really good quality hair trigger mod for the standard Xbox one controller. I'm sick of my Elite controllers breaking, and this was the main function I use, these have rubberised g… Read more

Cool, sounds interesting, if they make a controller with properly removable and replaceable parts it may be with a look.


Can't quite see from the image, but it'd be awesome if you could access the new style thumbsticks and remove the whole mechanism (including ball part) from the top like the Scuf ones, would help with replacement of the bits that have the issue of fracturing, unless they've managed to fix that totally.


Look at that wraparound grip, that does look nice.


This is great! Thanks for the post. I personally returned my Elite controller because I didn't like the weight/feel of it. The only thing I really missed was the trigger locks for FPS games, so this is perfect for me (highfive)


Ahh, not heard that yet, I'll see what they're like, probably still go Scuf TBH, not those awful gaudy colours though, a nice understated one, the Elite does have lovely styling.

Xbox one w/titanfall download code £349.99 @ LimeXB
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Posted 14th Jul 2014Posted 14th Jul 2014
Xbox one w/titanfall download code £349.99 @ LimeXB£349.99
Best I've seen by a long shot and comes with a great game! Bought from this website before so preety sure this is legit. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Must have timed out for me as nothing is there now, and yes I only put one in the basket[image missing]The product page does now state Email me when Back-In-Stock


Interesting, Do you have the only one in your cart? ;) Because it's showing OOS for me.


When you say 'everywhere' where exactly is 'everywhere'?


Haha oops, corrected xD


How is it £349.99 everywhere? Proof? It's £389.99 on sites like Tesco, and £379.99 on zavvi and The Hut IIRC.

Skullcandy SLYR Headset in Black - Refurbed for £25! @LimeXB
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Posted 16th Apr 2014Posted 16th Apr 2014
Skullcandy SLYR Headset in Black - Refurbed for £25! @LimeXB£25
Good deal I think as the price for a new one is £64.99

Refurbed headphones.. yuk.. Cleaned but sorry not right..


+ 20% tax = £29.99

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