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FREE £30 SPA BREAK VOUCHER on selected subscriptions from £11.99 at
Who are is Europe's leading online spa travel agency specialising in a variety of spa experiences for 'everybody'. With over 700 venues to choose from… Read more
£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off a subscription
I presume order must be over £5! :) Excludes DD orders.

Thanks (y)


it's only going to be of use to people taking out a standard sub


The D/D offer was £5 cheaper, so not great, since the code didn't work :-(



£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 Discount on subscriptions at
Discount on any magazine subscription

It works, just used it. Just before payment there's some words in blue (click to enter voucher - or something similar). It's very easy to miss


Possibly cheaper at magazinesdirect?


agree i don't get the option to add a voucher code at payment screen either


Just before you put they payment in it gives an option for voucher code geting 7 issues of slimming world for £13.50. Thanks o


Couldn't find anywhere to input it.. any ideas??

£4 Discount
£4 Discount - National Geographic £4 off
INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the voucher code in the promotional code box when you reach the payment page

Hello jcjfct, thanks for posting, do you know if there are any terms & conditions with using the code & what the expiry date is? Thanks again

£2.50 Discount
£2.50 Discount
£2.50 Discount on subscriptions at
INSTRUCTIONS: Enter voucher code at checkout. Also remember £4 Quidco.

Just used this today 19/11/2017 however after it gave me a £5 off subscription code, try THANKYOU if you are reading this!


Just worked for me 08/06/16

Don't know of any expiry. Don't think there's any terms. Just worked for me


Morning, thanks for posting, do you know if there are any terms & conditions with using the code & what the expiry date is? Thanks again Just like the title says

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off a magazine subscription using voucher code @

Still working 27th December. Many thanks for that.


re EXPIRED - don't know that it has definitely expired on 30/11 - ie still worth trying and await someone reporting categorically here.


Still worked today on Black Friday magazine discount. Thank you x


Tip: You MAY also be able to save even more via a cashback site like Quido - four quid on a ten quid plus sub.

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off subscriptions using voucher code @

I don't know, I paid with a credit card.


Does it work with direct debit orders. I'm on the part where I put in details and I don't see anything where I can put a voucher code


I had problems to but eventually found it. On the payment screen were you enter your card details there's a "got a voucher code" question. Click on that and a box appears to enter SPRING. Worked for me.


Can't see where to add it

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The Week Magazine - 6 issues for free (Print & Digital) at
170° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Available in print and digital versions, reading The Week magazine has never been easier – at home or on the go. With a Week magazine subscription , you’ll easily collect all th… Read more

You can read this mag for free and 6000+ other mags via pressreader long as you have a library card


I think that may have been how I did it


You can get this deal directly from the publishers without going through


This is a good read for free and very easy to cancel.

The Phoenix Comic Magazine - 6 issues for £1 @
65° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
The Phoenix Comic Magazine - 6 issues for £1 @£1
A fantastic weekly comic loved by children across the world, a subscription to The Phoenix Comic is a great way to encourage children to read, explore, learn new words and enjoy … Read more

Great comic. My kids love it.

3 months of Nat Geo Traveller for £3 via
92° Expired
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
3 months of Nat Geo Traveller for £3 via£3 Free P&P Free
There is currently an offer of a 3 month subscription to National Geographic Traveller magazine and print via

I sent my mum the Radio Times subscription no probs. Haven’t cancelled it yet, on my list of things to do!!


I'm no expert on this, but when you get to the confirmation page you can add any delivery address (there's a red link saying you can change the delivery address before paying)... to cancel you email Nat Geo direct ( sends the email address in the confirmation email). Alternatively, just cancel the direct debit via online banking.


Tempted to buy for my brother! Willi have any problem sending to a different address and how when do I cancel the direct debit?!


Thank you Joe voted hot... Loving the 'voted Best Consumer Holiday Magazine' wouldn't know it's been a year lol... Bing on the coronavirus vaccine (highfive) 8)

Free £25 Molton Brown card for credit-card subscription orders at
208° Expired
Posted 1st Nov 2020Posted 1st Nov 2020
Free £25 Molton Brown card for credit-card subscription orders at
Take out a subscription with card payment (not Direct Debit) and get a free gift card. Full T&Cs at St… Read more

thanks, haven't tried to use mine yet so that's a handy tip!


Happy for you :)


all fine now for anyone with similar issues.. just had to call them up to get the card activated (y)


Thanks, will give Molton brown a ring in the morning


The girl that redeemed mine in Belfast said there were known issues with some of the gift cards (particularly the £20 ones) and I had to show her the email confirmation as proof. Not only that, she was only going to give me £20 until she saw the email confirming £25. Worth the hassle in the end though so I’d get in touch with the magazine company.

GQ Magazine - 11 issues for £12 at
79° Expired
Posted 13th Jul 2020Posted 13th Jul 2020
GQ Magazine - 11 issues for £12 at Free P&P Free
A dapper gentleman looking for an equally polished publication? Look no further than a subscription to GQ magazine , the award winning magazine for men with style, charisma and in… Read more

£6.60 cash-back with Quidco premium :)


Great deal.


Go through TCB


I did the same - £12 for the subscription...and then sold the moisturiser on eBay for £20!


I got the conde nast deal recently and received a 24 pound moisturiser through the door the other day as the free gift. No gifts with this one apart from the digital editions

The week 6 weeks free subscription @
-18° Expired
Posted 17th Jun 2020Posted 17th Jun 2020
The week 6 weeks free subscription @£0.01
Another offer from the week for 6 weeks free Want to grab the latest news in a digestible weekly format? Look no further than The Week magazine subscription , which brings toge… Read more

The Independent has lived up to its name.


Already posted.


Actually, what you say is - literally - word for word my mates view. (All of us often discuss politics as well as ancient history, music and the constant mess of Newcastle and Sunderland !!! (lol) - and we bitterly miss pubs being shut !!!!! )


Hmmm. I beg to differ. Although reading the Guardian after the election on "Why Labour failed" you could well have thought you were reading and extreme right wing rag with the ranting and spite against the "Northern Working Class" And their bias spite and attacks on supporters during the takeover of Newcastle would suggest regionalist hypocrisy, certainly.


The problem, I believe is that the narrative has drifted right so that stuff that seemed central now appears to be leftie.

Classic Rock Magazine : 3 issues for £3.00 delivered @
97° Expired
Posted 27th Apr 2020Posted 27th Apr 2020
Classic Rock Magazine : 3 issues for £3.00 delivered @£3£17.9783% off Free P&P Free
It's no secret I like my classic rock so this ace magazine at this bargain price is a no brainer. Bringing you the latest in 21st-century rock, Classic Rock magazine goes behind … Read more

Cancelling the direct debit is suffice, no need to reach out to them?


Back in the day, cancelling involved calling someone up and explaining why you wanted to cancel. Ah well, that sorta thing..... never really mattered to me. Tooooooo me.


I’ve regularly taken Radio Times £1 subs, but last week got an email telling me I’d done it before and I couldn’t have the offer! Same with Gardeners World and Bike mags. They’re obviously clamping down on serial “offenders” !


When I've done these, as soon as they have taken the payment and I have my first issue I just cancel via the bank. Shouldn't be an issue anyway as it is just a 3 issue trial.


Is it easy enough to cancel, or a pain?

GQ Magazine - 11 issues for £12.00 delivered + FREE digital editions @
760° Expired
Posted 20th Apr 2020Posted 20th Apr 2020
GQ Magazine - 11 issues for £12.00 delivered + FREE digital editions @£12£43.8973% off
Cracking price for an annual subscription with free digital editions also thrown in for free. Catch captivating interviews with GQ magazine ’s Man and Woman of the Year and the la… Read more

Cancelling the direct debit is suffice, no need to reach out to them?


I hadn't realised how digital libraries had become. Thanks for the tip!


Thanks. :)


Nobody asked you to. Did Mr Phoenix tell anyone to stop flying around in jets, or encourage veganism as a means of reducing people's carbon footprints?


That a big wall of text. I didn't come here to proof read your novel.

Viz Magazine (Print Copy) Plus FREE access to the iPad and iPhone editions - 3 issues for £1.00 delivered @
703° Expired
Posted 14th Apr 2020Posted 14th Apr 2020
Viz Magazine (Print Copy) Plus FREE access to the iPad and iPhone editions - 3 issues for £1.00 delivered @£1£11.1091% off Free P&P Free
Great price for this for three months. Harking back to the golden age of comic strips and naughty jokes, a Viz magazine subscription is the perfect way to brighten up your month.… Read more

Belatedly, it appears you did not manage to sneak past.


Offer seems to have expired, it now shows as £13.99 when you put it into your basket.


I'm hoping mines been cancelled from the "trial" £1 for 3 magazines around November/December. I signed up to the trial, saw some people had problems with cancelling the trial so I got in touch with support to get it cancelled sooner rather than later. They told me they couldn't find my account details even though I'd given them all details, name, account number, address, dob. I sent it all again and forgot to check their email response assuming it must have been cancelled. Well, the other day my 4th issue arrived (lol) . I cancelled the DD months ago so haven't been charged. I won't say anything to then unless they set up another DD or try issuing me with an invoice or something.


When crossing one way streets, always look in both directions, in case a massive great articulated lorry is reversing the wrong way down it without beeping. Mr Jenkins, Cardiff Royal Infirmary.


Save time when crossing one way streets by only looking in the direction of the oncoming traffic. Mr Jenkins, Cardiff.

Retro Gamer Magazine (Print Copy) 3 issues for £3.00 delivered @
859° Expired
Posted 14th Apr 2020Posted 14th Apr 2020
Retro Gamer Magazine (Print Copy) 3 issues for £3.00 delivered @£3£3090% off
Great magazine if retro gaming is your thing. Ever wondered about the history of Warcraft or the legacy of Metroid? Perhaps you’d love to know how Pokémon began and read exclusive… Read more

All Future mags have lost 16 pages this month. Even more concerning for the "future" is the latest PC Gamer - again, 132 to 116 pages, and also the loss of the freebie card. A whopping £6.99 they want for this (non subs) - jeezo, I'll be lucky if I get my £1 a pop issues at this rate.


For any retro gaming fans, you might be interested to see that ive just finished renovating the run down old garage that came with my house, and did the floor in the shape of manic miner / jet set willy


Thanks OP! Although went for 5 issues for £5 offer. My first issue will be the 11th June issue. So better put a calendar reminder in now to cancel the direct debit and kill off the subscription. Worth having something to read at this time.


Wow quick reponse thanks mate gonna order!


1 every month for 5 months.

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