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GENUINE Manuka Honey £10 + £5 Delivery @ Manuka Doctor £33.99 in Holland Barrett
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Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
GENUINE Manuka Honey £10 + £5 Delivery @ Manuka Doctor £33.99 in Holland Barrett£10 £5
Treat yourself to some genuine Manuka Honey all the way from New Zealand, at a quarter of the price from the shops, last time I bought some if you spend over £20 (ie two of these) … Read more

Each to their own but I'm sticking with Manuka Doctor, and it sounds more official lol


One teaspoon a day of the 70MGO is fine for everyday use and at this price very cost effective, when treating sore throats, etc higher grades (anything higher than 70 is fine, try it, see what you think if doesn't do anything for you ok you tried it, I tried it in 2018 and i still take it now, the choice is yours my friend.


OK... Genuine question now... For someone in my very painfully close family who must be obeyed and likes expensive things, and who likes natural treatments and shuns medicines and doctors... Ahem. For 'stomach irritations' and mild gastritis type symptoms and the possibility of H Pylori, we've seen a lot of decent medical reports and research papers that recommend various natural products including Matula Tea (not tried yet), Lactoferrin (currently part of the daily rattle of pills that she walks around with), Mastic Gum Capsules (also currently taking daily) and Zinc L Carnosine (yep, she be taking that too) and we keep seeing Manuka Honey on the list. Now... call me Mr Skeptical BUT as much as I like the idea that nature resolves these issues I'd also be tempted, if it were me, to just take the antibiotics and PPI's and be done in 2 or 3 weeks. I don't have the patience for what has been stated as 2-6 months recovery time on a 'natural' regimen. And add to that I looked up the Manuka Honey like she asked and nearly wept at the price before getting confused at the enormous range of 'ratings' on them and the enormous range of price. I nearly bought her a budget jar in Sainsbury's until I noticed it said 'manuka and clear honey blend' and thought 'this ain't gonna be medicinal at all...' Plus so many people swear by the medicinal (anecdotal) use of honey anyway so I'm thinking there's a bit of snake oil selling going on and a lot of the power of the mind... But, I'm nothing if not open minded... So does anyone have any actual real experience of this kind of thing. What 'rating' would you use for a budget minded person (I'll be damned if I'm spending much over £20 on a jar of damned honey - I'd expect to OWN the bees at that price - I certainly wouldn't want to be paying for a honey so ineffective that I might as well be using one of the bear-shaped squeezy bottles for all the medicinal use I get out of it. So what 'rating'? Does it actually work for things like that? How often do you use it? For what kind of a period or is this going to be a lifelong thing? How do you take it and how much? How long does a jar last? Can Nutella do the same good? (just kidding). Is it a stick it on your toast or bung a teaspoon in your tea job, or is it a 'must be taken on a teaspoon like a medicine' thing?


Dunno. Rowse is about as big a name in honey as you get.


Exact same item £33.99 in Holland and Barrett

Manuka Doctor Max Strength 1000 MGO Pure New Zealand Honey - 250mg £60 at Manuka Doctor
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Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Manuka Doctor Max Strength 1000 MGO Pure New Zealand Honey - 250mg £60 at Manuka Doctor£60£15060% off Free P&P Free
The best you can get! Much lower MGO are selling for higher prices at other places. Harvested and packed in New Zealand. 100% New Zealand Mānuka Honey. Certified by New Zeala… Read more

I buy it for taste only, it is common across the shelves here with lots of choices at reasonable prices.


Respect your opinion. :)


Most Manuka 'deals' are IMO still a con and a rip off.


For the 40+ version that you mention do you eat it daily for a period of time to see any health benefits? I appreciate others share of experience with the honey as I am new user. Think the most expensive and best grade honey I bought was Comvita something along that name and I did notice some health difference. Thanks


This is a very good price for the brand and high MGO - the lowest price I can find it for here in New Zealand is the equivalent of £86 and this is only because of a 40% off sale. I usually buy the same brand but MGO 40+ however the cost is much more affordable at £2.75 for the same sized jar.

Extra 15% off at Manuka Doctor World Bee Day today only (discount at checkout)
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Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Extra 15% off at Manuka Doctor World Bee Day today only (discount at checkout)
Manuka Doctor honey and skincare products are as pure and distinctive as the land they come from. The wealth of origin plant species nestled in the luscious green mountains of New … Read more

vickyindelhi: Oh really Worth to check your local store, some honey are better than half price compair manuka doctor own website.


Oh really


Go to home bargain is more cheaper


Seems to be a good discount

Manuka Honey 500G 540MGO - £50 delivered @ Manuka Doctor
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Manuka Honey 500G 540MGO - £50 delivered @ Manuka Doctor£50 Free P&P Free
540 MGO 500g Harvested and packed by us in New Zealand. 100% New Zealand Mānuka Honey. Certified by New Zealand Gov. MGO (Methylglyoxal) displays Antimicrobial Activity which is… Read more

Just use aloe vera


Not long now before normal everyday honey will cost as much. Save the bees!


This trend happen from misinformation. People heard something and manufactures selling to eco healthy cash spenders. It is in use to help skin healing in serious treatments in some hospitals and in veterinary but not so effective by domestic dressings. I’m happy to pay £10 for real honey from local know source than £3 for sugary fake honey in supermarket but £50...


For this I’m grateful and £50 up (excited) ;) (lol)


Join the manuka fad and pay silly money for honey (confused) Unless of course you have a large open wound that you need an antiseptic dressing for, but you could use Savlon or Germaline which are both A LOT cheaper

Manuka Honey 40 MGO 250g - £7 + £5 Deelivery @ Manuka Doctor
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Manuka Honey 40 MGO 250g - £7 + £5 Deelivery @ Manuka Doctor£12
Try the code MARCH10 to get 10% off. Free P&P over £40. Some great deals available on their site.



This one tastes better though


Interesting here explaining why Manuka honey is so expensive


Very weak. The mgo rating needs to be in the hundred's. Lidl & aldi are stronger and cheaper.


Should change ‘Deelivery’ to ‘Beelivery’ (lol)

Manuka Doctor outlet. Prices from £1 (+£5 Delivery)
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Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
Manuka Doctor outlet. Prices from £1 (+£5 Delivery)£6

Thanks for that I purchased the blemish bee free tablets for my daughter who has acne prone skin. Worth a try at that price!


Great deal (y) 5% if you join a newsletter.


Short use by dates but only 30 tablets so you'll finish before date

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1100 mgo 250g limited edition max strength mgo manuka honey £75 @ Manuka Doctor
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Posted 18th JanPosted 18th Jan
1100 mgo 250g limited edition max strength mgo manuka honey £75 @ Manuka Doctor£75
There are some very good reductions on Manuka Honey and other products. Check out the other sale items here: (y)

I pity the people that pay these prices. Obviously got too much lockdown money


This is probably normal honey - manuka added in title to soften the blow - these are brexit prices!


For 75 quid I’d like the bees to personally give me their honey


This sure as hell ain't a Hot UK Deal. Voted Deathly Cold.


For 75 quid I want to see the bees make it and it taken fresh from the hive and 75 quids worth. Hard to get hold of good and pure genuine honey

Revitalising Day Cream SPF15 - £4 (+£5 Shipping) @ Manuka Doctor
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Posted 27th Dec 2020Posted 27th Dec 2020
Revitalising Day Cream SPF15 - £4 (+£5 Shipping) @ Manuka Doctor£9
Holland & Barrett’s Healthy Magazine’s Best Skincare Product! One of our highest customer-rated skincare products Our age-defying day cream with added SPF protection for ever… Read more
Manuka Doctor 40 MGO 500 gm for £10.80 (+£5 Shipping) @ Manuka Doctor
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Posted 30th Nov 2020Posted 30th Nov 2020
Manuka Doctor 40 MGO 500 gm for £10.80 (+£5 Shipping) @ Manuka Doctor£15.80£5068% off
Free delivery over orders of 30£ . 10% off with the code BF2020 Harvested and packed by in New Zealand. 100% New Zealand Mānuka Honey. Certified by New Zealand Gov. MGO (Methylgl… Read more

Oh dear, you didn’t get my response either (and the OP even liked it) (popcorn) Well done on the pun - although for a literate, you can’t spell... perhaps it should be LiteralFool (lol)


Thanks for taking the thyme all the same


I think people should use this link to get a reality check on what is being offered here 40 MGO is a waste of time and money. If you believe that this 'Manuka honey' has any health benefits, then think again. The UMF rating reflects the concentration of MG. To be considered potent enough to be therapeutic, manuka honey needs a minimum rating of 10 UMF. A bit more info


Now that's the best way to buy pure and genuine honey.


Well bee keepers in the UK are hardly going to raise their hands up & say Manuka honey is better than their own.

Manuka Honey 70 MGO 500g £19 + £5 delivery at Manuka Doctor
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Posted 3rd Nov 2020Posted 3rd Nov 2020
Manuka Honey 70 MGO 500g £19 + £5 delivery at Manuka Doctor£24
Good price for Manuka Honey 500 GM bottle. Other MGO strength also on offer.

Have a look at this-


Manuka doctor is one of the genuine companies however its products are little or no better than the £9 Manuka honey you can get in most supermarkets. Very inflated price for ordinary Manuka honey


Interesting read. How can they know bees ‘only’ go to Manukau bushes?


Real honey in a plastic container .


70MGO doesn’t even touch the sides. You’ll need something like MGO 515+, or UMF 15 to reap any noticeable benefit from Manuka honey. I bought some Steens Honey UMF 15+ in Sainsbury’s last night on offer for £18.