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£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off £15 using voucher code @ Blockbuster Marketplace

Code still valid as of Nov 7th 2013. Just used it with my order! :-D


I was just about to post this myself as I just got this offer by email from blockbuster, cant see an expiry date on the email but it does say it cant be used in conjunction with multibuy offers. Still a good deal, got a fiver off the game my daughter wanted and its a free delivery.


Does this run out at midnight?


Thanks got DIABLO 3 for £12.99

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5.00 off a £15.00 spend using voucher code @ Blockbuster Marketplace





Thanks got ironman3 and fast and furious 6 for tenner


anyone know how to use the code more than once? I've tried using a different online account, different card, different delivery address.


As usual only works if you use a different creditcard to any other order you've ever made with them

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
Spend £15 Get 5 Pound Off !!!! using voucher code @ Blockbuster Marketplace

This is for blockbuster marketplace but it is not allowed on all offers as it is automatically taken off on multi-buys (2 for £15 etc). Other codes that currently work the same are SUMMER5 and BAG5. Though I've had to take back some of the pre-owned titles because they didn't work due to too many scratches. If you can collect the from the store, ask them to run it through their disc repair machine (there is no cost for this) - takes about 10 minutes per disc but handy if I need to pop to the local supermarket for 20 mins etc then come back, pick up the discs and no problems.


Worked for me. Thank you. But be aware it wipes any other offer (2 for 15 etc...)





£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off £15 spend using voucher code @ Blockbuster Marketplace

Just used it and it worked, Do NOT use it with the multi-buy offers as it will cancel them unless it works cheaper for you There is also "SUMMER5" code for those who are looking to use another one or they are looking to order over £30 so they can use both I believe and save £5 OFF £15 if they buy in 2 transactions. But I haven't tried this myself TBH. Thanks obs and heat added.


Awesome- Thanks for the share (_;)

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off £15 spend using voucher code @ Blockbuster Marketplace

[image missing] All this for £28!!! Woot!


Yep expired shame really for blockbusters that is I would have spent more money and maybe if there prices were better they would not be in this position in the 1st place. blockbuster if you want to make money then more codes your selling used beat up discs prices need to be better so use codes and make them usable more than once my god money is money what does it matter were it comes from £100 from 1 customer with several code buys or £100 split over 3 w\ code buys makes no odds it's all the same it makes absolutely no sense to limit 1 use per customer unless you don't want to pull yourself out the hole I for one would have spent £50+ and that's just this visit and more as your titles are updated and I'm sure many others would be the same way WAKE UP!. :p


Needs to be expired as code does not now work.


all the ones I have bought have rental copy on.


all the ones I bought ray rental copy and full of stickers.

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
Blockbuster Marketplace - £5 off when you spend £15 using voucher code
Just received a load of marketing #### in a parcel and this deal was included, not tried it and there was no expiry date, I hope some one can use it to gain £5 off when you spend £… Read more

It's expired now :(


Worked for me tks! 5 blurays delivered for under £12!!


Awesome deal


3 PS3 Games + 2 DVDS (all reduced already and also pre-owned). Brilliant for £12.. something. They all weren't half decent too - Also free delivery. 04.03.13


nice one

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off £15 spend using voucher code @ Blockbuster Marketplace

Even when you register a new account it refuses your credit card


The ordering is infuriating


great deal just picked up a ps3 and xbox 360 game ! fifa street 4 and madden nfl 2011


Awesome thanks for the code OP, just got Amazing Spiderman Blu ray & Total Recall Blu Ray for £11 delivered :)


I've been waiting for ages for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS to come back in stock there to use this code. Got it for £10.99 when it is still going on eBay for £20 and P+P! (And CEX have cheekily bumped up the price from £18 to £20!) Thanks OP for this =D

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The Lion King (Diamond Edition) Blu-Ray  - Pre-Owned £2.99 Delivered @ Blockbuster Marketplace
Posted 11th Nov 2013Posted 11th Nov 2013
The Lion King (Diamond Edition) Blu-Ray - Pre-Owned £2.99 Delivered @ Blockbuster Marketplace£2.99
I know it's blockbuster which is a bit of an iffy subject at the moment but the price is truly unbeatable for the greatest animated movie ever, so it's worth a punt!

Back in stock!


Hope u get urs :)


Not available when trying to add to basket :( Otherwise great price for great film!


Well that sold out quick, I just bought one 5 mins ago!


Currently awaiting stock...

Disney's Tangled Blu Ray £2.99 delivered @ Marketplace Blockbusters
630° Expired
Posted 11th Nov 2013Posted 11th Nov 2013
Disney's Tangled Blu Ray £2.99 delivered @ Marketplace Blockbusters£2.99
Good price if you want the Blu Ray. Delivered free aswell. I know Blockbusters are going tits up AGAIN and not a lot of people like them but at this price for a Blu Ray is a barga… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

From the front page of the site: Simon Thomas and Nicholas O’Reilly of Moorfields Corporate Recovery LLP were appointed Joint Administrators on 11 November, 2013. The Administrators now manage the affairs, business and property of the company. The Administrators act as agents only and without personal liability.


I think the decision has been made for them as the website is now offline.


Maybe because the company has just gone into administration so cannot take orders. I had the same problem.



So most of these comments are suggesting NOT to buy this. All kinds of trouble and risk.. yet the deal has gone nuclear? Surely the responsible thing is to expire this deal and protect others from potenially losing their money?

Fifa 13 Ultimate Edition (Xbox 360) (Pre-owned) @ Blockbuster Online
26° Expired
Posted 10th Nov 2013Posted 10th Nov 2013
Fifa 13 Ultimate Edition (Xbox 360) (Pre-owned) @ Blockbuster Online£1.50
Pre owned copy. Cheapest I've seen this game pre owned !
Get deal*Get deal*

Nice, but OOS :(


OOS :(

Captain America - The First Avenger blu ray (preowned) only £2.99 @ blockbuster marketplace
243° Expired
Posted 10th Nov 2013Posted 10th Nov 2013
Captain America - The First Avenger blu ray (preowned) only £2.99 @ blockbuster marketplace£2.99
This is cheap...I know its from blockbuster and again they are havibg difficulties but ive bought tons of stuff from them in the past with no problems. Hope its useful to someone. … Read more

They just went into administration as I was shopping on the site.


Wait wait wait wait. So when someone posts a cheap item that IS in stock but stock is limited (so only as few people can get it) it gets voted cold because sour grapes missed out on the deal (even though the price is still the same its just temporarily sold out). But here so far no one has confirmed they have got it at this price and even then blockbuster can cancel the order since the item "was never in stock". Happened with uncharted 2 at £2 something.


Payment system is definitely offline


good price, one of the better Marvel flicks.


Like everyone else, I think you are best steering clear of BlockBuster right now. Any orders I have placed have been cancelled and it really is a waste of your time to try to order (even if the price is good).

Olympus Has Fallen - £6 - Blockbuster Marketplace
90° Expired
Posted 8th Nov 2013Posted 8th Nov 2013
Olympus Has Fallen - £6 - Blockbuster Marketplace£6
Was looking to buy this Blu-Ray today and noticed it was fairly cheap. This deal was posted before but seemed to have expired. Blu-Ray and DVD both in stock.

Hi, yeah I keep getting an error when trying to place an order on marketplace and I cant get through to their customer service and they haven't replied to my email


Anyone else having trouble placing an order? I keep getting and error when I click place order.


Great film and much better than White House Down which was basically trying to be the same film.


Just appeared on US netflix too


Hot on the basis its an absolutely brilliant film.

LEGO City Undercover - Wii U (Wii) (Pre-owned) £14.99 @ Blockbuster Marketplace
96° Expired
Posted 8th Nov 2013Posted 8th Nov 2013
LEGO City Undercover - Wii U (Wii) (Pre-owned) £14.99 @ Blockbuster Marketplace£14.99
I know that this is blockbuster so will probably go cold but it is £19.99 which comes down to £14.99 with the OCT5 code (£5 off a £15 spend) You can also trade this game in for £1… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I managed to order one so they must have now sold out now. Can one of the mods expire?


Currently awaiting stock...

Call of Duty 4, WAW and MW2 all £3.50 delivered PS3 @ Blockbuster
-74° Expired
Posted 5th Nov 2013Posted 5th Nov 2013
Call of Duty 4, WAW and MW2 all £3.50 delivered PS3 @ Blockbuster£3.50
MW2 - WAW -… Read more

No qualms with the instore stuff, but the online is a joke and I have talked to a lot of people who have had the same porblems with buying online from them. I have have tried buying several games from them over the last month and my orders don't go through, even when I have plenty of money in my account or my girlfriends and they have the audacity to claim it the banks problem not theres. When I got in contact with their Customer Service (if you can find it) and they sorted it out I was able to order the game I wanted only to have it cancelled saying it was out of stock. If you still have a local Blockbuster then by all means go in but STAY CLEAR OF ONLINE.


so get a bargin while you can its not closed yet



The deal posted is an online deal.


why do people vote cold just because its blockbuster i have never had a problem with them i have had loads of great deals that i haven't bothered putting on hear people are just ungrateful and love to winge about anything its a good deal don't vote it cold just because they are in administration get a good deal while you can and stop being petty

lots of  two for £14 blu rays for  £5.50 delivered blockbuster pre owned
-78° Expired
Posted 4th Nov 2013Posted 4th Nov 2013
lots of two for £14 blu rays for £5.50 delivered blockbuster pre owned£5.50
ok heres the deal blockbuster have two £8 films for £14 u can get wreck it ralph or iron man 3 with star trek or any new release it should be £14 but if u add 0ct5 code (which i… Read more

Used them for ages. Great service IMO - but the voucher has already been posted a week or so back!


I used this code at the weekend to get a few kids movies, it says they've all been sent out, never had a problem with Blockbuster before


Decent deal. Got Wreck-it Ralph and Arbitrage for £11. I've ordered lots from BBM and never had any issues. Some of the cases are a bit worn but mostly absolutely fine. The disks themselves always work. I prefer ordering these to services like Lovefilm as I can keep them, lend to friends or sell.


If someone was goin to buy two for 14 then they see this deal ive saved then 3 quid


Star trek is oos.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS £10.99 with new code @Blockbuster Marketplace
79° Expired
Posted 1st Nov 2013Posted 1st Nov 2013
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS £10.99 with new code @Blockbuster Marketplace£10.99
new code is OCT5 also mario 3d land id £14.99

Doe they come sealed new from blockbuster ?


I didn't manage to get this but did get a new copy from the standard site for £14.97 including delivery. Usually it's to store only and I don't have one nearby.


Yes, I used it on Mario 3d Land this morning but it is only a 1 time use. Per account at least.


Horse-some game. Need to pick up from where I got stuck months ago.


Seeing as Blockbuster have gone back into administration, I wish all of your money safe travels!

Diablo 3 £12.99 no sign up required @ Blockbuster
20° Expired
Posted 31st Oct 2013Posted 31st Oct 2013
Diablo 3 £12.99 no sign up required @ Blockbuster
Fantastic game at an amazing price, I realise this offer has been posted before however that was including signing up redeeming a code etc. There is now a universal £5 off code you… Read more

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