Littlewoods £30 off first order (min £60 order)

Littlewoods £30 off first order (min £60 order)


Great offer, shame they don't have any Nintendo DS in before January, would have had one of those!!

Thanks for posting bazzaric. The code's been mentioned on here before, but it wasn't currently in our voucher section

just tried this doesn't seem to work?...code not recognised, anyone used it?

Code does work but it wont accept it on credit/debit card orders.

ah right, will try again thanks,

"sorry we are unable to accept this promotoin code........"
This was with doing it over 52 weeks.

How did u get to work on the littlewoods site?

Please help............seen a really nice cordless phone on there, and this 30 quid saving makes it very attractive!

Ignore me .......... just got a message saying my order didnt reach the criteria.
So it seems the code isnt being accepted

yes i also really what this code to work

I used a £30 first customer code here a while back and it worked fine. I added in a £99 mobile phone (K750i), selected the payment over 20 weeks, added the coupon code and it accepted. Bear in mind the code will only work if you choose to pay over the 20 weeks (afaik).

didnt work. sorry!

Didn't work for me on 20 or 52 weeks

nor selecting to pay by credit/debit card.

I have phoned up and placed an order using this code ZG1466 (£30 discount on £60 spend - first order) and it worked ok for me - you will not be credited the £30 straight away as you have 14 days to return your purchase - I have opted to pay by credit card when Littlewoods send me out my statement which is usually on a 28 day cycle. Was advised there is a problem with the codes on the website so it may be worth anyone wanting to take up the offer placing the order by phone. I know you miss out on cashback (but you can't have everything well not all the time anyway!!!!)

This discount ZG0333 does work, at least on higher spends and if you take out 20 weeks credit option. You can cancel once you've paid off the £30+ [£60 - £30].

As above, the credit won't show until you receive your statement to show what you owe. But it does state whether the discount is accepted or not when you check out.

Original Poster

Thanks Rayman, sorry I haven't been back on since starting this thread. I got the voucher through the post. I phoned up and they honoured it. Sorry for the delay!!

That's okay No problem!

Forgot to mention, this is definitely for a first order only.
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