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I received two of these so called gift cards today. I didn't realise I was being employed by lovefilm to be an agent for their products. And an unpaid agent at that. There was absolutely no incentive for me to give these to friends and family. I am just supposed to sign people up because I think lovefilm is amazing! It is quite an arrogant promotion. Don't get me wrong, I actually like lovefilm and they offer a great service. I just wish there was more choice of company in the rental market place.

Lovefilm needs to be like Sky and give something to the person recommending their service as well as the person receiving it.

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well I've just finished a free 3 month trial with them and had fantastic service and watched loads of free blu-ray movies...just signed up for 3 more FREE months... I think they are great!

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one of first free blu-rays in despatch is The Dark Knight on blu-ray...looking forward to that!

I got a card also as used to be a member, they're trying to welcome me back with 3 months free, but then the small print says:
"Existing Subscribers or those who have previously enjoyed a free trial with any Lovefilm-powered site are not eligible".

Looks to me like they seemingly offer me 3 months free, then can charge me for the pleasure as I used to be a member! Thanks but not risking it!

Hi, Can anyone tell me if this will work for previous members? can i use the same details?

i read somwhere about changing last digit of post code...but surely that is a bit dodgy and incorrect details?

seems they are only offering 2 week trials now :-(
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