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Miele G5222SC Dishwasher - £764.10 @ Mark's Electrical
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Needed a new dishwasher as our 2.5 year old HotPoint has died, again, for the fourth time....... So, not Hotpoint then, but who? Figured I'd give Miele a try, my sisters one is 13 years old …

I too would like to see where there are supposedly better deals than this one. I have searched and could not find a better price


Cheaper than the outlet ones! People just don't seem to get the cost of ownership over the lifetime is low as they simply don't go wrong.


Similar with Bosch washing machine and tumble tumble. Seems just as well to buy the least expensive item at John Lewis (minimum 2 year warranty) and see if it lasts just as long if not longer the luck of the draw. And/Or buy the £100 5 year extra warranty on top - probably still cheaper and longer warranty than Bosch. My Bosch dishwasher broke down after 4 years but managed to pick an exact same model replacement second hand on eBay for £25! Will do till the next kitchen remodel


I have Bosch dishwasher broken just into year 2, then a repair in year 3 both times I managed only pay for part. But due to Covid there was only a very small handful of dishwasher on sale when it breaks again I will not be getting a Bosch dishwasher very poor quality for price paid so far.


reputation for built to last, more attention put in during design, manufacture and assembly backed up with a decent guarantee. my parents bought a Miele washing machine and dryer in the late 90s I cant remember the exact year. the washing machine lasted at least 20 years in a very hard water area and only had one fault which was the small rubber hose that connects the soap tray to the drum leaked after around 17/18 years. when it did eventually fail we think it was the circuit board and we could have got it fixed, but decided not to because the max capacity was only 5kg which was typical for back then and also the quick wash took about 40-45 minutes, so we got a modern machine that had a 9kg load capacity and a 15min quick wash. the Miele dryer machine is still working perfectly and has never had a fault ever and even though it is so old it is fully automatic sensor operated just tell it what fabric it is drying and it gets on with it.

LG SP7 Sound Bar £299 (Possible 10% AMEX Cashback) @ Mark's Electrical
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
** 3 in stock** PRODUCT Type Sound Bar Brand LG Model SP7 Note We have this item in stock, and you can also view a demonstration model on display in our showroom PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS AI Sound…
Get deal*Get deal*

Use the save10 code on Mark's the website to get 10% off the 300=270


Hi, anyone have a view on this over the Sn7Y currently the same price? I was thinking of getting the rears to go with either in anycase?


Also available for same price at Crompton and Moore -

LG OLED77C14LB 77" 4K OLED Smart TV - 5 Year Warranty - £2,249.10 delivered with code @ Marks Electrical
363° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
77" 4K OLED Screen a9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos® Freeview Play, Digital & Analogue Broadcasting Works with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

Should have gone for the 83" (cheeky)


Last laugh will be on her when she takes half of your new TV! (lol)


4k60hz is already a thing :)


They have put the price up and it's £2429 now.


Yep. I'm still running on my 2008 Yaris I brought in 2011 for £5k. I barely spend anything on cars, but have friend who throw 6k a year at them in car finance interest alone. A TV is certainly a luxury.


Spot on, glad you managed to sort it mate!


Submitted the price match online yesterday and got email confirmation this morning that RS will honour it (y)


Out of stock and shows as discontinued now.


It was Price BEAT by RS, and the guarantee is longer, thus making it a better deal, facilitated by this one. As far as I can see Marks Electrical is reviewed well, but the company they use to provide extended warranty is not, but then you're using Very as a benchmark as if they provide stellar service, and I can tell you from experience they don't. Not to mention you need to be accepted for a credit account to even have a chance at the deal you're banging on about. Even with a questionable company handling warranty, it's a smaller price to pay than a Very alternative.


I said the deal was hot if it was price matched by a reputable company. This is exactly what you have done. Well done. The very deal isn't for new customers only. You got that wrong. I'm afraid I can't endorse a deal when the people who are banging on about it aren't touching it with a barge pole. It's not fair on others. So to be clear you think this is a great deal but price matched at richer sounds which is what I recommended.

LG OLED55C16LA 55" 4K OLED Smart TV with WISA Support - 5 Year Warranty - £899 (Applied at Checkout) Delivered @ Marks Electrical
333° Expired
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Order may or may not get cancelled* LG SELF-LIT OLED TECHNOLOGY Powered by the advanced Gen4 AI processor the new OLED evo technology automatically detects and optimises the conte…

not a problem for me, i only have the oled set at 50% brightness in a bright room. The sun is not directly on the screen though.


Expired. Shame I decided to get one last night and was just scoping out prices and this is the cheapest I've seen.


Looks like the deal's expired.


Marks electrical have just put their prices up now. Deals has finished. Well done to those who got it.


Thanks! Was tempted at £899 but this made my mind up and I ordered

Haier HTF-520WP7 American Fridge Freezer £764.10 with code plus £250 cashback £514.10 after cashback 5y P&L @ Mark's Electrical
78° Expired
Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Haier HTF-520WP7 American Fridge Freezer £764.10 with code plus £250 cashback £514.10 after cashback 5y P&L @ Mark's Electrical£764.10 Free P&P Free

10% off for some Amex card users with the offer


I think mark cares it gets there safely never had a problem with them ... maybe currys shud be more careful with delivery :/


Had this delivered three times last year by Currys. Each time it came, it was slightly damaged on the front panels. In the end, I got a refund and got a HiSense one. Had no issues with it and the build quality seems better than this Haier one.


Link to claim £250 cashback below...

Samsung Q60A QE85Q60AAUXXU 85" QLED 4K £1999 (TCB £181.90/Amex £199.90 poss £381.80 savings) @ Markls Electrical
33° Expired
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
Samsung Q60A QE85Q60AAUXXU 85" QLED 4K £1999 (TCB £181.90/Amex £199.90 poss £381.80 savings) @ Markls Electrical£1,999
Hisense 75A7GQTUK 75" QLED 4K UHD HDR Smart Ps £898.20 with code / £81.73 TCB / 10% Amex / £60 zip @ Mark's Electrical
89° Expired
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
Hisense 75A7GQTUK 75" QLED 4K UHD HDR Smart Ps £898.20 with code / £81.73 TCB / 10% Amex / £60 zip @ Mark's Electrical£898.20 Free P&P Free
LG 50NANO756PR 50" 4K Ultra HD NanoCell TV £359 with code plus poss extra savings @ Mark's Electrical
289° Expired
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
LG 50NANO756PR 50" 4K Ultra HD NanoCell TV £359 with code plus poss extra savings @ Mark's Electrical£359 Free P&P Free
Use zip save £60 Possible £32.66 Possible £££ after cashback ££ £266.34 last price added by @jrsc01 Marks Electrical Does NOT deliver to Scotland or NI addresses Product Ma…

Just saw that the cashback was declined. Anyone else or just me?


U are most welcome qnd enjoy your TV


Sorry for not replying sooner! I went with the LG 50UP75006LF as I was in a hurry and didn't want to spend time researching options, etc. Thanks so much for your help (y)


You are most wlcime .. and fixing yourself is cheap and makes ya feel good :) What sort of £££ we talking and what size u after as I find some good deals now and then :D


Thanks so much for being so helpful. I'll screenshot your instructions and will try to fix it when I'll have some time. In the meantime I need to buy a tv :(

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