Lucozade discount codes

Lucozade Discount Codes

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Lucozade is a well known brand of sports and hydration beverage products. Visit the website to find out about Sports, Energy and Revive drinks. Find out about the energy releasing vitamins and the science behind the cranberry with acai Revive drink. Know more about the different flavoured energy drinks, enter contests and get a chance to win goodies. The sports drinks include variants such as Lite and Elite: find out how they deliver fuel and hydration for active lives. 

All Lucozade Voucher & Promo Codes for January 2019

30% off
30% off Minimum 30% off voucher for Missguided. Other 'prizes' available @ Lucazade
INSTRUCTIONS: If you go to the link above you can repeat multiple times to get a different voucher apparently the prizes are 2000- £50 vouchers 500- 30% off vouchers valid fo… Read more

This worked for me today, tried once and got £50 voucher first try xD THANKS :


Great , used this link got 50% off (sale items not inc)


Oh maybe they've patched it


Mine only let me use the code once :(


Quality! X) is it weird that you winning made me happy?

More Info
More Info 50p off a bottle of Revive from Lucozade, only @ Tesco (Via facebook) using printable voucher @ Lucozade
Revive your afternoon and enjoy 50p off a bottle of Revive from Lucozade, only at Tesco 380ml bottles instore Expires 3rd June - Not sure how many aval clcik the link and offer c… Read more

so would make it 25p then


12 bottles for free on the Lucozade website (Click win tab at the top of page - everyone seems to win via an email a week later)


This is only 75p in Tesco stores at the moment anyway.

75% off
75% off up to 75% discount

Just add one item to your basket, see what discount you get, if it isnt 75% clear you cookies and try again,I got 75% after like 4 attempts.


WOW 500ml Lucozade sport 22.5p per bottle and before the discount my order was above £50 so free delivery too.


Great thanks I got 50% off.


yes its a pack of 12 - the first on the list allows the discount and so works out at 38p. some of the varieties have 30% off already so will not allow the 50% code. I put lots into my basket and then deleted the ones that werent discounted at the checkout.


only ones i can find is packs of 12 which u can't use voucher for. So where did u find singles


Good find - avoid the products on offer and use the voucher for the full price items and get 50% off - just bought the orange body fuel drink. normally £1.29 per bottle and selling for 38p with voucher.


Seemed a good voucher until I saw this: I'll give some heat anyway as there must be something good there for runners etc.

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More Info
More Info You could save up to £20 on purchases from

1.Lucozade Sport Shop “Vouchers for everyone”” offer [The offer] is open to UK residents only. 2.Multiple redemptions are available per customer. 3.A minimum spend of £60 will apply on promo code BRA20 to receive a £20 discount. 4.A minimum spend of £40 will apply on promo code BRA10 to receive a £10 discount. 5.A minimum spend of £30 will apply on promo code BRA5 to receive a £5 discount. 6.A minimum spend of £20 will apply on promo code BRA2 to receive a £2 discount.


There is a min spend, spend 60 get 20 off which is good if you need that much



50% off
50% off Code for 50% discount on £40 spend + FREE delivery @ Lucozade Sports Shop

£21.60 for 48 bottles of lucazade sport... nice shame its so close to the end of the season because 12 bottles per match is a little to much :'(


Voucher code box seems a bit hit and it in the end. Voted hot , thank you.


I'm not getting a voucher code box. Can anyone tell me what page they see it on please.


Thanks for the pointer & welcome to HUKD. OP updated. :)


Please note that the voucher code you entered is not valid on orders under £40.00. Please increase the value of your basket to qualify for the discount and then re-enter the code. :(

50% off
50% off For one week only, save a massive 50% with Lucozade Sport Shop! (£40 minimum spend)
had this offer sent through runners world great if your planning the london marathon to stock up on all your gels and energy drinks it is for first time customers only mind you M… Read more

Before you go splashing out too much, check what you're buying and how many you're buying. On some of the items, the offer only brings the price down as far as ASDA! For example, the body fuel powder is £6.99 at the ]lucozade shop (£3.50 with discount) but its only £3.96 at ]ASDA anyway! (Lucozade shop charges £5 delivery don't forget!!!)


sorry they will not honor 50% and bogof's


Got order today and did not get BOGOF as per order so writing to them and will let you know outcome


Don't know why this has been expired... voucher still seems to work? :o


Have some rep. That problem was driving me nuts until I checked here to see whether anyone else was having the same problem as me. Heat added too, even though I had the offer from RW. I wanted a pack of Carbo Gels, but got two packs for the same price. Somebody mentioned best before dates - I'm still using Gels that were best before July 2009, so I wouldn't worry too much about them. I'm sure the manufacturer's wouldn't dream of setting an artificially low date so that people bin their products and buy some replacements :whistling:

30% off
30% off Lucozade 30% discount code @ Lucozade sports science academy website.

Quidco has this now on site. :-( This link is no longer active.


i cant find it on quidco ?


I got the link from here and it's still working my end......i give up on this.....:oops: :giggle: Thank you for trying for me...:thumbsup: ]


That code was giving 15% before, now nothing off! I cleared the cookies before trying.


Can you see if this link gives you 15% automatically,then add the discount code :? ] I think i'm going mad,as this can't be working just for me.:giggle:

Newest Lucozade Discount Codes:

DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
30%Minimum 30% off voucher for Missguided. Other 'prizes' available @ Lucazade15/04/2017
% off50p off a bottle of Revive from Lucozade, only @ Tesco (Via facebook) using printable voucher @ Lucozade30/04/2013 up to 75% discount11/06/2010
50%New 50% off all shop Products8/06/2010
50%50% Off at Lucozade Store23/05/2010