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Free 24,000 Maple or Birch Trees for Londoners!!
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Posted 2nd Oct 2018Posted 2nd Oct 2018
Free 24,000 Maple or Birch Trees for Londoners!!
Freebie, enter in a draw to get yours!

Two lots of these trees have now turned up on my local Freecycle.


I can tell you im in London area and I do not have


There's lots of tree comedy in London if you look out for it. A bunch of cypresses were planted at the Tolworth roundabout. Cypresses aren't suited to this climate, let alone a very exposed roundabout area. Have there been any repercussions to the designer/consultant who put them in? Needless deaths to trees that died miserably, let alone the financial repercussions.


Lol. It's not just NIMBYism, they've built it on a protected wildlife area, where they've been promising the local populace a super park ("super" as in very large, not simply superlative) for decades. To add to the comedy, to on the approach to the incinerator, you pass little obelisks boasting that it's the "Beddington Village Conservation Area". And on the Hackbridge side, there is a new development of hundreds of houses and flats, originally touted to various organisations for green initiatives and shops, all rejected, and it's ended up with the flats and houses tied to buying their electricity from the incinerator (wait for it) at a higher price. And to top it all, they've cut down a ton of trees (severely disrupting the local sparrow population) to prep for the pipeline from the incinerator to the new housing development. Then they discovered it they needed to go another way, so cut down a different swathe of trees (more repercussions for bird nesting - read the link).


Damn that progress, lets build it up north, instead.

London New Year's Eve Fireworks 2017 - Tickets cost £10
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Posted 22nd Sep 2017Posted 22nd Sep 2017
London New Year's Eve Fireworks 2017 - Tickets cost £10£10
London New Year’s Eve Fireworks tickets sale will start on 29 September. Received the notification today, worth watching at least once in a life time :P, for me it will second time… Read more

Yea, that was a bit difficult. My youngest was 7 at the time and he struggled a bit - and they were pretty much invisible to other people. Walking into the tube station afterwards I had to really shield them from people walking past with cigarettes, totally oblivious to the fact they were there. I'd definitely go again, but wait till the kids are a little bigger.


The only thing that puts me off is having to queue or stand about in the cold for several hours waiting. Especially if you have young children.


Not a bad show for a tenner, and a great atmosphere. We went the last year that it was free, wouldn't mind spending to see them.


Not sure why people moan - If you don't want to pay £10, then don't go - Believe it or not, you have a choice !!!


Mr Kahn is mayor of London now, it is he who can decide not to implement the charge but he hasn't.

London New Year Eve Fireworks 2016 Tickets Final Batch Sale starting 12:00 noon Today - £10
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Posted 2nd Dec 2016Posted 2nd Dec 2016
London New Year Eve Fireworks 2016 Tickets Final Batch Sale starting 12:00 noon Today - £10£10
Final sale of London New Year Eve Fireworks 2016 Tickets Batch Sale starting 12:00 noon Today For some of us who missed to buy the tickets. Tickets are £10 and you can book up to… Read more

For what you get, it's a great deal. There will always be freeloaders.


all tickets sold out... please help me expire this deal


And what if they don't keep you safe,can you claim your 10er back


The World Firework Championships in Blackpool. Multiple displays over multiple weeks.


If it costs a tenner to keep everyone safe, I say that's a fairly small price to pay!

£400 boiler cashback scheme for london
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Posted 2nd Feb 2016Posted 2nd Feb 2016
£400 boiler cashback scheme for london
if you live in London you may qualify for £400 towards a new boiler if you meet the following criteria: You are eligible for this scheme if : •you ◦own your home or ◦are a privat… Read more

anything similar available in Nottingham?


Not allowing people to change from electric to gas and use this scheme seems pretty stupid (yes, as you guessed, because that's my situation..) Would be more of an improvement than from old gas to new gas, if that was really what they cared about.


so as usual its a load of rollocks- in that nothing quite qualifies


I think a gas boiler would have to be really old to be less than 70% efficient. My brothers is 10yrs old, had various repairs and still doesn't qualify. Mine was over 30 years old when I claimed on a similar scheme but they don't make boilers to last like that anymore.


damn my boiler is more than 70% efficient even though it is c**p.Would have loved to have had this.

London New Year's Eve 2012 Fireworks
Posted 31st Dec 2012Posted 31st Dec 2012
London New Year's Eve 2012 Fireworks
Also free travel:

1 day 5 hours?


Wow. We get to see things fired into the sky for free. Who would have thought it!!! It also expires in 1 day, 5 hours apparently. (_;)


happy new year all!


i think this is the link: Free Travel Info


Voted cold cause link isn't working

Young London's Summer Activity Guide: for kids and teenagers - all events FREE
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Posted 31st Jul 2009Posted 31st Jul 2009
Young London's Summer Activity Guide: for kids and teenagers - all events FREE
Whatever you're into, there's no excuse to be bored over the long hot summer holidays. From learning a new sport for free, to enjoying Londons many parks and open spaces and even t… Read more


As of 2nd Jan Freedom pass holder travel free any time in London! (OAP pass)
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Posted 5th Jan 2009Posted 5th Jan 2009
As of 2nd Jan Freedom pass holder travel free any time in London! (OAP pass)
Apologies if this has been posted and i know its not a deal but was not sure where to post, but thought people would like to know. I have just found out that as of 2nd Jan 09 all … Read more
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yeah, well the under 16's travel in London for free too, & I know which age group I think its more important to look after- & no, its not the kids! I don't mind my fare subbing the elderly, but why am I paying for the under 16's?


Like free schooling or free healthcare, I suppose? :roll:


Should note - this only seems to be for Londoners, not oldies from anywhere else


This is not “free” Some poor chap is paying for it though their taxes. If you think about it, it is theft.


this was agreed before johnson was elected so dont credit him for this

Free Toolkit- Mug shower timer stickers and book if you live in Greater London
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Posted 26th Aug 2008Posted 26th Aug 2008
Free Toolkit- Mug shower timer stickers and book if you live in Greater London
This was on over 8 mths ago. Please note: Toolkits will only be despatched to Greater London postal addresses and are limited to one per household. Orders will be sent 2nd class po… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

got one of these a while ago - applied for another one :)


thanks pink melons and to harlzter for the postcode heat, heat and rep!


i just applied and i live in Stevenage which is 30 miles outside London so i wonder if i will get one. have some H&R.


Got mine last time. Good find. Heat added. Cheers


thanks for the tip entered fine heat and rep for the tip

Open House London, 700 properties open to the public free on 20-21 September 2008 only
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Posted 20th Aug 2008Posted 20th Aug 2008
Open House London, 700 properties open to the public free on 20-21 September 2008 only
Open House London - 'Architecture Up Close' The dates for 2008 are 20 & 21 September! architecture festival Visit up to 700 of London LandMark Buildings not usualy open to the… Read more

thanks alot


Last year I visited Wellingtons office overlooking Horse Guard Parade Ground,the Treasury,the Foreign Office & the Home Office plus westminister hall. Some of the propertys require advanced booking and some of the que's last year for some propertys were quite long (Bank of England and Houses of Parliment).

FREE Tickets to the London 2012 Party! (August '08)
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Posted 18th Jun 2008Posted 18th Jun 2008
FREE Tickets to the London 2012 Party! (August '08)
24 August 2008 The Mall, London Let's get the party started Join Olympians and special guests to celebrate the Olympic Games coming to London in 2012. ONLY 40,000 TICKETS!!! Up… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks for the deal..never noticed it until I seen your posting...rep added :)


Worked for me just now.......


i think it was in competions so how could i see it and WHY is this expired?


play nice robert. no need to be like that.


I don't know how you could have missed it It's in the top 5 hottest deals of the week