Get code & visit site151
Buy now pay Feb 2009

and then spread the cost for a further 20 weeks interest free! On any orders over £150.00
Just type code XX151


Should be posted as a voucher

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thanks Edi for sorting that out for me. Much appreciated. Hope this is of benefit. :thumbsup:

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Any reason for rating this cold?

For a start it's littlewoods and not sure but i think with littlwwoods they charge intrest on all buy now pay later i just remember some 1 saying something like that to me

Littlewoods stay well clear

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Littlewoods only charge interest on anything over 52 weeks. Buy now pay later does not get affected by this

This is still working... Am I correct in assuming that after I add an item to pay over 52 weeks, then apply this voucher... I will not pay a penny 'till Feb. and then only then will my 52 weeks interest free payments start?
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