Littlewoods Voucher - £30 off £60 spend

Littlewoods Voucher - £30 off £60 spend



Nice one just placed an order.

But make sure you use the internet prices when you phone as these are alot cheaper and they will price match them.:santa:
Lol they just called me too while I was reading this thread for the exact same reason.

I made the account to use the other code that was posted here but never got to place an order and I can confirm its "New customer only" and has to done over the phone and the code is the same.
Has anyone used this code online and got the code to work as well as got the £30 refund. I don't want the hassle of having to call up.
You have to call but what I did was put all the stuff in the basket online then rang up and just give the item codes only took 10 mins bought £70 worth of stuff for £40 and there are some quite good offers as well:santa:
Do they refund the money into your Littlewoods account or bank account? Also I heard this only works if you set up a credit account with them?
I got a call yesterday as well. They must be really desperate!
great worked for me
Worked for me, great offer
To get this working online do you have to set up a special flexible account or can you just fill in your card details?
I just used it online - will it not go through then?
Phoned order through....spent £84.00 on goods plus £3.97 on delivery......was told the code was no good on sale stuff but 1 item was sale stuff....used the 3 for 2 as well on toys.... total charged to my card was £42.97 and everything due for delivery tomorrow Code worked a treat:santa: Obviously the £30 discount was deducted from my total order
My order came to £62, then one item free then £30 off - £20.95. When I checked this morning £50.95 was taken from my card. I called up and was told that the total order was only £50.95 so the code didn't apply, and in any case, the code couldn't be used with the 3 for 2 items.

I know its worked for some of you but I couldn't tell her that so I just cancelled the order. One item however couldn't be cancelled as it has already been despatched and unfortunately it was the 'free' item on my 3 for 2. I still got refunded the £50.95 and the item is coming tomorrow. Yay!!
I cant get it to work and this will be my first order...of £99.00 so emailed them, but have got to wait it out..... as the accounts in DH's name.

anyone know of another code...just incase this one has stopped??? please
Worked for me online instead of phoning through......order was paid for and confirmed :santa:
placed order online and got my £30 off so you don't have to phone , checked my bank account they took full amount then refunded £30.
Is this still working for additions direct? I just tried but it wont let me use the code online
Lol had letter from Marshallward this morning with same code for £30 off £60 spend
I created a new account - spent £61 on non-sale items, applied code and paid by credit card. It took off the £30 as promised. Everything on screen confirmed discount applied. I know Littlewoods have a terrible reputation for wiping the discount and charging full whack, so lets see what happens..
I used this code through AdditionsDirect website and everything through the checkout procedure showed the £30 discount. I paid by credit card.

When I looked at my account it showed values without any discount. Having heard stories of discounts being reversed and discounts only being applied once the order has been dispatched/delivered I decided to email them and ask them to clarify what would happen and whether I definitely qualified for the discount, as if I didn't qualify then I may choose to cancel the order.

A few hours later I got a reply confirming that I (and my order) qualify for the £30 off and that it would be credited once the order has been delivered.

As the stuff I've bought are xmas pressies I'll be sure to check my account for 14 days after delivery (which is due this Friday) to be sure they don't reverse the credit, but I think it'll go ok.

So, for anyone not convinced, a quick email asking them to confirm that you are definitely eligible for the discount may put your mind at ease.

Oh, I did call their customer services department before sending an email, and they seemed to be completely clueless as to how it would work and they couldn't (or didn't know how to) check that my code was valid, and they left me more confused than before I made the call. But, whoever generated the email response seemed to know what was going on.
I can confirm this works brilliantly...

I've just ordered £60 worth of toys/games and the final bill came to £23.95 - all done online at littlewoodsdirect.

Here's how you do it to also take advantage of the 3 for 2 toys/games offer:
1) Searched for 3 items (in the toys/games 3 for 2 offer) and make sure they come to minimum of £60.
2) Goto checkout and set up a new account.
3) After completing personal details it will show you your order, it will already have taken off the cheapest item free in the 3 for 2 offer, so its likely the total amount will be less than £60.
4) Type in the offer code stated in this thread at the bottom, it will state 'offer code not valid'.
5) Add 1 extra item from one of your 3 items (change 1 to 2). It will then add the extra item. As soon as it does this it should go over £60 and the £30 offer discount will be applied.
6) I then removed the extra item, and the £30 discount offered - stayed. As well as the 3 for 2 offer.
7) Total amount - £60, 3 for 2 offer meant cheapest free -£10, £30 new customer discount -£30. Total amount was £20+£3.95 p+p - what a great offer.

Should get delivery of all items tomorrow, i've already had the email to confirm this order above, so no problems so far. Should all be delivered tomorrow so i'll confirm that it works.

As a sidenote - it clearly said final total was £23.95 - it has not tried to charge me any more for this so far, and the £30 discount was put on before I confirmed the order so it should not be a problem..
I already have an account with marshall ward and littlewoods, think its time to get one with direct. Will be emailing them to check first though, I should count as a new customer as they are all different websites.

Bah looks like I've already got an account with them, had forgot about it. However I've not made a purchase with it yet, so technically I'm still a new customer. Will email them soon.

EDIT: for everyone who used this online, are you doing it with credit accounts? I can't seem to get it to work, although I've had my account for ages and that might be the problem.
It worked for me over the phone and it wasn't even my first order! Thanks

Just make sure you quote 'Littlewoods Direct' ref numbers and not 'Littlewoods', as both my products had a £10 price difference.

placed order online and got my £30 off so you don't have to phone , … placed order online and got my £30 off so you don't have to phone , checked my bank account they took full amount then refunded £30.

How long did it take them to refund the £30?They have taken £66.00 from my bank account which is the price before the £30 discount. All my emails definitely said that the code was accepted. Hopefully soon!
Tried the code on the Littlewoods website this evening and it wouldn't allow me to use the 3 for 2 offer with it. Called Littlewoods and they said the same, that the two discounts can't be used together.

Pembs said that he got a letter from marhall wards with the same code, so I tried their website and it worked a treat. 3 for 2 plus the 30 pounds off.

Amazing deal, 3 bottles of aftershave for 33.95

So hot.
My products are due today.. on the invoice it says its going to charge me the full amount of £53.95 but there is clearly the £30 credit on the transaction too.
Phoned my bank and they can only see the debit and no credit. Phoned littlewoodsdirect and the bloke said that I shouldnt have been able to use the voucher at all! Told him it was a call direct to me and he said if the credit doesn't go through tomorrow i should phone back and he'll do what he can.

Wont' be settling for anything less than the the £30 credit - if it wasn't meant to go through then it shouldn't have been accepted online.. not my fault.

Will keep you posted.

Hot hot offer if it does work!
Well I got an email there saying that I should phone up with the code to take advantage of the offer. I'm waiting for the 3 for 2 on clothes and footwear offer thats supposedly happening on the 1st of december, although I have a suspicion they won't let me use it on 3 for 2 if I phone up. If not I'll probably make an account at additions direct and try using it online there, since I haven't signed up for them yet.

EDIT: Well signed up for an additions direct account, and the code works which is good. Couldn't be bothered waiting for the 3 for 2, so just placed an order there. I phoned first too and the guy on the other end said I was definetally eligible for the discount, so there's no way they can charge me full price, I will kick up a fuss anyway if it happens. Used a similar £10 off code with marshall ward a while back, they charge you the full amount and you get the discount back. It's usually straight away though.

I emailed them too and this is whet I got back from them

Dear XXX XXXXXXXX,Thanks for contacting us about the promotion you … Dear XXX XXXXXXXX,Thanks for contacting us about the promotion you received.Upon checking your account we find that your discount for £30 is pending. Once your order for item UTXXXX has been despatched, your discount should go back on to your card.We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and look forward to you shopping online with us again soon.

Just waiting for one of my items which is out of stock then I will get my £30 back. FYI I purchased 3 for 2 toys too.
Worked for me even with the 3 for 2 offer.

My order came to over £100 with one item free @ £34 and 2 at £35 each. P&P is £3.95.However they did take £74 from my account but credited my account with the £30 at the same time. A nice £60 saving - thank you!!!
As with bagginsboy, there is a £30 credit on my credit card.
I have saved around £60 with this deal. Unfortunately not Xmas presents but stuff for myself.
I'd just like to re-iterate this still works - especially well online and for the 3for2 on games/gifts.

You can save some excellent money on the 3 for 2 - especially if you pick something that costs £30-40 as it means its like a buy 1 get 2 free!!!

brilliant deal - and still working online .
Got the £30 back from additions direct, made some amazing savings even without the 3 for 2 offer. Oh and remember, this code works for every site related to the littlewoods group, eg marshall ward, additions direct etc, so you could always use it more than once. I'm gonna get more clothes on monday when the 3 for 2 comes in. Also you can always email them, tell them to close your account, and just make another one (although I wouldn't do this too often or they will get suspicious). I think littlewoods have stopped taking back the money saved from voucher codes, they must be desperate for customers.
This isn't expired, we just used it this morning.
where did u use?????
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