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Seat Leon Cupra 290 BHP DSG £295 per month for 24 months 8k miles £7080 @ lookers motor group
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Posted 19th Oct 2018Posted 19th Oct 2018LocalLocal
Seat Leon Cupra 290 BHP DSG £295 per month for 24 months 8k miles £7080 @ lookers motor group£7,080
A serious amount of car, I appreciate a lot of voters will see this as a utter waste, but if you can afford it as well as insure it, this is a cracking deal 295 8k miles 300 10k m… Read more

What deal do you have then


I can assure you I phoned and the guy said that’s the best deal. I told him about this link and he said no can’t see it. So I told him see you later pal. No deal. I wanted 1 + 23 10K for about £300 a month


This is correct, they were pulled last Thursday (25th Oct). New ones go live next week (y)


I don't know who you rang or spoke to but it wasn't me at that price. My prices would never jump from 1+23 8K @ £295 to 3+23 8K at £317! The new deals are due to go live next week.


Try here, roughly £295 including fee Cupra

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Posted 16th Feb 2018Posted 16th Feb 2018
USED / NEARLY NEW BMW 116D SPORT 3-DOOR HATCH £15600 @ Lookers£15,600
This is a 4 year PCP deal which might not suit some people, however it appears to be very keenly priced. List price new is £23,715 OTR discounted to £15,600 which is a 34% discount… Read more

The "deal" has expired.


Sadly, your nonsense has led to people believing it without scratching below the surface to the reality - formsm2000compGreat discount this. Could probably buy it and make a profit on it easily. Won't loose 34% just because it has one owner. Would be hard for any lease deal to beat this. But will keep a look out.


Its hot because people think they're getting a close to new car not a 2017 used one. I am merely trying to furnish people with the facts before they get sucked in by the dealer. I'm not the one whos posts had to be edited by the mods because they were inaccurate. You made a lot of assumptions in your original posts - "pre-reg", "34% savings", etc, that simply didnt stand up to scrutiny and then to cap it all you tried to give it some credence by saying "i should know its a good deal, i work for BMW". :rolleyes: Its a poverty spec used 2017 one series and the price is easily achievable at any number of dealers throughout the UK and available on autotrader - your "deal" distills down to "used car available cheaper than new one" - WOW! Who knew?


675 degrees and rising, hot deal in most people's opinion, you need to go to bed now troll


No. Its not.

Seat Leon Cupra 300 Estate Vehicle Lease - 2 years, 8k miles p/a £6595  Lookers Motor Group
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Posted 22nd Jan 2018Posted 22nd Jan 2018
Seat Leon Cupra 300 Estate Vehicle Lease - 2 years, 8k miles p/a £6595 Lookers Motor Group£6,595
Seat Leon Cupra 300 Estate manual - personal lease at Lookers Seat Stockport for 8k miles per year and free metallic paint. Standard spec includes Virtual Cockpit. 24 x £279 per … Read more

Are you sure you definitely have a 4WD on order?! (lol)


The insurance premium shouldn’t be any different to you owning the car. They just need to know who owns it. You don’t *need* gap insurance, but it may be prudent to have it for the same reasons you would with any other form of finance.


That was for the manual though. It was £300 for the DSG which all the estates are. I got one from STOKE SEAT because the customer service was much better and they got me one in a week. I pay £311 pcm though.


I am leasing.. Ordered a 300 from from IMG, should be in my hands by end of march.


tempted to go for this haven't done a lease before, can anyone tell me are there any insurance issues with the ownership of the car being with the finance company? also do you need / take out gap insurance?

New Skoda Citigo 1.0 3 door SE (red, with air con, 5k miles) for £99 deposit & £99 a month 0% APR 42 month term PCP deal Total £4257 @ Lookers Motor Group
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Posted 26th Feb 2016Posted 26th Feb 2016
New Skoda Citigo 1.0 3 door SE (red, with air con, 5k miles) for £99 deposit & £99 a month 0% APR 42 month term PCP deal Total £4257 @ Lookers Motor Group£4,257
My mum is literally just finishing up signing up for this now at the dealership and I think it is an excellent offer if you do 5,000 miles a year and want a no thrills, cheap to ru… Read more

Did anyone else have to pay a £149 initial payment? No idea how they have turned 99 into 149


Good deal, dealer based in Ireland though, do you happen to know if they deliver into England? thanks


Which Skoda Dealership did you order this through? I'm looking at similar deals but have not seen one as low as £89 a month, thanks. I'm also looking for a 5 door, was the one you ordered 3 or 5 door? thanks


I have just ordered one of these. £99 upfront, £89 a month. 42 month deal, 5000pa miles. £4450 optional final payment. Total repayable: £8237 This is for the Citigo SE Colour edition, which is the SE, plus Front Fogs, The Garmin Infotainment thing (satnav, Bluetooth phone etc etc) and additional speaker pack.


Paid 399 pound deposit to skoda over the phone they said it is to reserve the car and they give me 300 back the following week when I pick up the car. Its been just over two weeks now and they still can't give me an estimated delivery date. All they can tell me is it is in the UK and 'out for delivery' I really need the car immediately. What can I do?

Citroen C1 Airscape - 24 month Lease - Total cost: £2228 (£92/month) @ lookers
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Posted 23rd Jul 2015Posted 23rd Jul 2015
Citroen C1 Airscape - 24 month Lease - Total cost: £2228 (£92/month) @ lookers£2,228
This looks like a really good deal. Both the Airscape (folding roof) and the standard car are available for the same price. This is a lease deal for 24 months and 6k miles per an… Read more

Rang up about a personal lease and they said it was business users only. All personal leases need to be done via thier 'Elect 4 personal lease'. Here is what they emailed me. New C1 PureTech 82 manual 3-door Feel is £99 per month (exc any options) with a customer advance rental of £1,727.82. C1 Airscape VTi 68 ETG 5-door Flair is £149 per month with a customer advance rental of £1,625.08. All lease terms are 36 months, 6000 miles per annum for New C1, C3, DS 3, DS 3 Cabrio, Berlingo Multispace, C3 Picasso and C4 Cactus. This turns the above deal for a personal lease customers into £3,484.98 over 2yrs or £145.21 per month. Daz


The lease car doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the lease co'. Your insurance policy and any Gap insurance you have is aiming to put the lease co' back to the position they would have been in had the car not been stolen or written off, not you. Simple example: You lease a car over 2 years. Initial payment upfront: £1200 Then 23 months at: £200 At the end of the 2 years, the lease co' is expecting to get the car back and for it to be worth £13,000. After 6 months, the car is stolen. The lease co' have already had £1200 + (5 x £200) off you and will now be looking to recover the £13,000 plus the outstanding payments you owe. So they want £13,000 + (18 x £200) = £16,600 Insurance co' say the car was actually worth £15,000 when it was stolen, so they pay the lease co' that much – it goes to them, not you. You then owe the other £1600 but if you have Gap insurance that should pay out the difference. So all in all, you're not too badly off; you don't owe anyone anything. BUT... You have paid £1200 + (5 x £200) = £2,400 to drive the car for 6 months and now you have to start again. If the initial upfront payment had been lower and the monthly payments higher to balance it out, you might have only paid £600 + (5 x £226) = £1730 for those 6 months. Your insurance co' and Gap co' would have still put the lease co' back to being where they should be, but you'll have paid out less yourself.


Gap insurance pays out the difference between the current market value of the car and the new price.Your insurance will only pay out the current market value. Let's say the car gets written off after 18 months. The current value of the car at 18 months old will be a fair few £k less than new. No different to your own vehicle but for your own vehicle you may decide you are happy to take the current value of the car. For a lease car though, the car doesn't belong to you and the lease company may hit you for more than the current value of the car as you may owe more on the lease than the value of the car when it is written off.


Hey, I've been looking into leasing. What's gap insurance? And why would a theft/write off of the car be any different from the same thing happening to your own personal vehicle? Thanks in advance


I bet this deal won't materialise come Monday morning, same thing last week

Vauxhall ASTRA 1.4 Energy, pre reg, £10999 @ Lookers
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Posted 6th Jan 2015Posted 6th Jan 2015
Vauxhall ASTRA 1.4 Energy, pre reg, £10999 @ Lookers£10,999
For a brand new car with a warranty and ok specs not bad. Also could not find cheaper one The Vauxhall Astra Energy 1.4 not only offers great value for money but also comes with a… Read more

Terms & Conditions Apply, prices do not include first reg fee, RFL, and any optional extras Guessing by this you need to add a few quid to cover registration and RFL Not a bad buy if you are just doing the school run etc, but I've driven loads of these in 1.6 guise and they are pretty gutless so cant really expect much from the 1.4 99 bhp version. The Astra is a pretty heavy car


Posted the right one


link goes to a zafira rather than the astra in the post.


petrol, diesel, 0-60, warrantee length, colour range, all would help you post


not a bad deal

Brand New Vauxhall Mokka Offer £16795 @ Lookers Motor Group
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Posted 21st Aug 2014Posted 21st Aug 2014
Brand New Vauxhall Mokka Offer £16795 @ Lookers Motor Group£16,795
Received an email today, having an offer 0%APR on some cars only for Lookers (Vauxall Birmingham). CORSA FUN 64Reg (0%APR) 1 YEAR INSURANCE FREE ADAM & EVE … Read more

Yep. Smoke n mirrors


Omg they swapped it for a Chevy, depreciation nightmare since their announcement to pull out of the UK.


Just looked online and brokers have the same car at £14k. So £2800 extra to buy it 'interest free'.


Gearboxes don't last long!! http://www.mokkaownersclub.co.uk/forum/faulty-gearswatch-out_topic1400.html Don't touch with a bargepole IMO.


I don't know if your just saying these are good deals for the repayment plan or not. It all depends on your situation. As far as cash prices go or at least the price they stating as OTR this is expensive. There is about 10% discount online for the Techlines and 23% Exclusiv models, not sure what finance can be arranged for these deals.

Skoda Citigo SE - £99 Deposit and £99 per month at (Lookers Skoda Manchester & Stockport) £8479
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Posted 4th Mar 2014Posted 4th Mar 2014
Skoda Citigo SE - £99 Deposit and £99 per month at (Lookers Skoda Manchester & Stockport) £8479£8,479
Skoda Citigo SE - £99 Deposit and £99 per month Looking for a cheap deal for when my old Micra conks out. Looks like a good deal as it’s not even the base spec model – Skoda Ci… Read more

Not Really, mine was a 0% deal and I traded in my old car as the deposit plus £500 I was not. Just saying there are alternatives... To be fair since my Rover Metro I havent really had a problem with a car. When I first got the Astra it broke down 3times due to a Cam shaft sensor or something but they eventually fixed that (under warranty). Since then the only new things I have had put on it that isnt wear and tear stuff has been the water pump oh and a Cat but that is because I went over a car battery and broke it. To be fair I have not calculated what would be better, buying then selling every couple of years or leasing. But I also don't have the spare £ around to upgrade that regularly. I do like having the extra doors, was the biggest pain about my old Rover Metro (other than it was a death trap of course).


Are there any similar small family car deals? Skoda Octavia etc? Any help appreciated!


Cars don't change a huge amount in two years but life can, I bought a brand new three door a few years back, which although I can't fault it, sometimes I wish it had two extra doors for getting the little one in and out. However I bought the car to keep long-term and not fall into the trading every two year trap. If I wanted to do that I would just lease.


I was the opposite way with a diesel previously, my mileage dropped by about 75% and it slowly killed it, I traded it in for an Astra 1.8 in 2010 which although not great on fuel has been the most reliable car I've owned.


At the end of the day the deal posted is an extremely good 0% finance deal on a new car and it's hard to argue against it