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5kg Chicken Fillets £12.95 with code @ Livelean (min order £25) (Del £3.95)
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Posted 9th Jul 2017Posted 9th Jul 2017
5kg Chicken Fillets £12.95 with code @ Livelean (min order £25) (Del £3.95)£12.95
Minimum order is 25 quid but still a bargain. code on the page - CHICKENDEAL

Musclefood is without a doubt the best I've tried apart from the butchers... lean meat and wholesome breasts


Yeah, those pics above are from livelean. Ive gone back to using musclefood. Though I have had the odd blip on burst packs the quality of their chicken is what musclefood say it is. They are well trimmed, no bone or blood, virtually no water loss, and they look like something you'd want to eat!And whilst musclefood CS isn't brilliant the CS from live lean was none existent.


Thanks for the warning. I assume this was with Livelean rather than Musclefood? Anyone experienced this too? Also, what's people's opinions/experience with regards to water content in these type of things? Get my chicken breast for £10 (3kg) but I'd guesstimate 10-20% of it is water. So looking at alternatives.


Warning- don't buy livelean.I took the last deal. The livelean "premium" chicken that arrived from eastern Europe was poorly trimmed, blood, and bits of i think windpipe stuck to it. See pics below. They completely ignored me on the eChat and email, and the telephone number on the invoice doesn't work. I am also suspicious at the number of one time posters on trust pilot offering 5 stars, interspaced with 0 stars with experiences like mine.


I agree that Muscle Foods chicken is very good; it just tastes like proper lean meat, rather than the chewy tripe you can buy from most supermarkets. Only thing that put us off buying regularly from MF is the delivery fee and the requirement to spend £5 (or close to) on ice packs. It makes each order quite expensive when, for £25, I can buy 5 kilos of good chicken from the butcher up the road.

5kg of chicken breasts £12.95 (50% off) with code @ Live Lean minimum order of £25 with a postage and packaging charge of £3.95
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Posted 2nd Jun 2017Posted 2nd Jun 2017
5kg of chicken breasts £12.95 (50% off) with code @ Live Lean minimum order of £25 with a postage and packaging charge of £3.95£12.95
Muscle food equivalent have just emailed me offering half price on 5kg of chicken. Code : CHICKENDEAL The code isn't working at the moment but I have contacted t… Read more

Cracking deal


I get the Iceland 2kg for a tenner and they're from Poland, so there seems to be a lot of chicken factory farms in Eastern Europe. Just saying!


They come from Romania and Lithuania.


I think there were issues with their last deal, i'm going to get removed from the mailing list if I dont hear from them in 24 hours.


YepCoupon code "CHICKENDEAL" is not valid.

10kg Chicken Breast £4.00/kg including delivery from Livelean
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Posted 2nd May 2017Posted 2nd May 2017
10kg Chicken Breast £4.00/kg including delivery from Livelean
This deal came up on my Instagram Feed. Let me break it down for you guys. Step 1: Click the deal URL Step 2: Scroll down and enter "CHICKSAVE" (without quotes) into the box Step … Read more

Their "Premium" chicken is awful. Not trimmed, blood, bits of .. I think.. windpipe. See pics. Don't waste your money.Tried to get in touch. Their phone was out of service, they didn't answer on chat and haven't responded to email. Can't see them lasting with that kind of service


Hi freccle The code is still working. Make sure to click the "GET" button on this page. You'll be forwarded to the livelean site where if you scroll down it'll ask you to enter the code. Make sure the product in your basket is named "Exclusive 5kg Premium Chicken Fillets" The code only works for 1 set of 5kg Chicken breast. Thanks Kira


Thank you!


You should try a chinese cash & carry. £26 for 10KG, good quality chicken too.


Coupon code "CHICKSAVE" is not valid.????