code just worked for me. got ma daughter a bike for her birthday for £61.
Code worked for me too.

Just got 12 months XBOX Live with Street Fighter iV (For PS3 though) all for £39.52 delivered.

Hopefully the 8% Quidco will track too.
works fine here too.
thanks a lot lucerysmum
was just coming on to post this code. works for me.. got pair of kswiss trainers for £55 for me and 10 pairs of socks for my son for £8.. total= £35.77 !
Yeah i also recieved this email and it worked for me as well. Bought a Hoover hover for £61 after the discount and quidco was £4.25
Worked for me on Additions Direct!
I got the same email but get the message "Sorry, this promotion code cannot be applied to your order." I feel a phone call to CS to air my grievance is my 1st job of the day tomorrow...Am I the only one?
Doesn't work for me now either!

Must be expired.

won't work for me and its my code !
didn't work for me (and I received the email !!). Called cs about 10.41pm and helpful assistant said that he had to over ride it. Sounded like a common problem though, so should be okay for them to process in the morning I would have thought without a scrap ! Heat added and rep
worked for me yesterday, thanx
Ref my post last night. Called CS, they said they would process my order and I have to ring when it arrives to have the discount applied (is that unusual?) When I recieved the order confimation the sale price of the item (£79) had not been charged but £99 instead, called them again, they said to call when I recieve the order and they will reduce the price to £79. Then I noticed they have added on insurance for the product which I did not request, I called to query guessed it...I have to call when the item arrives and they will deduct it OMG, was it worth it? I ordered a lawnmower that should be costing me £49 which is now coming in at a grand total of £128. Methinks I shall buy a goat:roll:
I actually got posted the code ZG754 for £30 off first order of £60 - and guess what doesn't accept it online???
these are so hit & miss it seems
i'hv received my delivery already.!
No matter how much this code is worth, i will still never use this company again.

Had so many bad run ins with them only to have to send the item back as they have charged me the full price instead of the discounted one.

Wouldn't even entertain them. The code might work now but better off checking how much you have been charged when it comes through the door.
This is expired as ran out on 20th
I would only use this code if it has been emailed to me because if not they will charge you full price even though it has gone trough as discounted. Here is another post explaining that:…e=5
spoke 2 these jokers today as they charged me the full amount, apparently they only give you the 30 quid back, 5 days after you have taken delivery, i questioned it, as it only seemed to charge me 35 on the site, yet charged me 65 and ill get a refund in a few days, supposedly

seems like a really weird way of doing it... seemingly discount 30 quid... charge 30 quid extra.... then refund at a later date, is there any reason behind it? the woman said it was just the way the 'computer' did it, i told her, her computer was a load of tosh that didnt make sense and they needed a new one! whether the 30 quid refund will come back or not i will have 2 wait and see, anyone else in a similar boat thats been charged full whack from this code?

edit just seen the above post! damn, annoying still, i put thru 2 orders, one with marshall ward and one with these, i recieved the marshall ward code by emial, so might have to cancel the littlewoods one!
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