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Briggs & Riley luggage - up to 50% Sale at London Luggage Co
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Posted 10th Nov 2019Posted 10th Nov 2019
Briggs & Riley luggage - up to 50% Sale at London Luggage Co£159.50
Amazing quality luggage with a massive discount! Maybe not the most beautiful one out there but definitely very sturdy and functional.

A lifetime warranty is good but luggage gets damaged during loading or unloading to the aircraft in most cases and you can claim a compensation for the damage. There is no need to overpay for the luggage and that lifetime warranty that comes with it. Also it seems they're quite heavy for the size.


That’s a good offer for a bag that comes with a lifetime warranty.


That bag RRP costs £300?!? Jeez I'm in the wrong business...

20% off SECRID wallets - London Luggage Co
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Posted 30th Sep 2018Posted 30th Sep 2018
20% off SECRID wallets - London Luggage Co£39.96
I've been looking for slim wallets to cut down on the bulky conventional wallet I normally carry. The challenge is I need a lot of cards, and whilst there's lots of expandable slim… Read more

The one listed looks way to big and bulky. I use this which holds about 9 cards if required, plus money can be folded and put in behind the car section or licence holder. I've been using one for about a year, no issues so far.


Aye I think I'd prefer the Slim Wallet to the Mini Wallet, but can't find one for this price. Suppose the stud closure helps keep it shut if you need to carry a lot of cash, but there are so few situations where you need to do that.


I’ve had one of these for a couple of years but prefer it without the button as I think that gives an unnecessary additional bulk.


Lovely little wallets. I have the black prism mine from Little Green Bag online...cheaper too. Great for cards, but if you like carrying loads of cash too then look elsewhere. It keeps cards nice and straight too with a cool card ejection method.


The way this holds cash looks awkward. The notes are folded, not like in a conventional wallet. Looks very bulky for a trouser pocket too. I can't find anything better in that kind of style but I prefer this kind of wallet as it's smaller and easier to get at your cash

Calvin Klein Northpoint 3.0 Navy Business Cabin Luggage was £179.00 now £89.00 @ London Luggage Co.
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Posted 10th Sep 2017Posted 10th Sep 2017
Calvin Klein Northpoint 3.0 Navy Business Cabin Luggage was £179.00 now £89.00 @ London Luggage Co.£89
Calvin Klein Northpoint 3.0 Navy Business Cabin Luggage was £179.00 now £89.00 Dimensions: 55cm x 36cm x 25cm (21.6'' x 14.1 x 9.8'') Weight: 3.38kg Material: Nylon Number Wheel… Read more
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yes, due to Ryanair's extortionate baggage charges, most people fly hand luggage only. seeing as there is only capacity for ~80bags, but potentially >180 bags (1 per passenger) then yes, putting them in the hold is the only option.


Save space in the cabin? when did they start putting passengers in the overhead lockers? or do they not have those anymore either?


What a foolish thing to say. Your embarrassing yourself again.


It's been posted many times before. But I'll give you the honour I found this "Revelation! Weightless Small 4 Wheel Soft Suitcase - Black.", while browsing the Argos Mobile app:


Have you posted the deal? If NOT why NOT?