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FREE Match Magzine (Also cheap trials)
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Posted 1st Dec 2014Posted 1st Dec 2014
FREE Match Magzine (Also cheap trials)
MATCH MAGAZINE GIVES YOU THE COMPLETE RUNDOWN ON THE PREMIER LEAGUE EVERY WEEK! MATCH magazine gives you all the latest football news, including superstar interviews, transfer gos… Read more

If a mod can please edit to include number


0800 665 456


where is the number?


The phonecall lasted around 2 minutes and the woman was really nice. She didn't take any payment details etc...

Umbro Manchester City 11/12 Home Junior Shirt @ £9.99 Match Magazine
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Posted 15th Jun 2012Posted 15th Jun 2012
Umbro Manchester City 11/12 Home Junior Shirt @ £9.99 Match Magazine£12.98
£9.99 plus £2.99 delivery is a good price for this shirt we won th eleaue in last season i KNOW A FEW PEOPLE WILL VOTE COLD BECAUSE OF IY BEING A TEAM SHIRT BUT ITS A GOOD OOD PRIC… Read more
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Now down to £8.99




Cheers OP - just ordered for my boy. He'll be well happy!


Good price. I think Match is essentially 'Lovell Soccer' though and they give 7% Quidco, so maybe worth considering if you're a Quidco user.


Hot from me - bargain

Adidas Current Chelsea Third Shirt  £24.99 delivered @Match
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Posted 5th Dec 2011Posted 5th Dec 2011
Adidas Current Chelsea Third Shirt £24.99 delivered @Match£24.99
Half price Chelsea Shirt , delivery is free Daily Deal
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Lovells Deal of The Day Macron Winter Players Grip Gloves Black £2.99 Delivered
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Posted 3rd Dec 2011Posted 3rd Dec 2011
Lovells Deal of The Day Macron Winter Players Grip Gloves Black £2.99 Delivered£2.99
Winter Players Grip Gloves Made By Macron Knitted Gloves with Grip Finger points Colour Black

wtf, speedy. Clubs retail for £8 but that's with their badge.




Fantastic offer, just ordered mine, can't go wrong for £2:99. Thank you.


Are these the gloves you can use with your phone ? Or are the grip bits more for sports than using my phone?


never really worth a tenner though

Adidas 3 Stripe Tracksuit Bottoms £9.99 Delivered @ Match Daily Deal
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Posted 2nd Dec 2011Posted 2nd Dec 2011
Adidas 3 Stripe Tracksuit Bottoms £9.99 Delivered @ Match Daily Deal£9.99
adi Tracky Bottoms down from £29.99 to £9.99 delivered
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Thanks, ordered.




Or mibbies yer maw? Comment on the deal bawbag.


It's either 38-40 or 40-42


There are some fat little fecks round here, probably 4xl!

Umbro Glasgow Rangers 10/11 Away SS Football Shirt £10.99 Delivered @ Match
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Posted 28th Nov 2011Posted 28th Nov 2011
Umbro Glasgow Rangers 10/11 Away SS Football Shirt £10.99 Delivered @ Match£10.99
£10.99 for any team is a good Price, nice shirt . Free delivery for November
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Go on Neil, Jump !


Caution.... May be subject to non declared tax.....:-)


Caution.... May be subject to non declared tax.....:-)



Macron Winter Players Footballers Gloves with Grip £4.99 delivered@Match
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Posted 15th Nov 2011Posted 15th Nov 2011
Macron Winter Players Footballers Gloves with Grip £4.99 delivered@Match£4.99
Ideal for winter, Wooly thermal gloves with grip on the fingers for throw ins Ideal Stocking Fillers ?
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Good deal. Same price on lovell soccer which will give you 10% quidco cashback. Match site is run by lovell.


good for running as well you can use the touchscreen on your phone /ipod without taking your gloves off to change tracks


should come with a snood!!


Ordered thanks OP voted hot.


cold! Footballers shouldn't have to wear gloves! MAN UP!

Republic of Ireland Football shirt £16.99 Delivered @ Match Magazine
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Posted 14th Nov 2011Posted 14th Nov 2011
Republic of Ireland Football shirt £16.99 Delivered @ Match Magazine£16.99
Great win on friday, so good time to get the shirts in for the Euros next summer.
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Its an old shirt, can probs pick up for a tenner in sports direct or somewhere like that!!


This is an old shirt !


It's a good price but isn't there a newer kit


Thanks for this, just ordered! There is a newer Ireland shirt, who are sponsored by '3' now, but I don't have the budget for that. As Umbro don't do normal S/M/L sizes on their 'tailored by..' shirts this sizing guide for Man City's shirt might be relevant for Ireland shirts as well:


Put on a ridiculous faux Oirish accent (like Michael Elphick did in Goblet of Fire for Dumbledore - who WASN'T Irish) and put the "short" on ....Oh right...thats what most who wear these shirts do anyways.....X)

Newcastle United Home 10/11 Football Shirt @ £9.99 delivered Match Mag
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Posted 4th Nov 2011Posted 4th Nov 2011
Newcastle United Home 10/11 Football Shirt @ £9.99 delivered Match Mag£9.99
Doing Well, in the league, Good top if your a fan, Ideal for Training if not. This is last years shirt only difference is the stripes! Free Postage as well makes it a good buy
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Boro jim think i may have caught a little fishy, steady mate.. Has this old but true joke touched a raw nerve, middlesborough is the biggest dump in the north of england, its a **** hole of the highest order. Do u's still play that daft song when u's score a goal to make it sound like theres an atmosphere at u ground, 14.000 fans at u last home game and u's are third in the league, shocking mate, saying that theres a few big teams in your area, synners, billy town and norton so its understandable...


There's only one way to sort this out.....


did you think of that all by yourself,,or did u get some help...bit of a old one,,,,about as old as a geordie lifting a cup ...visuions of grandeur "big city "yes Big Club NO,,,big clubs win thimgs man u Arsenal Spurs Chelsea Liverpool.etc ...your minds Smogged up mate,,you must have spent too many sundays at Redcar or Whitby breathing in that lovely Teesside Air


theres more pollution in Newcastle its a fact just like London Manchester you have more traffic= more pollution so in your dim view SMOG..ive lived in Boro all my life and i wouldnt know what smog looks like,,,if you mean the pollution from Ici,,then you dont know what your talking about,,,if thats Smog then your comment is def as dull as your boring barcode strip,,,oh and ask your grandad what it was like to lift a cup,,,1960's was it? or is your vision smogged up,,,,"big city "thats all big club never .your pretty deluded with your visions of grandeur==.and yes you get more fans,,but then again were your virtually giving your tickets away,,,,..we call ourselves Smoggies and we're proud of it ...but we def dont walk around in some pea soup haze like out of some victorian dickens novel...and saying that u geordies must love the smog as Redcar is always full of them on a sunday,and i dont see none of them with face masks your Smog jibe is a bit dated now,but then again u couldnt think up anything sensible all on your own//


I do love a good friendly footie thread!

Stash Thermal Long Sleeve Base Layer £9.99 @ Match Mag + Free Uk Postage
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Posted 1st Nov 2011Posted 1st Nov 2011
Stash Thermal Long Sleeve Base Layer £9.99 @ Match Mag + Free Uk Postage£9.99
Longe Sleeve Thermal Base Layer tops in RED/BLACK/WHITE/PINK & GREY Were £34.99 , Now £9.99 No UK Postage Good for this time of year.
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Yes they're fine when worn with something like a fleece under your jacket. Great for summer too under leathers as they keep you dry


i Would check out the stash web page, first, amazon may beholding stock, bu it dont look to good for stash at the minute i only checked thre , its whre are club has its account


2 Base layers here for £30 (only got white in stock)


Nice find, but pity the sizes are limited.


Yeah, thanks for the useful reply. I'm surprised anyone liked that comment since there was really no base for the joke. Clearly was asking as it's Winter soon.

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