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Free will writing this January from Macmillan cancer support. Available to all!
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Posted 5th Jan 2018Posted 5th Jan 2018
Free will writing this January from Macmillan cancer support. Available to all!
Macmillan cancer support charity are currently offering a great initiative to get people to create their dreaded wills! It isn't something we enjoy thinking about but it could ma… Read more

Is there any benefit in having a will which states the executor as a family member ? If no will is written does the person have to apply to become the executor at additional cost ?? Sorry if it is a stupid question but I haven't got a clue as far as these things go...


Then timely going through probate, costs involved in that


Your getting confused about getting your solicitor to write a few poxy letters. Court actions are a different ballgame altogether. In my neck of the woods, any decent court lawyer will cost £250+ vat per hour. Advocate/solicitors (above your average lawyer) cost £350+ vat per hour. When you have a court date you will be charged minimum 1hr even if nothing happened on that day. Add on to that getting advocates opinions, summaries are a few thousand on their own. You have to pay for using the court room each time. In lower local Courts if your opposition decide they want a fight expect no less than £50k. In higher courts, expect no less than £100k. Is that what you want your loved ones to go through?


That might be what you're solicitor cost but that is certainly not an accurate statement.


Work out your legal next of kin. If your were going to give your wealth to them anyway then don't bother with wills. If you wanted to give say your house to someone else, put it in their name in your lifetime but make a legal document saying you can stay theor rent free. Wills just get messy and with current laws are wide open to abuse. The solicitor who "witnessed" my father's will 13 years ago admits that no ID was taken & he didn't even know him yet it's still taken all these years to fight it with no result yet.

Sale @ Macmillan Cancer Support
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Posted 13th Jan 2017Posted 13th Jan 2017
Sale @ Macmillan Cancer Support
Delivery £3.95, but free on orders over £50. I can recommend the bags, they're the good strong type & the handles don't hurt your hands.
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Charity Christmas Cards (which give the best percent to charity)
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Posted 22nd Nov 2016Posted 22nd Nov 2016
Charity Christmas Cards (which give the best percent to charity)
Ok, kind of an odd way to describe a deal but I figure that for those of us that like to buy Christmas Cards where the profit goes to a charity - can I recomend the following links… Read more
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thanks for posting


Yes there are different ways of looking at it. I actually think that what you do is really decent but as you say you can't always do that. I suppose given that most do buy Christmas Cards their money night as well go to the cause. What I really object to is the 10 pence a pack going to charity when people wrongly assume a fairer percentage.


I do not agree that a six figure sum is justifiable for a charity CEO and never will. I give my charitable donations directly to the people who need help (I understand that you can't do that with some good causes) so for example I give catering size coffee tins and bags of sugar to homeless charities over the winter to provide hot drinks. 100% of that goes to the homeless.


I think that this is a harsh point to make. Here is a quote from the Oxfam blog which I think sums it up pretty well. I suspect you will not see it the same way "As former Oxfam CEO Barbara Stocking pointed out on Radio 4 ... [the NGO] .... has a big job by any standards: multitasking between running a 700 shop retail chain, managing 5,000 employees and 20,000 volunteers, a £360m budget and ensuring the safety of staff in some of the riskiest places on earth. It doesn’t always work, as Stocking recalled – for a start, people get killed (on her watch, in Afghanistan)."....For an organization like Oxfam, the challenge is to find the right balance between duty (keeping salaries relatively low in the context) and effectiveness (understanding that the external market has an effect on the likely talent you are having to attract/retain from within and, more importantly, from outside the sector). Are the bashers really saying such a balance is impossible?" Here is a link to the full article which is worth a quick read


Many of these charities have CEOs on 6 figure sums.. cold

free macmillan coffee kit
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Posted 28th Sep 2016Posted 28th Sep 2016
free macmillan coffee kit
free coffee morning kit Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Could be because its tomorrow so it wouldnt arrive in time.


Not sure how anyone can vote cold?? Heat from me.

Love your lady parts  booklet from Macmillan
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Posted 5th Nov 2015Posted 5th Nov 2015
Love your lady parts booklet from Macmillan
Free booklet from Macmillan called Love your lady parts. Spot it early sort it out. A phone number is required but they do not share your details with a third party.

Great freebie....maybe not something that many people would vote hot.....but as someone who never bothered with a smear test untill a friend told me to book one then found out that I was one stage away from developing full stage cancer..........loads of horrible hospital visits but I'm I'm now all clear. Yaaaaaaaa lady parts are very important xx


"There's never any graffiti in the hotel. Although in the Gents a couple of weeks a go I did see someone had drawn a lady's part. Quite detailed. The guy obviously had talent."

Free Hairdresser's Cape when you Brave the Shave with Macmillan Cancer Support
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Posted 24th Jul 2015Posted 24th Jul 2015
Free Hairdresser's Cape when you Brave the Shave with Macmillan Cancer Support
Brave a shaved head for Macmillan Cancer Support they will send you out a specially designed Brave the Shave hairdresser’s cape to help with your shave, along with a badge you can … Read more
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Braving the shave might not be for everyone but every one that does brave the shave helps support families and loved ones when they need it most.


If you are going to shave your hair off, do it properly otherwise it's just a buzz cut, so many I see are left at grade 3-4. I wouldnt deem it a sponsored "achievement" if there is lots of hair, the term "shaved" in the main refers to use of a RAZOR for a close cut not merely scissors & tidying up by clippers, otherwise it's like asking for a cup of tea & just receiving hot water in a cup, ..half-assed. It was a proper skinhead or nothing for me, ...& that used to include taking off the eyebrows for a laugh too! ..(regularly) so close a cut that my head & my wooly hat used to act like velcro & stick even when i'd been tumbling through snow..



Well, I think you are disgraceful


Someone is trying to do something good - I think your response is disgraceful.

Free Coffee Morning Kit Macmillan cancer support
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Posted 3rd Sep 2014Posted 3rd Sep 2014
Free Coffee Morning Kit Macmillan cancer support
Coffee Morning is a great excuse to get together with your favourite people for coffee and cake and raise some money for a good cause. And it’s really easy too. Just ask your guest… Read more

Pls dnt go for dis deal they jus send u paper .... N dats it...


love coffee


And later they will keep writing to you asking you to send them the money you have collected at your event.


Ordered this on 27 August, arrived on 1 September. Nothing really of value in the pack.

Free Macmillan Coffee Kit
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Posted 13th Aug 2014Posted 13th Aug 2014
Free Macmillan Coffee Kit
Macmillan are giving away FREE Morning coffee kit on their website in support of their biggest fundraising event. Includes cake flags, table cloth and many ore goodies. Pledge to h… Read more
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Free Coffee Morning Kit (Cake Flags, Table Cover) from Macmillan Support
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Posted 11th Jul 2014Posted 11th Jul 2014
Free Coffee Morning Kit (Cake Flags, Table Cover) from Macmillan Support
The next Coffee Morning from Macmillan is on Friday 26 September. Sign up now to get your free Coffee Morning Kit from Macmillan filled with cake flags, a table cover and lots more… Read more
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Free Macmillan Night In Kit
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Posted 24th Mar 2014Posted 24th Mar 2014
Free Macmillan Night In Kit
To sign up and get your Night In Kit just fill in the form below Click on the 'Submit' button once you have finished. Fields marked * must be completed What is Night In? It's a ni… Read more
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Great idea to support Mcmillan x


Heat added......good excuse to have a night in with the girls and to get them all to donate a bit of cash. X



Cool :)