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i suppose i should do my home work before posting. my bad :oops:


i suppose i should do my home work before posting. my bad :oops:

Yo Lad, not saying that...
Just littlewoods let alot of person here down one time before.
Im just putting my view on this out there.

Hopefully it works sweet, but I wouldn't touch with barge pole...

Keep post coming.... thanks for the effort

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thank you i am quite new and i never seen that, that is bad that they are trying to get people to pay it back as if they did not want everyone having this they should have put something in place to stop it from happening

I have used Littlewoods group codes on average 3 or 4 times per month for over a year. I have never had a problem, or an order refused.

As long as the purchaser is aware that there could be a problem, these offers should continue to be posted.

Caveat Emptor.

Can you guys please please stop posting that BBC link whenevr you see someone posting a voucher for littlewoods or other part of littlewoods like marshallward etc...

I mean cmon, WE GOT IT YEAH... Littlewoods asked for refund to their costumers...Yes.. WE GOT IT.
That was just because it was meant for a small group and not 3000 people! Just because they ONCE withdrawn their £25 voucher , doesnt mean other codes wont work! I used most of the codes here and never had a problem..

Voted hot even tho it is expired and rep given... Carry on posting the codes guys..

Tried on both littlewoods and greatuniversal it doesnt work im afraid

I tried it also, accepted it initially but then said it was invalid at checkout.

Just tried and code does not work xxx

it has expired xx
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