Littlewoods Direct Free gift with orders over £50

Littlewoods Direct Free gift with orders over £50



wouldnt bother they probally demand payment for free gift in 2 months time:giggle: :giggle:
littlewoods WORST company service EVER, will DEMAND you pay for items if using codes.

I think hot uk deals should remove any more littlewoods posts- they are no longer money saving just long term rip offs.
voted cold, voted spam, voted expired, please all do the same, these posts must stop!!!!!!!!!
The free gift will probally be a bill!!
With apologies to the OP, who probably posted in good faith, I too have voted cold. Littlewoods are not a trustworthy company, as evidenced by recent events; I agree that posts involving any Littlewoods deals should be removed by the mods.:-(
Damn right, the bloody con artists..........
6000 only on a first come first served basis,:whistling:

I hope their are 6000 left when the offer is over , this lot deserved to lose all customers the way they have behaved .
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