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Personalised Marmite Jar 250g at £5.49 + £3.60 postage @ Marmite Shop
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Posted 9th Jul 2019Posted 9th Jul 2019
Personalised Marmite Jar 250g at £5.49 + £3.60 postage @ Marmite Shop£9.09
Love it or hate it .. I love it :) Buy a personalised Marmite jar direct from Marmite

Put it in the gaming category and it will be voted hot .


Wouldn't it be a better idea if they just printed a label of your choice and posted it in an envelope to you so you can paste it on your own jar.


Got two in the cupboard courtesy of snatch


Maybe to promote a place or even an hotel. I agree it isn't very cheap ... but a bit of fun (maybe !)



Free Marmite 16g sample
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Posted 16th Aug 2018Posted 16th Aug 2018
Free Marmite 16g sample
Free Marmite 16G!! (cheeky)

Still waiting for mine


Got two in the envelope last time (last year) and a 40p off voucher. (y) They never sent anything after, and received no more spam than I normally get, which isn't that much. Either I was very lucky or the guy above is being paranoid.


...and a real b*gg*r to rinse out of y-fronts, string vests and knotted hankies. Now, where can I get a traditional English dinner?


still have not tryed it😁


Love this stuff. Always in my suitcase when I go on holiday :)

Free 16g sample pack of marmite taste face
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Posted 28th Jun 2018Posted 28th Jun 2018
Free 16g sample pack of marmite taste face
Marmite taste face Free sample..... (party) (popcorn) (y)

Got this last time, was Like a bovril jelly stock cube to me.


Thanks (y)







Free 16g Marmite!
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Posted 8th Mar 2018Posted 8th Mar 2018
Free 16g Marmite!
Only 16g, but its.. Free Marmite! I love it, I hope some of you lovely people do too.

Same here ama. Wow did they push the boat out haha.


I received today two 8g of marmite bb11dec18 and one 50p off coupon


I am glad to receive my trial Marmite today I am looking forward to using them. Also witch I don't know if anyone knows yet but Tesco depends on where you live stock Marmite Cheese. My location they are charging £1.00 for 5 in a net. Normal price £1:30. Yummy yummy marmite.


I ordered before from the same website and I received it :) I'm definitely a hater of Marmite LOL (excited)


You think it's a jar? You're going to be disappointed I'm afraid. It's a couple of tiny sachets with a total of 20p worth of the stuff.

Free 16g sample of marmite!
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Posted 27th Jan 2018Posted 27th Jan 2018
Free 16g sample of marmite!
Put in your date of birth, email, name and address and receive a free 16g sample of marmite.

So nothing. I don't give a t0ss. All that interests me is that mine isn't, & putting straight your incorrect blanket assumption that 'my' or collectively 'everyones' data was everywhere...


My datas everywhere so what?


No it isn't. Yours may very well be. Some take the issue with more seriousness


I refer you to


Thanks, my partner will love this not just for the taste, but the sheer novelty of the tiny jar! :D

Free Marmite Pack
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Posted 11th Nov 2017Posted 11th Nov 2017
Free Marmite Pack
Marmite have a whopping 250,000 FREE Marmite packs to give away! Enjoy!
Get deal*Get deal*

NEVER RECEIVED! (annoyed) (poo)


Thanks OP, I now know I was born a a hater XD


Hate Marmite! You can't even give it away free to me!


Got mine today. Two small packets :D


Like I said, there's loads. The Guardian ran an article on it. You can Google 'Marmite Taste Change' or 'Marmite Recipe Change' and you'll see I'm not alone in my belief.

Love It Or Hate It Create your perfect personalised jar in time for Christmas £4.99 + £2.99 P&P (£8.98 With Optional Gift Box)
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Posted 15th Nov 2016Posted 15th Nov 2016
Love It Or Hate It Create your perfect personalised jar in time for Christmas £4.99 + £2.99 P&P (£8.98 With Optional Gift Box)£7.98
Please note, for guaranteed delivery by 25th December, you need to place your order by Midday Friday 16th December.

​And a glass of ice cold milk. :D


Interesting spot and a great Christmas gift for a family Marmite lover :3. Ordered!



8 quid for marmite! Really?


Does this include the Brexit premium? robbing gits.

Personalised Marmite Jars £7.98 @ Marmite Shop
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Posted 23rd Nov 2015Posted 23rd Nov 2015
Personalised Marmite Jars £7.98 @ Marmite Shop£7.98
Comes in a choice of 3 jars - original, naughty or nice. p and p 2.99. Perfect gift for the marmite lover, who has everything!

Hi all Marmite lovers, Last Christmas I received a personalised jar of the black gold, and since then when I buy a new one I heat a spoon and transfer the new jar into my named one so I always have my special jar.


So this is what is meant by Conspicuous Consumption? I often wondered...


Arggh the link isn't working - not that this stuff is for me am not a fan but a nice stocking filler for my dad who loves the stinky stuff :)


You know what they say about Marmite. You either love it or hate it....... I might get one with my wifes name on it !

Marmouse and Marmat Bundle £17.99 @ Marmite Shop
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Posted 3rd Oct 2011Posted 3rd Oct 2011
Marmouse and Marmat Bundle £17.99 @ Marmite Shop£17.99
your either gonna love this or hate it lol

lol I just posted because i was bored p.s. you can get this for 25p at tesco


Would buy this in Poundland


First post? Marmite employee by any chance? Ridiculous to seriously suggest this as a hot deal.


at this price, for this item, this can't be any more than very very cold. :-( This is a deal site!!!!!


but very ugly!

Free jar ( 125g jar) of Marmite (Love or Hate)
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Posted 30th Sep 2011Posted 30th Sep 2011
Free jar ( 125g jar) of Marmite (Love or Hate)
(Love or Hate) ? Hot or Cold Free jar ( 125g jar) of marmite join fan club using valid email address you should then get 2 emails one with password and a 2nd with coupon Found o… Read more

haha :) but at the start they offered a free jar., i guess the amount of people that went for it they now pulled it and then no come up with this **** to stop **** people off. Trust me I got one.


COLD VERY COLD , GOT THIS EMAIL TIDAY :Hello, Technical hitches, unexplained glitches, gremlins in the wiring. You've heard all of the website hiccup excuses before, but our forum has gone a bit doolally lately. Some wise guy thought he'd found a secret, magical link to a free jar of Marmite and posted it on a money saving website. Unfortunately, that link was to our forum which pulled a hissy fit and refused to let anyone play. So if you were looking for a voucher, we're sorry, but the link was all nonsense. And if you were trying to sign into the forum, we're sorry for the delay, but we should be back on track soon. As you've signed up to the site - and have a hankering for the savoury spread - we've added you to our mailing list that sends out can't-get-em-anywhere-else Marmite recipes and other goodies from time to time. If you'd rather not receive these emails, it's easy to unsubscribe - just hit the unsubscribe button when they come through. Thanks for understanding The Marmite Team To unsubscribe, please click here Unilever UK Limited, Registered in England & Wales No 334527 Registered office: Unilever House, Springfield Drive, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7GR


Super. Toast is happy :p


Bit late now.. they've given out all the vouchers they're going to. You'll only be adding yourself to the marketing database now.


Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog Playpennies!

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